We post our free penny stocks list each morning with a watch list of low to high float stocks between $1 – $20. These symbols are the top gappers that are running in the premarket based on gap percentage and volume. They are stocks to “watch” only. Please do not trade any of the symbols below unless you know how to day trade. (Make sure to bookmark this page and check it below daily for updated lists).

Penny Stocks List: Watch List of Day Trade Stocks


  • $AVXL
  • $RMED
  • $TOPS
  • $EOSE

These Are Stocks to “Watch Only” (Read Our Disclaimer)

Penny Stocks List 12-2

Trade Ideas is our favorite premarket scanner. Click on the picture to expand.

Daily Penny Stocks List

Are you looking for a penny stocks list? Well…you’re in the right place. The Bullish Bears Team posts our day trade watch list each morning, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. Our day trade watch list includes a combination of low float penny stocks, as well as medium to high floaters.

We also have our penny stocks room in Discord if you’d like to come and check our trading community out.

  • Posted Daily Before 9:15 am
  • Found Using Trade Ideas
  • Top Gappers with Volume
  • *Penny Stocks Room Available
  • *We Go Over in Trade Room

Where Can I Find Penny Stock Listings: Trade Ideas

Penny Stocks List

How Do I Find a List of Penny Stocks?

How do you find a list of penny stocks? The best way is to have a good stock scanner. One that has customizable settings such as float, short float, relative volume, and gap percentile. Once you have these filters set, you can search for momentum gap and go plays in the premarket and during market open.

Sometimes having a scanner works wonders when your penny stocks list doesn’t fire off. The Trade Ideas scanner is going to pull up a small caps list of stocks to trade. As a result, you have full access to potentially good trade setups, regardless of if our pre-made list runs or not.

Each morning, the Bullish Bears post a list of morning runners and other momentum stocks to look at. We post them each morning by 9:15 am on our Trade Ideas page. These potential setups were all found using the Trade Ideas scanner.


We look at the top high volume penny stocks that are running in the pre-market on Trade Ideas and other scanners too. Make sure to check our Trade Ideas Page each morning by 9:15 am and check out their morning penny stocks watch list that we post daily.

We look at the top 3-5 gap-up stocks, search for breaking news, map out support and resistance levels, and then filter the list down to the top 2-3 setups that we are looking for at the open.

Scanners are great for filtering out stocks that wouldn’t be good plays. However, just because a stock pops up on a scanner doesn’t mean you should place a trade on it. That’s where technical analysis and candlesticks come into play along with volume.

In fact, if you bookmark the Trade Ideas Scanner page on our site, you’ll have access to a large group of potential plays and stocks to watch along with a penny stocks list.

Once the bell opens, we look at our penny stocks list that we create as well as the top movers that we filtered from Trade Ideas and watch what high-volume penny stocks are moving.

If the setup is good on either of our lists then we will take a trade. We show how this process works every day live in our penny stocks room.

Remember, we are not a “stock pumping” service, so please do not copy our trades unless you know how to trade for yourself. And don’t trade our list of penny stocks unless the setups are good and you know how to trade. It’s also important to note that it’s hard to find decent penny stocks to hold long term. Make sure to check out our other stock lists above as well.

OTC Stocks

When looking for a penny stocks list with stocks under $1 you have to be aware of the pumpers that are out there. Especially on Stocktwits, Twitter, or any other social media platform. That’s why finding small-cap stocks that trade on the major exchanges are going to be the safest bet. Avoid OTC and pink sheets, unless you know what you are doing.

A penny stock is any stock that trades at $5 and under. Most of the sub $1 penny stocks are not trading on major exchanges. As a result, they’re not subject to SEC regulations.

That means there is a lot of fraud and pumping. Hence the need to be super aware of trading pink slip or OTC stocks. There are limitations with certain brokers trading OTC stocks, so make sure to check with your broker to see what they are before trading this sector. It’s hard to find penny stocks in the OTC sector. Remember, look for high volume penny stocks that have good liquidity.

Be Careful of Pumpers

Did you know that many of the people pumping them don’t actually hold shares? Instead they’re being paid to get other unsuspecting traders to bite.

