Free online penny stock trading strategies courses teaching you how to trade low float to high float penny stocks between $0.30-$10. Beginners and advanced training classes break down liquidity and its importance when trading penny stocks, scanning and filtering for setups, charting, technical analysis, entering and exiting trades, and so much more. Easy to learn and get started.

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Penny Stock Trading Strategies Course

We are not a pump and dump community. We are a community of traders that teaches the right ways on how to trade penny stocks. Our community also has a penny stock trading room that teaches you how to trade pennies.

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  • Learn How to Trade Penny Stocks
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  • Know Where to Buy and When to Sell
  • Avoiding Getting Trapped by “Pumpers”
  • Penny Stocks Trade Room Available
  • Learn to Trade Real-Time

Penny Stock Trading Strategies Course: Learn How to Trade Penny Stocks

Our free penny stock trading strategies course goes in depth with how to trade small cap stocks. This sector is very volatile and it’s very hard to know how to trade these stocks if you don’t know how to trade them safely.

This course is going to teach you how to trade penny stocks the right way. We do our best to really simplify how to trade small caps in our course, while providing you with proper risk management strategies.

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Penny Stock Trading Strategies

How to Trade Penny Stocks

  • #1 controlling your emotions while trading is more important than the technicals, even though technicals are very important
  • Have a good penny stock scanner like Trade Ideas or Benzinga
  • Scan for stocks holding HOD aftermarket and build a watch list of 3-5 stocks that are looking to break out on daily charts
  • Scan the premarket the following morning for any penny stocks that have a news catalyst using Trade Ideas
  • Check your watch list from the night before and see if there is any pre-market volume and if the setups are there
  • Narrow down your watch list to a handful of small cap stocks looking to break premarket highs at open
  • Watch for momentum and volume at open and look for bull flags and ascending triangles as they are both popular patterns for penny stocks
  • Have support and resistance mapped out before you trade
  • Practice scalping breakouts in a paper account until you’re ready to trade with real money

Our community also has live day trading room where you can come and join us each day and watch us live stream. We like to think of ourselves as the pay it forward trading community within the stock market. Come and join us, ask questions, and make yourself at home.

We are all about helping our community members learn day trading penny stocks the proper ways. We are not a pump and dump community, we are teachers that are all about helping our community members to become profitable and safe traders. Each day, we teach live how to trade the markets. Check out our live trading room.

Penny stock trading strategies are important when you begin trading in this sector. Penny stocks usually trade outside of the major market exchanges. These small cap stocks are priced under a dollar.Typically penny stocks are seen as high risk. Since penny stocks are usually small companies, they have fewer filing and regulatory standards. This causes a lack of liquidity and large bid-ask spreads. (Make sure to check out ThinkorSwims penny stocks app).

Penny stocks are usually known as OTC (over the counter) or pink sheet stocks. Pink sheets are a compiled daily with the bid ask spreads. Pink sheets aren’t required to file with the SEC. Because these stocks are risky, making sure you have good penny stock trading strategies is paramount. The attraction of penny stocks is the fact that they don’t cost a lot. They also promise big profits. 

Who wouldn’t want to spend only a little to make a lot? It sounds too good to be true right? Usually it is. There is money to be made. But there’s also money to be lost. Typically losing means losing big.

Scammers run the penny stock game. That’s why you need to be careful. Plan out your strategy and stick to it. Use a penny stocks app like Robinhood to practice.

When you want to invest in the stock market with little money penny stocks are attractive. Buying stocks like amazon, apple or google can seem out of reach. For example, you see a stock that’s $0.30 so you want to make a little money. You buy 10,000 shares and spend $3,000. It gets to $1. You’ve just made $7,000. Day trading penny stocks can be very lucrative if done right. Pot stocks are a very profitable sector to trade when the momentum is running.

What’s the best penny stock trading app if you’re looking to day trade penny stocks from your phone? ThinkorSwim, Robinhood, Webull, and IBKR are good penny stock trading apps.

We’d like to caution you before using a pennystock trading app because this sector is very volatile, so if you do use them then make sure you have proper risk management strategies set up. If you don’t know what that is…it’s time to study more. If you want to learn more about the best companies for all types of trading then make sure to check out our tools page above to see our company reviews.

