Looking for the top marijuana penny pot stocks list for 2020? We provide you with a list of the most popular small cap and large cap stocks and teach you how to trade them.

 Do you want a list of marijuana penny stocks? Well, you are in the right place. We provide you a list of the most popular stocks below as well as an in depth video on how to trade them.  PLUS, you get entry and exit strategies. We also post our hand picked watch list daily by 9 pm est which looks specifically at stocks to trade the next day!  It combines medium to high float stocks between $0.30-$20. If pot stocks are running...expect to see them on our list. Bookmark our daily watch list page and check it daily Here.  

Alright, now let's get down to business. If you're thinking about buying marijuana penny stocks...the first thing you should do is check out the ETF of $MJ below.  What does the chart tell us? It has been making some higher highs. I am waiting for the sector to breakout before trading it. Be patient and follow the patterns. 

If the chart is bullish vs bearish...get excited because it's a good sign it might be time to trade these stocks again. Are we seeing a rounded bottom forming in 2020?  We need to see the daily charts and weekly charts breakthrough resistance to get amped up.  Keep an eye on this sector, as there is still a lot of opportunity around the corner. There's a quick video on the 5 marijuana penny stocks I am watching currently below. Oh and check out my latest analysis of $MJ here on twitter

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Marijuana Penny Pot Stocks List

Welcome to our master page on all things Pot stocks. Below is a penny pot stocks list of some of some of the most popular marijuana stocks. It's important to note that the prices will change due to market conditions. Be sure to get accurate quotes from your broker. Also..please trade the charts! Don't trade stocks based on anyone's recommendations. Do your own research first, or higher a professional. 

Alright, here's what we do for our members. Below we include a mix of cannabis penny stocks, small caps, and also larger cap marijuana stocks. *Pricing subject to change below. Please pull up the chart in your brokerage account to confirm current pricing, stocks move up and down everyday. Also, please make sure not to trade any stocks on list if you don't know how to trade. Watch our video and take our free trading courses first.

* We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below and nothing on this site constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell. Which ones are our favorites from this list? The one's with Bullish CHARTS!! Join our community and get analysis of pot stocks weekly when they are running and get in on our stock alerts

Further below you'll find a list of high volume penny pot stocks that were heavily traded today. Check this list from time to time to find the highest volume movers. 

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1. Hottest Penny Pot Stocks

  1. PLPL: Plandai Biotech - under $0.01
  2. CBIS: Cannabis Science - under $0.03
  3. HEMP: Hemp Inc - under $0.05
  4. MSRT: MassRoots Inc - under $0.05
  5. VPRB: VPR Brands - under $0.05
  6. ENRT: Enertopia Corp - under $0.05
  7. GRNH: GreenGro - under $0.05
  8. MJNA: Medical Marijuana - under $0.05
  9. MCIG:- MCIG Inc - under $0.10
  10. POTN: PotNetwork - under $0.10
  11. DIGP: Digipath Inc - under $0.15
  12. VAPI: Vapir Enterprises - under $0.15
  13. GBLX: GB Sciences - under $0.15
  14. GRWC: Grow Capital - under $0.25
  15. MNTR: Mentor Capital - under $0.30
  16. INSY: Insys Therapeutics - under $0.30
  17. SRNA: Surna Inc - under $0.40
  18. EVIO: Evio Inc - under $0.50
  19. EDXC: Endexx Corp - under $0.50
  20. CHOOF: Choom Holdings - under $0.50
  21. CGRW: Cannagrow - under $0.50
  22. AGTK: Agritek Holdings - under $0.50
  23. CNAB: United Cannabis - under $0.50
  24. TURV: Two Rivers Water - under $0.70
  25. LBUY: LeafBuyer Tech - under $1
  26. HLSPY: HelioSpectra - under $1
  27. LXRP: Lexaria Bioscience - under $1
  28. TRTC: Terra Tech - under $1
  29. CANN: General Cannabis - under $1
  30. HLIX: Helix - under $1.50
  31. ACANAmericann Inc - under $1.50
  32. CBDS: Cannabis Sativa - under $1.50
  33. XXII: 22nd Century Group - under $2
  34. MMNFF: MedMen - under $3
  35. TGODF: Green Organic - under $3
  36. MDCL: Medicine Man - under $3.50
  37. CVSI: CV Sciences - under $5
  38. CRBP: Corbus Pharmas - under $7