Never believe the success stories. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Pumpers want you to take them at their word instead of looking at the charts.

That’s another huge red flag. Charts don’t lie. Again, technical analysis and candlesticks can and will save you money. No list of best penny stocks will help you if you don’t know the charts.

We teach you real-time mentoring, charting, and coaching everyday in our day trading room. We are NOT a stock pumping service and we do not call out trades in our day trade room. 

Please be aware that you will always be late to your entries and exits following us or any chat room service. We highly advise learning how to trade for yourself and not “copying” any other person’s trades unless you’re fully comfortable with the risks associated with trading.

We teach how to trade penny stocks live in our trading rooms. Check out our trading service to try us out.

Daily Preparation

Our penny stocks list is very simple to follow and saves you a TON of time having to create a day trading watch list yourself. We scan, filter, map out support and resistance levels, and provide you with the best possible potential breakout setups.

We post our day trade watch list daily on this page but if you want the alert signals then you can see how they work and sign up to receive them! Make sure to watch our YouTube channel to see how we build our daily watch lists. 

Having a prepared list of penny stocks ready to start your day is important if you want to become a successful day trader. We do a lot of the hard work for you by providing you with our nightly lists and Trade Ideas morning gappers to help you start your trading day off on the right foot.

As we all know, the key to your success as a trader is knowing how to trade properly. Learning the technicals isn’t that hard if you put in the time and effort. Being able to watch us teach and trade live each day is a very helpful way to make sense of it all. We break down the goods and the bads of the market daily and show you what to look for when trading stocks.

If you’re looking for a penny stocks watch list to trade, you have to be careful. Unfortunately, this is a sector rife with manipulation. That doesn’t mean you can’t profit from it, however. In fact, when you learn what to look for and what to stay away from, the penny world can be a good sector to trade, but not so much to invest in. High volume penny stocks are key because you need liquidity to get in and out of a trade easier.

Learn the Patterns

Making successful trades is great. Everyone wants to make money in the stock market, however, knowing what trades NOT to take is many of times just as important as trading itself. Have you ever regretted taking a trade? Sure, we all have. Lets talk about that more…

Patterns are extremely important to be aware of especially when trading small cap stocks. If you don’t know patterns then how are you going to know when a stock is going to potentially break out or break down?

The volatility with low float stocks is off the charts. Especially when a catalyst hits. Many of times these stocks pump and dump so knowing the warning signs of when this is potentially going to take place is vital to getting the proper entries and exits. 

This is the benefit of our trading community because we show you live when to potentially enter and exit a trade. If you’re not able to catch our streams live each day, don’t worry! Our stream replays are updated several times per week if you want to go back and review them at your leisure. 

We have several different moderators that teach each day on our streams so if small cap stocks aren’t your thing then you’ll be able to learn other strategies like options and futures. Strategies such as credit spreads, debit spreads, iron condors, long term options trading, as well as mico cap futures.

We do our best to help our community members become diversified traders. Small cap stocks don’t run every day so that’s why it’s important to also learn other strategies to help you profit when the market trades sideways or when good penny stocks aren’t running.

Bid/Ask Spreads

The bid/ask spread in small caps is also one of the most important things to pay attention to. That determines how and if your order is going to fill. Typically with volatile small caps, the bid/ask spread is large. As a result, that means your order most likely won’t fill or won’t fill at the price you want. 

If you’re going to trade stocks from a penny stocks list then look for stocks with a tight bid/ask spread. Again, Trade Ideas provides a list of best penny stocks to trade each morning.

You could have the volume but if the bid/ask are large, then your trade will have a hard time closing out or even filling. Subscribe to our real-time stocks alerts.

Practice Trading

Open a paper trading account and practice trading from a pre-made list of penny stocks. Once you get started with your training you can see how they behave. Adding the tools mentioned above help you become a good and safe trader in a world of manipulation. Arm yourself with knowledge!

We highly recommend to paper trade for a few months and to make several hundreds first before trading with real money. Make sure to track all of your trades on a spreadsheet and shoot for an overall 60-65% success ratio and to be in the green.

