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In this options trading course you’re going to learn some simple step by step options trading strategies that will help you to become a more consistent and profitable options trader. The videos will be more simplified and focused than you’ll see in other options trading courses.

The videos in this options trading course will save you a lot of money on purchasing a basic options trading course elsewhere. Save your money!

To a beginner the world of options can be very complicated with a lot of moving parts. There are numerous terms to become aware of. If you focus too much on trying to learn exactly what every term means then your head might spin. As a result, you might end up walking away from options trading all together. That’s why we tried to simplify things in our course compared to what you’ll find in other options trading courses.


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It’s important to focus on the big picture and the overall concept with options; rather than focusing too hard on what every single term means. Each term is a piece that completes the overall puzzle but it’s more important to see how the big picture comes together when trading options. This is key with being successful with trading options!

The puzzle pieces will come together the more that you focus on the overall concept with options and get through learning all the terminology. Taking our options trading course helps to bring it all together.

How do you make money trading options? Study, study, study! Watch all of the videos below in our options trading course multiple times if needed. We also teach day trading techniques and swing trading techniques in our trading courses.

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How to Read Candlesticks Charts


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The concept of options can be very confusing because they have a lot of moving parts and there are many different options strategies. It’s important to focus on the basics first before moving into the advanced strategies. In our video you’ll receive a simplified definition on options, learn about the concept of options as a whole, and also see what a basic options chain looks like.

Watch our options trading course video on What Are Options.

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There are two main reasons why people trade options. #1 is for speculation. #2 is for hedging. The most popular reason is for speculation because with options you’re able to make money in any type of market, whether the market is up or down. In our options trading course video  you’ll learn more about these two strategies and how you can implement which strategy is best for you.

Watch our options trading course Why Trade Options video.

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As discussed above, the world of options can be extremely overwhelming. There are a ton of options trading strategies as well as a bunch of components that make up options. In the following video you’ll learn the simple breakdown of how options work.

Watch our options trading course How Do Stock Options Work video.

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There are two main concepts to buying options. Calls and puts. Purchasing a call means that you believe that the price of the stock is going up. Purchasing a put means that you believe the price of the stock is going down. Learn about the simple differences between the two in our video and how to choose when to buy a call vs. a put.

Watch our options trading courses video on Call and Put Options.

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