• May 9, 2019

Are you looking for options trading classes? Watch our video.

If you’ve been looking for options trading classes but feel overwhelmed at the choices out there, you’re not alone. We all want to make money and minimize our losses. Sadly though, the road to trading profits has multiple twists, turns, roundabouts, and dead-ends.

Not surprisingly, those looking to seek profits from the markets typically turn to the internet for advice. But as we all know, finding accurate advice online on any topic is largely a matter of trial and error. Unfortunately, the trading education and tools industry are effectively unregulated. The costs, not to mention the quality, of information you receive varies drastically.

When it comes to finding out what works and what doesn’t, traders often have to find out the hard way. Because of this, it's important we invest money in our education, software, and hardware. With few independent review resources available, there is little alternative to trusting the seller’s word regarding the benefits of a product.

​I’d like to run through some important considerations when deciding which classes to go with so you're able to avoid this kind of issue. 


Day trading, wait, I take that back; trading of any sort is tough. Whether you’re an aspiring newbie or a seasoned pro it’s vital you have the support of a community behind you.

For those of you in the game long enough, I’ve bet you’ve considered throwing in the towel more than you’d like to admit. FOMO, gambling; admit it you’ve been there.

What’s crucial is that you pick the right organization with the right knowledge and resources. Many organizations offer classes, trade rooms, courses (free & paid), coaching, one on one mentoring, the list goes on and on. A lot come with hefty fees associated with them.

It’s bad enough paying for software and data fees but then to find out you need to pay for membership fees. Argh, shoot me now. So what do you do? 

Well, they say in life you get what you pay for. So, let’s review what you should look for in a quality options trading class.

options trading class


An options trading class is supposed to help you understand options and how to trade them. Options have the reputation of being difficult.

There are more moving parts to an option than a stock. However, with a little practice and education, you'll master them in no time.

Options give you the right but not the obligation to buy (call) or sell (put) a stock at a set price within a certain amount of time. One contract controls 100 shares.

Therefore, you're putting up less money to control shares. As a result, you can trade large cap stocks with a small account.

Options allow you to make money in any market. Even a market moving sideways has the potential for profit. Hence the popularity of trading options.


In my honest opinion, the three most important characteristics of a quality options trading class are Education, Mentoring, and Support. Let's explore them below!

​Let's start with education. ​If you join a chat room don't buy the first stock that’s called out. If you have no clue what VWAP, PSAR, EMA, SMA or the plethora of other terms mean, you need to build your education.

It’s akin to building a house. If your foundation isn’t strong, your house will tumble like a house of cards. So, you need to look for a community that provides you with solid strategies.

We aren’t reinventing the wheel here. Trading strategies have been around for decades. In fact, they be found online for free. That’s why many schools give them away. 

If a school is selling them or provide the key to making millions, run away and fast. Find a trading service that cares more about you than your money.


​Options trading classes need more than reading an occasional article or email. There needs to be the personal touch. Regularly occurring contact that's found in webinars, trade rooms and videos are all ways to provide that.

This type of coaching is far more pivotal to success than what’s found in a book. It’s vital you have someone or a group of trusted people you can bounce ideas off of.

The reality is it’s hard to objectively see our flaws and where we need to improve. However, having someone we trust and respect provide feedback in a compassionate way will work wonders for your trading career.

It's the same as trying to fix your golf swing (trading) without either videotaping it or having a coach with you.

Unfortunately, without the feedback necessary, you will continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

As the old saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results”

Mentoring removes that hurdle because you can’t fix what you can’t see.

options trading class


 How important is support in your options trading class? From bouncing ideas off like-minded individuals to calling you out on your FOMO trades, your trading community will be there for you.

When you feel like giving up, they will be there for you. When you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing, they will be there for you.

​Think about it like having your own cheering squad. And who doesn't want their own cheering squad?

It’s so easy to revert back to old habits. Think failing to plan your trade and trade your plan, trading because you’re bored. 

Having not only a good but a great support group besides you will make the difference. It doesn’t matter what occupation you’re in, even seasoned pros seek help. ​In fact, if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.


Trading options don’t need to be complicated. You don't want an options trading class that makes it that way.

Therefore, we put together this simple, step by step options trading course. We will teach you, in easy to understand language options trading strategies that you, yes you, can easily learn and apply. 

Our videos will are more simplified and focused than you’ll see in other options trading courses.

What's more, options aren't typically day traded, but based on the strategies you will learn, you can make short-term options trades for both day and swing trading.

Our course introduces traders to the options market and teaches reliable options trading strategies where risk and reward are fixed on each trade. We focus on:

  • assessing volatility,
  • picking the best options to trade,
  • building a trading plan,
  • placing orders,
  • capital management,
  • managing trades,
  • assessing profit/loss scenarios,
  • part-time trading day trading and swing trading options.

In fact, the free videos in our options trading course will save you a lot of money compared to purchasing a basic options trading course elsewhere. And, for only $25 a month, you can have access to advanced strategies with our ​Golden Training Nuggets and our live trading rooms.

Save your money with Bullish Bears!


You can't be a profitable trader without the right education, mentoring and support. Therefore, the Bullish Bears was born. Our mission is to provide you will trading tools while not breaking the bank. We were beginners once too. There were so many wolves waiting to pray on us. There still are tons of these scams out there. Avoid them!

We are here not only help you succeed but also help you avoid spending unnecessarily on expensive education programs promising you the holy grail of trading, so-called secrets, mystery techniques, and magic indicators.

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It's up to you, do you want to set yourself up for success? 

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