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Penny Stock Trading Strategies Course

Can You Make Money in Penny Stocks?

Can you make money in penny stocks? Yes, you can make a lot of money but you can also lose a lot of money if you aren’t careful. It’s important to manage your risk when trading them and be aware of stock pumpers.

We’re not stock pumpers in the Bullish Bears community. We teach you how to trade penny stock trading strategies the right way. We show real-time support and resistance levels, do coaching and mentoring, and we don’t encourage followers to follow us into low float trades. 

Small Caps

How Do You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks Fast?

  • You need to have at least $25,000 in an account
  • Less than $25,000 hits you with the pdt rule
  • Hunt for gapping stocks with premarket volume
  • Map out support and resistance levels
  • Watch for movement during market open
  • Take trades on bull flags, and triangle breakouts
  • Buy 5,000- $10,000 shares and scalp $0.10-$0.20
  • Use hot keys to get in and out of trades quickly
  • Cut your losses immediately

Get Your Free Courses ($3,000+ Value)

Our focus is on teaching and not pumping up our brokerage accounts to our community members. We are a safe community to come and learn how to trade. Our members and mods are very helpful. Feel free to come and join us and ask questions.

We offer real-time stock alerts on large cap stocks for those that want to follow our options trades. These are on our private twitter. 

We teach how to trade penny stocks live in our trade rooms. Check out our trading service to learn more penny stock trading strategies. 

One of the biggest reasons to have excellent penny stock trading strategies is the dreaded pump and dump. Pump and dump simply means a stock is pumped to a price goal only to be dumped for a loss. Meaning no one who pumps the stock really intends to hold it. These are usually companies with terrible financials.  Someone is always left holding the bag.Penny stocks are easy to manipulate. As a result, you’ll find a lot of pumping happening. That’s why you’ve got to find stock trading strategies that work. If someone made a living trading pennystocks they probably have a lot of experience trading pump and dumps. Just be careful!

Lets give another example, if someone comes to you telling you how they got rich trading penny stocks, that doesn’t mean you have to follow their model. Another reason we say that is because they could be pumping the stock to others to sell their position. Stocks with low average daily volume are prime for pumpers. 

In fact that is the case a lot. When someone is day trading penny stocks and starts promoting it, be careful. “It’s going to the moon” is a frequently used phrase in the world of pumping. When you see that, be wary. The promoter is saying “it’s going to the moon” rather than showing you charts to back it up. 

penny stock trading strategies

One of the most important penny stock trading strategies is knowing your technical analysis. Being able to do something as simple as reading a chart can save you thousands. You are going to hear how this people telling you they made a ton of money on this stock or that stock.

Don’t take them at their word and chase the stock. Look at the chart. See what those moving averages are telling you. Never get into a stock without doing your own research. We can’t stress that enough! We teach support and resistance over and over in our trade room. Learn with us!

Technical analysis is key – its all support and resistance. Support and resistance is fundamental to trading. First of all, it gives you the level a stock falls to but might not break; second it’s showing where a stock could run into trouble and fall; third it’s knowing how to find these key levels to keep you from making a bad trade. Most importantly, it helps you formulate a plan and know how to recognize buy and sell signals. (Check out TradeStation’s penny stocks app).

We also have a couple free candlesticks courses that will teach you in depth on how to trade patterns. Candlestick patterns are the name of the game when trading. These patterns form very important support and resistance level, which teach you where to buy low and sell high. The problem with many chat rooms is that they don’t teach you when to buy and when to sell. We teach how to trade penny stocks the right way in our trading community. Make sure to check out our stock picking service as well.

If you’re new to penny stock trading strategies then it’s important to be aware of a lot of the stock pumping gurus in the industry. What many traders don’t realize is that when they join these chat rooms and follow these gurus into trades, they are late to the game.

Following a guru into a trade is extremely dangerous. It’s important to remember that once a guru calls out a trade, they are already in a position. So, once they are in a trade, their followers all scramble to rush in after them. When lots of traders rush into low float trades, it pumps the stock up quickly due to the volatility. Check out our NASDAQ penny stock list.

The issue with this is that new traders don’t understand how this game works. They are impressed with how easy the guru makes money but don’t realize they are just pumping the stock up, their followers rush in, then they dump the stock once it breaks out, many of times their followers are buying at this point, and then they lose money.

