Marijuana Penny Pot Stocks List

Pot Stocks List

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Below is a detailed pot stocks list below. The legalization of medical marijuana has changed everything for marijuana stocks! With the legislative changes in the last several years, staying current with this sector is important.

There has been a lot of hype in the cannabis sector over the years. However, it’s important to realize that this sector is pumped and dumped a lot, and the fundamentals of many of these companies are very poor.

We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of these companies, and nothing on this site constitutes a recommendation to buy or sell.

Chart by TradingView.

SymbolNameMarket Cap
GWPH GW Pharmaceuticals plc$6,778,799,142
ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc.$4,982,017,948
APHA Aphria Inc.$3,425,761,921
SMG The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company$2,694,927,133
CURA Curaleaf Holdings Inc.$2,666,017,319
GTII Green Thumb Industries Inc.$1,834,384,515
TRUL Trulieve Cannabis Corp.$1,209,034,144
IIPR Innovative Industrial Properties$1,145,677,730
ACB Aurora Cannabis Inc.$938,665,874
CRON Cronos Group Inc.$853,466,062
WEED Canopy Growth Corporation$803,386,956
OGI OrganiGram Holdings Inc.$801,584,584
HARV Harvest Health & Recreation Inc.$790,618,284
IN InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc.$589,034,157
LABS MediPharm Labs Corp.$534,340,079
CL Cresco Labs Inc.$508,097,343
HIP Newstrike Brands Ltd.$499,042,658
CARA Cara Therapeutics Inc.$498,526,098
LHS Liberty Health Sciences Inc.$402,546,174
VGW Valens Groworks Corp.$379,245,179
NTEC Intec Pharma Ltd.$329,697,720
OH Origin House$328,022,555
VFF Village Farms International Inc.$315,183,563
TER TerrAscend Corp.$289,325,269
CLIQ Alcanna Inc.$264,356,185
HEXO HEXO Corp.$261,659,080
ZENA Zenabis Global Inc.$256,879,937
CAPD CannaPowder Inc.$248,429,599
GRWG GrowGeneration Corp.$235,894,011
TLRY Tilray Inc.$218,329,488
ACRG Acreage Holdings Inc.$213,235,561
XLY Auxly Cannabis Group Inc.$195,499,590
IAN iAnthus Capital Holdings Inc.$165,415,798
NEPT Neptune Wellness Solutions Inc.$138,763,656
EPIC Leviathan Cannabis Group Inc.$138,476,571
PLTH Planet 13 Holdings Inc.$134,859,701
ALEF Aleafia Health Inc. $126,583,268
XXII 22nd Century Group Inc.$116,867,460
ROMJ Rubicon Organics Inc.$113,316,433
NLB NewLeaf Brands Inc. $109,651,358
VIVO VIVO Cannabis Inc.$102,678,456
CURR CURE Pharmaceutical Holding Corp.$96,251,497
CAN Cann Group Limited$93,612,375
TRST CannTrust Holdings Inc.$90,521,121
MBII Marrone Bio Innovations Inc.$89,688,341
KSHB KushCo Holdings Inc.$88,046,699
FIRE The Supreme Cannabis Company$87,978,406
RKS Rockshield Capital Corp.$85,170,898
MJNA Medical Marijuana Inc.$79,194,039
MDCL Medicine Man Technologies Inc.$73,381,888
NINE Delta 9 Cannabis Inc.$69,240,142
GTEC GTEC Holdings Ltd.$66,544,745
GLH Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd.$58,197,375
CVSI CV Sciences Inc.$57,236,865
NGW Next Green Wave Holdings Inc.$56,236,990
INLB Item 9 Labs Corp.$55,717,537
ICAN Integrated Cannabis Company Inc.$52,659,291
HERTF Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp.$50,924,687
MYM MYM Nutraceuticals Inc.$41,164,696
AXIM AXIM Biotechnologies Inc.$39,326,873
TGOD The Green Organic Dutchman$39,072,205
MRMD MariMed Inc.$38,796,350
N Namaste Technologies Inc.$36,568,593
HITI High Tide Inc.$35,624,399
AC8 AusCann Group Holdings Ltd$34,703,531
TBP Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc.$33,819,634
CNBX Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc.$32,892,087
LIHT Liht Cannabis Corp.$32,661,095
EMH Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc.$32,334,415
HEMP Hempco Food and Fiber Inc.$32,057,053
BUDZ WEED Inc.$31,875,580
ATT Abattis Bioceuticals Corp.$30,602,399
HUGE FSD Pharma Inc.$29,555,283
ZLD Zelda Therapeutics Limited$29,239,728
EMBI Emerald Bioscience Inc.$28,855,220
EXL Elixinol Global Limited$28,300,102
VIR Viridium Pacific Group Ltd.$27,843,613
