Paul Tudor Jones Trader

Trader Paul Tudor Jones

Paul Tudor Jones is an American hedge fund manager that has managed to generate millions through one simple act, trading. His strategy and outlook have been ideal for many others. In 1980 he went ahead and founded his hedge fund, which goes by the name of Tudor Investment Corporation.

Paul started his trading journey from cotton trading on the New York Cotton Exchange floor at the age of 26. After trading cotton in the commodity pits, Paul went ahead to produce 28 full years of wins. In March 2014, he was estimated to have a net worth of US$4.3 billion by Forbes Magazine and ranked as the 108th richest American and 345th richest in the world.

Paul also founded the Robin Hood Foundation in 1988, which focuses on Poverty reduction. In addition, Tudor investment corporation is involved in active trading, investing, and research in the global equity, venture capital, and commodity markets, to name a few.

Paul always looks for asymmetrical returns in the market where the rewards greatly outweigh the risks he takes in his financial career. He adopts a more macroeconomic approach where he studies the impact of world events, the flow of money worldwide, and the analysis of technical and fundamentals of assets.

He also says that he makes use of the 200-days moving average rule. By using this rule, you play defense, and you move out.

Jones’s most significant success was his successful prediction of Black Monday in 1987, tripling his money during the event due to large short positions.

His second line in command at Tudor Investment Corporation claimed that Boris anticipated the crash in 1987.

They were able to do this because Boris had mapped the 1987 market against the market preceding the 1929 market crash.

We could learn a lot from Paul Tudor Jones the trader. Also, Ray Dalio.

What Was Paul Tudor Jones Strategy?

He was known for doing the opposite of what others on Wall Street did. He bought and sold stocks at turning points. Did you ever watch the Wolf of Wall Street? How about The Big Short? When Michael Burry shorted the housing market, people thought he was crazy.

He ended up making the accounts he managed millions of dollars. Paul Tudor Jones’ strategy was didn’t too. Let’s delve more into it.

1. Always Take An Initial Low-Risk Standpoint

Paul considers himself a premier market opportunist; all the ideas he has, he works on pursuing them from a low-risk standpoint until he has been proven wrong on repeat.

2. Play Defense

One strategy that Paul Tudor Jones the trader repeatedly mentions in his interviews is that he plays defense. He rarely engages in situations that make him uncomfortable. If it makes him uncomfortable, he gets out of a losing position; the key is also to play great defense and not that great an offense.

3. Price Stops And Time Stops

Every trader has their exit points which they have preset. If the price of a said stock falls below that value, then they automatically exit that investment.

Paul also has a time stop for each investment. Once a certain stock passes the certain time threshold he has allocated, he will exit the market.

For traders, knowing when to stop is an essential skill for many traders. And one of the hardest things for traders to manage.

Greed and fear get the best of us a lot of the time. As a result, we end up losing on what was a great trade. Or closing out too soon on what we knew was going to be a good trade.

Even in situations where your stock is more profitable than you predicted towards the end, you still need to follow through with your initial plan and reduce your indefinite holding of the stock.

The trading world is excessively volatile, and you as a trader will see many bull and bear market shifts in your first couple of years as a trader alone.

4. Decrease Trading Time When Performance Is Down

Another rule that Paul Tudor uses is that whenever he feels that his performance and profitability are declining. Then, he goes ahead and reduces his trading size until he can trade as well as before.

Because Paul has been trading since a very young age, he learned how to interpret his market trends and how to trade both bull and bear markets through simple psychology.

5. Market Sentiment Can Change Quickly

Paul claims that he has seen many experienced traders make profits one day and then lose it all the day after. Therefore, traders always need to be aligned and updated with market sentiment as it can change significantly.

Overconfidence is the most common killer for traders because once traders are overly confident in their trading strategies, they tend to miss most red flags and end up doing themselves more harm than good.

6. Be In It To Win It

According to Tudor, most traders are in the market in hopes of high profits to quit their day jobs. The reality is that you need to understand the markets first before you take your first dive in.

In their efforts to become rich, most traders end up taking high-risk positions that end up wiping their trading accounts.

Monitor your losses so that you are in control of your investments. It is not important to make the maximum amount of profit. Instead, it is more important to keep a tab on your losses to avoid losing too much.

Taking the trading route is a long-term commitment, and you need to be involved in the trading world for a long period.

Paul Tudor Jones the trader has become incredibly successful as what he does. As a result, we can take inspiration from him.

If you’re going to be a successful trader, you have to be in it to win it.


Apart from founding the Robin Hood Foundation, Paul Tudor Jones the trader also founded and was the chairman of the board of the excellence charter school.

This was the first all-boys charter school that was located in Brooklyn, New York. He also chaired the Bedford Stuyvesant I Have a Dream Foundation, which puts local students in colleges.

In 1896, he also adopted a sixth-grade class at an underperforming school by guaranteeing them college scholarships once they graduate high school.

He believed that this would be an incentive for many students; however, it did not have the results he expected. After this, he claimed that this project was a failure and that he will create a more comprehensive program for assisting students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the future.

Jones has also been working with Tanzania and Paul Milton of Hart Howerton, specializing in large-scale land use to develop regional plans for the sustainability of the local community, area, and wildlife. He has also made large donations to his alma mater, namely the University of Virginia.

Jones has also set up the non-profit Just Capital to help figure out about companies that are “just.” This organization uses data to find out which companies are involved with the priorities aligned with the American school of thought. The company operates a for-profit ETF for these companies, and the companies included in the list undergo an annual survey.

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