These are the same gurus that post how awesome their gains are on YouTube. They show off to the world but don’t share how they do it. It’s easy to buy and sell low floaters if you know hundreds of people are going to enter a trade right after you. You’ll see many of these traders bragging afterwards on social media as well.

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How Much Money Do You Need to Start Trading Penny Stocks?

How much money do you need to start trading penny stocks. Ideally you’ll want to have at least $5,000-$10,000 if you are looking to swing trade penny stocks. If you are looking to day trade them then you need at least $25,000 in your account or else you’ll be hit with the pdt rule. Using an offshore broker like UstockTrade or CMEG will help you avoid being a pattern day trader.

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Free Stock Market Courses

Take our free stock market courses ($3,000 + Value)

How Do Beginners Buy Penny Stocks?

  1. Open a brokerage account
  2. SpeedTrader, LightSpeed, TradeStation are best
  3. Take a day trading course
  4. Use hot keys to get in and out of trades quickly
  5. Learn how to short penny stocks on bearish days
  6. Use a good stock scanner to hunt for moving stocks
  7. Build a watch list in premarket
  8. Map out support and resistance levels
  9. Look to take trade on momentum breakouts

You need a lot of volume when you’re trading. Stick to penny stocks that trade at least 100,000 shares a day. Ideally, 300,000+. If you’re trading stocks with low volume it could be difficult to get out.

When you’re trading with high volume, the stock will be volatile. Volatile up or down. That’s exactly what you want, movement and price action. The volatility is going to push the price. Price can move pretty quickly and emotions will often flood in.

So, make sure you don’t hold for a long time. Get your gains and get out. Use mental stop losses. Penny stocks are moving quickly and a stop can be triggered in a second then bounce back even higher. 

Since penny stock trading tends to have large bid ask spreads as the volatility increases there’s a higher risk of losing money. Mental stops take more concentration. You’re not relying on that hard stop loss you’ve use in larger cap stocks. Hence the need for penny stock trading strategies that work. Take our free online trading for beginners to keep working on your skills.

Getting Started
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Get Started

In this free penny stock trading strategies course you’re going to learn how to trade penny stocks successfully while using proper risk management techniques to protect your brokerage account.

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Controlling Emotions

You can use all the penny stock trading strategies in the trading world but if greed gets a hold of you it’s over. You’ll lose your gains faster than you can say support and resistance.

You’re trading the momentum and that changes quickly, and you need to be prepared. In this case you never go broke taking your profit. We go in depth on how to trade small cap stocks in our course below.

If you want to learn more about penny stock trading and watch us teach how to trade them live then make sure to join our community!

Learning how to control your emotions is one of the most important aspects to trading. Anyone can learn the technicals if they study enough but learning how to control your emotions is one of the toughest aspects to trading. We are emotional people and the emotions of fear and greed are the downfall of most traders.

They want to get rich quick and be in on the action and this is what messes up their trading decisions. It takes a lot of time to learn how to control your emotions when trading and that’s why we recommend paper trading for months first before trading with real money.

Make a few hundred paper trades first and then slowly scale your way up trading with real money. If you’re not able to trade profitably in a paper trading account first then it’s going to be very hard to make money in your real brokerage account because the emotions will really mess with your head. Check out our trade alerts.

Learning how to trade penny stocks takes time. Do not try to rush the process. That’s where most new traders fail. They are so busy trying to make money so quickly when they haven’t learned the fundamentals first. Make sure to check out Robinhood’s penny stocks app. It’s good to practice on but doesn’t have the best penny stock availability. 

Most new traders join a trading company and then they jump right into the first trade that the guru enters into. What they don’t realize is that they will always be late to the game day trading penny stocks this way because the trading guru got the first entry.

After they’ve filled their position, many of their followers rush in and then pump up the stock. The guru then sells their position for a quick scalp, and many of the times their followers are left bag holding the gurus shares because they bought at the top.

This is the unfortunate reality of the penny stock trading world and one that we teach our members how to avoid. Again, you won’t see us pumping and dumping whatsoever in our community. We teach you how to trade small cap stocks the right way. The safe and profitable ways for trading penny stocks.