BLO Cannabix Technologies Inc.$27,379,757
PYX Pyxus International Inc.$26,682,411
BLIS BlissCo Cannabis Corp.$26,561,203
LXRP Lexaria Bioscience Corp.$26,392,356
WMD WeedMD Inc.$25,556,643
CANN General Cannabis Corp$23,409,459
SHRC Sharc International Systems Inc.$22,924,440
MCIG mCig Inc.$22,661,237
TRTC Terra Tech Corp.$22,176,197
NUGS Cannabis Strategic Ventures$22,075,312
CWEB Charlotte's Web Holdings Inc. $21,428,645
HC High Hampton Holdings Corp.$20,510,467
GRIN Grown Rogue International Inc.$18,237,681
MMJ MMJ Group Holdings Limited$17,518,916
DIXI Dixie Brands Inc.$16,845,066
BUZZ Aura Health Inc.$16,373,500
PLUS Plus Products Inc.$15,935,379
CBDS Cannabis Sativa Inc.$15,905,301
CPTR Captor Capital Corp.$15,332,289
CDVA CordovaCann Corp.$15,172,315
HLIX Helix TCS Inc.$14,889,654
WRLD ICC International Cannabis Corp.$14,122,119
EEVVF Eve & Co Incorporated$13,241,889
ZYNE Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc$12,666,113
IGC India Globalization Capital Inc.$12,331,510
HS HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd.$11,958,177
CGRW CannaGrow Holdings, Inc$11,627,219
LDS Lifestyle Delivery Systems Inc$10,576,153
PVOT Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc.$10,468,565
PREV PreveCeutical Medical Inc.$9,877,174
MTEC Cannvas MedTech Inc.$9,378,606
NRTH 48North Cannabis Corp.$9,260,717
EPW Empower Clinics Inc.$8,753,974
NDEV Novus Acquisition & Development Corp.$8,095,999
GBLX GB Sciences Inc.$8,022,850
TNY The Tinley Beverage Company Inc.$7,794,058
CLSH CLS Holdings USA Inc.$7,591,284
MMEN MedMen Enterprises Inc.$7,385,699
CRBP Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.$7,163,396
PURA Puration Inc.$7,160,119
BAMM Body and Mind Inc.$7,111,007
SRNA Surna Inc.$7,035,297
CPH Creso Pharma Limited$6,926,469
NDVA Indiva Limited$6,741,445
NBEV New Age Beverages Corporation$6,683,196
RGI Roto-Gro International Limited$6,617,448
PHOT GrowLife Inc.$6,499,671
SOL SOL Global Investments Corp.$6,429,047
YCBD cbdMD Inc. $6,375,681
CGOC Cannabis Growth Opportunity Corporation$6,047,435
LIB Liberty Leaf Holdings Ltd.$5,631,822
KAYS Kaya Holdings Inc.$5,625,114
AUSA Australis Capital Inc.$5,557,011
SPR Sproutly Canada Inc.$5,488,580
CANB Canbiola Inc.$5,423,379
CP1 CannPal Animal Therapeutics Limited$5,275,490
STEM Stem Holdings Inc.$5,092,626
CSI Chemesis International Inc.$4,980,473
APPB Applied Biosciences Corp.$4,888,147
GENE Invictus MD Strategies Corp.$4,722,947
TGIF 1933 Industries Inc.$4,656,365
EAT Nutritional High International Inc.$4,629,420
KHRN Khiron Life Sciences Corp.$4,624,689
SNN Sunniva Inc.$4,460,997
MWM Micron Waste Technologies Inc.$4,403,752
HEMP Hemp Inc.$4,297,954
GGB Green Growth Brands$4,132,116
HVT Harvest One Cannabis Inc.$3,911,202
VIDA Phivida Holdings Inc.$3,809,503
VP Vodis Pharmaceuticals Inc.$3,705,080
FFT Future Farm Technologies Inc.$3,621,664
MMJ Matica Enterprises Inc.$3,431,401
JUJU International Cannabrands Inc.$3,429,733
PURE Pure Global Cannabis Inc.$3,371,153
ISOL Isodiol International Inc.$3,263,263
BEER Hill Street Beverage Company Inc.$3,076,783
KBEV Koios Beverage Corp.$2,826,118
CROP Crop Infrastructure Corp.$2,030,728
MSRT MassRoots Inc.$1,925,532
CNAB United Cannabis Corporation$1,874,572
EVIO EVIO Inc.$1,782,849
CHOO Choom Holdings Inc.$1,723,275
FONE Flower One Holdings Inc.$1,700,050
DPWW Diego Pellicer Worldwide Inc.$1,680,198
JWCA James E. Wagner Cultivation Corporation$1,666,472
FLWR The Flowr Corporation$1,666,096
ETST Earth Science Tech Inc.$1,384,278
TRPX Therapix Biosciences Ltd.$1,086,955
VCAN Ventura Cannabis and Wellness Corp.$984,960
RTI Radient Technologies Inc.$979,964
MJAR MJardin Group Inc.$973,356
BIO Biome Grow Inc.$823,676
AGRA AgraFlora Organics International Inc.$794,294
RQB Ravenquest Biomed Inc.$666,837
PILL Canntab Therapeutics Limited$392,480
DYME DionyMed Brands Inc.$389,741
MJ True Leaf Brands Inc. $387,934
CHM Chemistree Technology Inc.$371,002
CNNX Cannex Capital Holdings Inc.$0
CBDD CBD of Denver Inc.$0
INSY INSYS Therapeutics Inc.$0
GRNH GreenGro Technologies Inc.$0