2. Canadian Pot Stocks

  1. BLOZF: Cannabix Tech - under $0.50
  2. NXTTF: Namaste Tech - under $1
  3. SPRWF: Supreme Cannabis - under $2
  4. EMHTF: Emerald Health - under $2
  5. HEXO: Hexo Corp - under $10
  6. CTST: CannTrust Holdings - under $10
  7. OGI: Organigram Holdings - under $10
  8. APHAAphria Inc - under $10
  9. ACBAurora Cannabis - under $10
  10. CRON: Cronos Group - under $20
  11. CGC: Canopy Growth - under $40

3. Largest Marijuana Stocks

  1. ​​​​MJ: Cannabis ETF - under $20
  2. YOLO: Cannabis ETF - under $25
  3. ACBAurora Cannabis - under $10
  4. APHAAphria Inc - under $10
  5. KSHB: Kushco - under $10
  6. GTBIF: Green Thumb - under $15
  7. TCNNF: Trulieve - under $15
  8. CRON: Cronos Group - under $20
  9. ACRGF: Acreage Holdings - under $20
  10. CWBHF: Charlotte's Web - under $20
  11. ZYNE: Zynerba - under $20
  12. CARA: Cara Therapeutics - under $30
  13. CGC: Canopy Growth - under $50
  14. TLRY: Tilray Inc - under $50
  15. MO: Altria Group - under $55
  16. ARNA: Arena Pharma - under $65
  17. SMG: Scott's Miracle Grow - under $100
  18. ABBV: Abbvie Inc- under $100
  19. IIPR: Innovative Indust. Prop - under $105
  20. GWPHGW Pharmaceuticals - under $200

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Penny Pot Stocks List With Course

The world of legalization of medical marijuana has changed everything for marijuana penny stocks! With all of the legislative changes in the last 5 years, its important to check out and stay on top of the top penny stocks.

Make sure to register for our free trading courses below if you want to need more help trading stocks.

We also have two free options courses that will teach you how to trade larger cap pot stocks if you don't want to trade marijuana penny stocks.

  • List of the Most Popular Penny Pot Stocks
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  • Video Teaching You What "Pumpers" Won't!
  • How to Avoid Trading Hype
  • How to Trade the Best Marijuana Penny Stocks
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Marijuana Legalization

States keep legalizing the use of cannabis. As of December 2019, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana and 11 have approved adult recreational use. Illinois recently legalized for January 2020, and Minnesota is coming next for February. 

Each governor in NY, VT, New Mexico, PA, RI and our home state of CT supports recreational cannabis use! Most of these states are considering legislation or intend to start the draft process in 2020...

That being said, our team provides you a comprehensive penny pot stocks list on our website. Also included is an in depth video tutorial explaining what to look for and how to trade marijuana stocks. We do our best to try and always help our members and protect their brokerage accounts and not yolo stock trading or end up "bag holding".

The pot stock sector is extremely volatile and is known for pumping and dumping. Guru's on stocktwits and twitter are quick to shout buy this and buy that. Be careful. There's a lot of money to be made and also lost in this industry. We do what the "pumpers" DON'T! We teach you how to trade penny pot stocks safely. Please make sure to watch the videos on this page. You'll thank us later.

Buy the Rumor & Sell the News

There's a very popular saying in the stock market that says buy the rumor and sell the news. This is especially important when trading any symbols off of our penny pot stocks list and even the marijuana sector in general. The marijuana stock sector carries with it a lot of "hype" and news which makes this sector extremely volatile to trade.

It's important to buy at support levels and sell at resistance levels. So, essentially you'd be buying the rumor near support levels and then selling the news near resistance levels. It's important to understand candlestick patterns and charts and not just purchase blindly. We teach you how in our how to trade pot stocks video as well as in our live trading roomRead More

marijuana penny pot stocks list

List of 5 Breakout Marijuana Penny Pot Stocks to Watch for in 2020

  1. $CRON
  2. $TLRY
  3. $NBEV
  4. $ACB
  5. $OGI
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Best Marijuana Penny Stocks to Buy: List of What to Look for

  1. Large cap stocks with solid company financials
  2. Penny pot stocks with good fundamentals
  3. Avoid marijuana penny pot stocks that are being pumped
  4. Buy low and sell high (support and resistance)
  5. Only buy if the technical chart setup is ready
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