Once you’re successful as a paper trader then trade with real money but start off with small positions and then slowly scale your trades up. Trading is a marathon and not a race. The emotions of day trading can be very volatile so it’s important to take your time as a trader and not rush. 

Our day trade room is a great place to practice paper trading. We have a great community of traders that are very helpful and are a great learning resource. Learn, ask questions, and then practice what you learn in your paper trading account until you feel comfortable.

Take our ThinkorSwim Course to learn how to open a paper trading account. We also have an Interactive Brokers Course available as well. They both have fantastic virtual trading platforms to help you get started trading. Be sure to bookmark this page if you want the best penny stocks to watch. Also, take our free small cap trading course here. Come back and check our list of penny stocks daily! 

Read Our Disclaimer

*Do not purchase any of the symbols on this page. The tickers on this page are meant to be a guide for research and potentially scalp on a momentum trade when they break out or possible swing trade. Please read our disclaimer and paper trade first before trading with real money.


Our Penny Stock Watch List Has Got You Covered

The penny stock sector is both lucrative and dangerous; especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. People like trading small cap stocks because they’re cheap. Hence finding a good penny stocks watch list. When you’re starting out, many times you don’t have a lot of money to trade with. As a result, not having to put up a lot of capital is quite an attractive prospect.

The great news is that we teach you how to trade penny stocks each day in our day trading room. Each morning, we look at stocks on the scanner and hunt for the best setups. We map out support and resistance levels and see which of the stocks on our list has a good potential setup to trade at the open. Sound like fun? Then it’s time to join our community.

List of Penny Stocks

Can You Get Rich Off Penny Stocks?

Can you get rich off penny stocks? The answer is yes, however, you have to know things like support and resistance, candlestick patterns, moving average lines, the float of a stock, and how to enter and exit trades using hot keys and proper risk management.

Learning the technicals is important but knowing how to control your emotions is even more important when trading. It also takes money to make money and never “mirror trade”.

Get Started Today

We offer a lot of different resources to our members to try to help them become self-sufficient traders. Our watch lists are just another tool in your arsenal to help guide you as a trader. Make sure to practice trading our watch lists and alert signals in a paper trading account first before trading with real money.

We go over our watch lists and other penny stocks that are running each day live in our penny stocks trade room in Discord. Come and join us. You’ll see how price action works in real-time.

Learn the Technicals

Candlesticks and technical analysis are just as important when trading small caps as they are for any other type of stock. Many times you hear from pumpers that the charts don’t matter, just buy. Crazy! 

As long as you’re trading the stock market, it doesn’t matter what sector it is, charts don’t lie. Never trade small caps that don’t have good technical analysis and patterns. Make sure to watch our weekly penny stocks watch list videos on our YouTube channel to see how to trade these small caps properly.

These are the tools that are going to protect your brokerage account when trading small caps. When you pair candlesticks and technical analysis with high volume and tight bid/ask spreads, you have a better chance of successfully trading small caps. 

Liquidity is Key

When trading from a penny stocks list, you want to find stocks with volume. Volume is necessary to trading in general. However, when it comes to small-cap trading it’s absolutely necessary. Sometimes it appears a stock is moving when you look at the daily chart. However, the volume may not be there. As a result, the trade doesn’t go anywhere. Look for volume when you’re trading from a penny stocks list. At least 50k shares every 5 minutes. We offer trade rooms, live streaming daily, real-time alerts, and free courses to our community members.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a trade where volume is lacking, then you know it’s like watching paint dry. Since the small-cap sector is rife with manipulation, things like volume are something to pay close attention to.

We show you what volume looks like on charts and its significance when we teach and trade in our trade rooms. You will see in real time how price action works. We will show you patterns and where stocks breakout and breakdown and how volume usually correlates with the moves up or down. Click here to see how our stock trading service works.

When looking at our penny stocks to watch list make sure to keep an eye on volume. It’s important to have at least a few hundred thousand in volume, so if you don’t see volume then be very careful trading any stocks in general.