Pot Stocks ETFs List

  • AdvisorShares Pure U.S. Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:MSOS)
  • ETFMG Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSEMKT:MJ)
  • ETFMG U.S. Alternative Harvest ETF (NYSEMKT:MJUS)
  • Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (OTC:HMLSF)
  • AdvisorShares Pure Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:YOLO)
  • Global X Cannabis ETF (NASDAQ:POTX)
  • Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:CNBS)
  • The Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:THCX)
  • Cambria Cannabis ETF (NYSEMKT:TOKE)
Marijuana and Pot Stocks List

Trading a Pot Stocks List

You can buy pot stocks through a stockbroker, just like most securities. That includes those listed on the major exchanges and elsewhere, like OTC markets. However, investors need to take caution. There is another way to buy penny stocks, and that is through the over-the-counter or OTC market. Players in this market include the pink sheet and the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board companies.

Unfortunately for investors, but perhaps fortunately for company owners, pink-sheet listed companies are private and have next to no oversight or regulation. So choosing to go this route is risky. Alternatively, OTC companies follow more stringent roles as NASDAQ owns and operates them.

Above is a penny pot stock list of some of the most popular marijuana stocks. It’s important to note that the prices will change due to market conditions. Be sure to get accurate quotes from your broker. Also, please trade the charts. Don’t trade stocks based on anyone’s recommendations. Do your research first. Make sure the fundamentals of any penny stock company are sound. You don’t want to be a bag holder

SMG Stock Rover Report

SMG Stock Rover Report 5-23.

Risks of Buying Marijuana Stocks

The promises of “get rich quick” are tempting, but you must do your homework first. My first concern is that marijuana penny stock companies use Form SB-2, which requires minimal information. As an investor or trader, you have yet to determine if the house is built on solid footing or quicksand. With a clear picture of the financials or data, you will know if the claims from the company are valid.

Part of the misleading information is because some marijuana penny stocks act as shell companies. These shell companies depend on the hype that drives the value up one day and back down another. Savvy traders ride the momentum train in both directions, scalping in and out of positions. Stock trading is all proper risk management.

A popular stock market saying is buy the rumor and sell the news. This is especially important when trading any symbols off of our penny pot stocks list and even the marijuana sector in general. The marijuana stock sector carries a lot of “hype” and news, making this sector extremely volatile to trade. Therefore, buying at support levels and selling at resistance levels is important. So, you’d buy the rumor near support levels and then sell the news near resistance levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is legal to invest in pot stocks on any of the exchanges. You can also invest in OTC or pink sheets marijuana stocks, but you have to be careful with them. States keep legalizing the use of cannabis. As of April 2022, 37 states have legalized medical marijuana, and 27 have approved adult recreational use. New York and Virginia were legalized in 2021.

The pot stock sector is extremely volatile and is known for pumping and dumping. Gurus on Stocktwits and Twitter are quick to shout buy this and buy that. Be careful.

You’re also probably wondering how to determine the value of a company's stock. To value a stock, we use the price-to-sales ratio (P/S), which compares a company’s stock price to its revenues. First, it indicates the value placed on each dollar of a company’s sales or revenues.

Secondly, it’s a valuation tool that tells you how much investors are willing to pay per dollar of sales for a stock. To calculate the P/S ratio, we divide the stock price by the company’s sales per share. What results is either a low ratio or a high ratio. A low ratio could mean the stock is undervalued. Alternatively, a higher-than-average ratio could indicate that the stock is overvalued.

  • $GWPH – GW Pharmaceuticals
  • $CRON – Cronos Group Inc
  • $HEXO – Hexo Corp
  • $CWBHF – Charlotte’s Web Holdings

These have been popular CBD oil stocks at times.

This is not a recommendation to buy or sell.

$MJNA, aka medical marijuana INC stock, is a penny pot stock that has been trading sub $1 for a long time. It’s a pump-and-dump stock in the pot stocks sector, so there’s no guarantee that this stock will rise again. It gets sympathy moves the more that the marijuana sector gets legalized. 

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