What Is Parler Stock Price?

Do you know what Parler is? Much less the Parler stock price? Parler, the hottest social media app in the market right now, is turning heads. And for a good reason, it prides itself in not suppressing or censoring any users’ speech; regardless of their political leanings. With conservatives flocking to it for it’s free speech promises, many are wondering the Parler stock price is.

How to Find Parler Stock Price

  • With Parler potentially taking the social media by storm, what is Parler stock price? Right now, it’s $0 because it’s not a publicly traded company. However, keep an eye on it as it may become publicly traded in the future.

Key Takeaways on Parler Stock Price

  • Parler is a social media app designed to promote free speech and allow for honest, uncensored discourse among users.
  • If you use Twitter, you know how to use Parler. Tweets are called “parleys,” and responses are called “echoes.”
  • The Parlor feed flows chronologically—unlike Twitter’s algorithm-based one.
  •  Their plan is to use influencers to bring in money as opposed to using ads on their platform.
  • Unfortunately, there is no Parler stock price because it is a privately owned company.

The Silencing of American’s Voices

Parler Stock Price

Some believe dominant Silicon Valley platforms have been out to censor conservative voices. For starters, look at the strict restrictions on conservative news outlets ZeroHedge and The Federalist for allegedly violating race-related policies. Google straight out banned and demonetized ZeroHedge from advertising on its platform. In case you didn’t know, ZeroHedge was one of the first outlets to break the coronavirus’s story of lab origins.

Similarly, Google also announced they were demonetizing The Federalist for “violations”. Or what about Google’s attempt to crush Yelp?

Or Twitter banning radical feminists who don’t believe that transgender people are women? How about Facebook adjusting algorithms to hurt conservatives?

But there’s more to this than just censorship. Some have argued that these platforms aren’t doing enough to stop hate speech. For proof, look no further than the July 2020 boycott of Facebook advertisements.

However, this company is looking to change all of this. Let me introduce you to Parler.

What Is Parler?

Summed up, Parler is an “unbiased social media” platform offering “free expression.” In other words, a conservative alternative to Twitter and Facebook without the handcuffs.

According to CEO John Matze, the idea is you boycott individual influencers whose content that you don’t like, not necessarily us as a platform.

Since its inception in 2018, usage has soared to over 2 million users. You can thank the supporters of the Trump administration for driving the majority of traffic to Parler.

What’s surprising to me is that approximately 80% of people reaching the Parler site do so using the site’s name as a keyword. Along the same lines, they share a considerable audience overlap with Gadgism, a technology news site that shares Parler’s politics.

I could go on and that’s why platforms like Parler continue to grow and gain momentum. Likely this will put a dent in the pockets of tech giants Twitter and Google who refuse to relent on silencing Americans’ voices.

If that’s the case, you could use divergence trading to trade Parler stock price if there was one.

Parler Announces a Declaration of Independence From Big Tech

In a groundbreaking move, Parler announced their “Declaration of Independence” from Big Tech. What’s more, they’re creating a Bill of Rights for users.

Their end goal is to enable the free and permission-less use of the internet by all. While at the same time, outlining the grievances with the censorship and data abuses of Big Tech.

As part of a #TWEXIT campaign, Parler wants the original vision of the internet back. “Its time to exercise our rights and Twexit”

Yes, you read that correctly, a social media outlet declared independence from the Tech giants. Which could be attractive to social media users.

As a result, if there were a Parler stock price, you could practice it in your paper trading account.

Is the Parler App Free?

  • Yes the Parler app is free to download. They want to grow their app to rival or overtake Twitter and Facebook. As a result, they’re going  to want to make their app as attractive to people as possible. 

Dan Bongino Invests in Parler

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino recently announced his plan to invest in Parler by purchasing an ownership stake in the platform. He wasn’t however, able to buy Parler stock, but he did angel invest. 

A quick glance on his personal website, and you’ll see why: “I’ve decided it’s time to fight back against the Tech Tyrants. I’m beyond fed up with the censorship and bias of Twitter and Facebook, and I’m not going to stand back and watch as they target us. As a result, I’ve taken an ownership stake in Parler, the hottest social media alternative in the market right now.”

What Is the Parler Stock Price?

Like I mentioned above, Parler is a privately owned company. Because of this, it isn’t traded on a stock exchange. If they decide to raise more money in seed capital and you’re lucky enough to know someone, you may be able to invest in Parler. 

Unlike Parler, there are a lot of other social media platforms that trade publicly. Off the top of my head, I can think of five right now that range from Pinterest (PINS) to Weibo (WB). 

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Final Thoughts

There is no Parler stock price right now. If Trump is reelected, Parler could flourish and even go through a second round of funding. However, should Trump lose, Parler may follow in the footsteps of rival Gab.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gab, they had to relaunch in 2019 after becoming too closely identified with hate speech.

All of that aside, if Parlor ever decides to go public, the Parler stock price remains to be seen. In the interim, you have several options when it comes to investing in social media platforms. 

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