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What You’ll Learn in Our Price Action Trading Course

  • How to trade bullish candles
  • How to trade hammers
  • How to trade inverted hammers
  • How to trade bull flags
  • How to trade rising three methods
  • How to trade bull pennants
  • How to trade falling wedges
  • How to trade ascending triangles
  • How to trade inverse head and shoulders
  • How to trade cup and handles
  • How to trade v bottoms
  • How to trade double bottoms
  • How to trade triple bottoms
  • How to trade bearish candles
  • How to trade hanging man candles
  • How to trade bear flags
  • How to trade falling three methods
  • How to trade rising wedges
  • How to trade bear pennants
  • How to trade descending triangles
  • How to trade head and shoulders
  • How to trade inverted cup and handles
  • How to trade double tops
  • How to trade triple tops
  • How to trade dojis
  • How to trade dragonfly dojis
  • How to trade gravestone dojis
  • How to trade long legged dojis
  • How to trade high wave candles
  • How to trade spinning tops
  • How to trade symmetrical triangles
  • How to trade tweezer tops
  • How to trade tweezer bottoms
  • How to trade bullish engulfing candles
  • How to trade bearish engulfing candles
  • How to trade bullish haramis
  • How to trade bearish haramis
  • How to trade dark cloud covers
  • How to trade piercing patterns
  • How to trade bullish homing pigeons
  • How to trade morning stars
  • How to trade evening stars
  • How to trade three white soldiers
  • How to trade three black crows
  • How to trade three inside up patterns
  • How to trade three inside down patterns
  • How to trade three outside up patterns
  • How to trade three outside down patterns
  • How to trade three line strikes


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Our price action trading course is designed to teach you the most important aspect to trading. In this course, you’ll learn how candlesticks are the most reliable trading indicator. We will teach you how to trade the most popular patterns. Also, make sure to download our eBook and custom-made desktop wallpapers that go with this course.

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Who this price action trading course is for

  • If you want to learn how to trade price action
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  • If you are committed to completing our price action trading course and furthering your trading knowledge

Price Action Trading vs Technical Analysis

Price action trading is a method that garners a great deal of respect in the trading community. There may be thousands of types of trading techniques. However it’s quite common for most veteran traders to give a tip of the hat towards a fellow price action trader. We can break down traders into one of three categories: Price action traders, indicator traders, and those who use both. 

How is price action trading is different from technical analysis trading? Well, they are sort of the same but different. Price action trading focuses on price, whereas technical analysis considers several things – price included. With technical analysis, you rely on a specific set of rules to make your trading decision. We refer to this set of rules as your system or trading plan. 

Entries and Exits

With a system, you know your entry and exit points. Which means you have a trigger in and out of trades instead of just trading the setup. In other words, you don’t just enter a breakout pattern; the pattern must match your criteria. For starters, some day traders will only enter if the 9 EMA is above VWAP, volume above 300,000 and a float less than 20 million. Technical traders will only enter when their specific criteria is met. 

On the flip side, price action traders zero in on price, but they’re not strictly rule-bound. As opposed to relying solely on technical indicators, price action trading enables a trader to read the market based on the recent and actual price movements. Like no two people are alike, no two price action traders interpret price action in the same way. Which means, they have different rules based on their own interpretation.

On the other hand, a technical analysis trader with strict rules (like 15 DMA crossing over 50 DMA) will yield similar behavior and actions (i.e. buy trigger) from other technical traders.

Tools Used for Price Action Trading

Price action traders use all the technical analysis tools – charts, trend lines, support/resistance levels, along with recent historical data and past price movements.

Also, simple price bars, price bands, breakouts, trend-lines, or complex combinations involving candlesticks, volatility, channels, etc. can be utilized.

Psychological Support and Resistance Levels

Another subtle feature that distinguishes price action traders is their use of psychology and human behavior. They might set specific buy or sell rules when a stock hits a whole number. Naturally, humans are attracted to whole numbers, which translates to psychological support and resistance lines. Also, we tend to gravitate to round numbers that end in 0 and for lower-priced stocks, those with 25 or 50 cent increments.

To put this in perspective, think back to when you were young. We were exposed to whole numbers and those that end in 5 in every aspect of our life. For example, payphone calls were 25 cents and items for sale ended in $0.99, so it felt like a bargain. The market is no different.

People see a number like $150 and think, “I’ve got to get out now!”. It’s a blatant psychological price point.

Warning About False Breakouts

A breakout doesn’t mean the price will continue in the direction you think it will. Sometimes, you could be seeing a false breakout. That is why it’s essential to use your indicators for additional verification. Be aware of major supply and demand zones and never be caught off guard.

Traders use volume to confirm uptrends such as breakouts, downtrends and overall chart patterns (i.e. head and shoulders, flags, etc.). So, if you want to trade breakouts, a volume surge is essential to confirm that it’s, in fact, a breakout. Generally, any price movement (up or down) with relatively high volume is a stronger, more relevant move than one with weak volume.

To conclude, price action trading uses simple technical analysis along with recent price action history. Price action traders rely heavily on the movement of price and utilize psychological tactics to turn a profit with their trade. It’s a no nonsense way of trading stocks, options or futures.

Price Action Trading Course Content

Bullish Patterns

Bullish Candlesticks Explained

How to Trade Hammer Candlesticks

How to Trade Hammer Candlesticks

How to Trade Inverted Hammer Candlesticks"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":340353,"3":{"1":0},"10":2,"11":4,"15":"Arial","16":8,"19":0,"21":0}”>Inverted Hammer Candlesticks

How to Trade Bull Flags

How to Trade Rising Three Methods

How to Trade Bull Pennants

How to Trade Falling Wedges

How to Trade Ascending Triangles

How to Trade Inverse Head and Shoulders

How to Trade Cup and Handles

How to Trade V Bottoms

How to Trade Double Bottoms

How to Trade Triple Bottoms

Bearish Patterns

Bearish Candlesticks Explained

How to Trade Hanging Man Candlesticks

How to Trade Shooting Stars "}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":340865,"3":{"1":0},"10":2,"11":4,"12":0,"15":"Arial","16":8,"19":0,"21":0}”>Shooting Stars

How to Trade Bear Flags

How to Trade Falling Three Methods

How to Trade Bear Pennants

How to Trade Rising Wedges

How to Trade Descending Triangles

How to Trade Head and Shoulders

How to Trade Inverted Cup and Handles

How to Trade Double Tops

How to Trade Triple Tops

Doji Candlesticks

How to Trade Doji Candlesticks

How to Trade Dragonfly Dojis

How to Trade Gravestone Dojis

How to Trade Long Legged Dojis

Indecision Candlesticks

How to Trade High Wave Candlesticks

How to Trade Spinning Top Candlesticks

How to Trade Symmetrical Triangles

Reversal Patterns

How to Trade Tweezer Tops

How to Trade Tweezer Bottoms

How to Trade Bullish Engulfing

How to Trade Bearish Engulfing

How to Trade Bullish Haramis

How to Trade Bearish Haramis

How to Trade Dark Cloud Covers

How to Trade Piercing Patterns

How to Trade Bullish Homing Pigeons

How to Trade Morning Stars

How to Trade Evening Stars

How to Trade Three White Soldiers

How to Trade Three Inside Up

How to Trade Three Inside Down

How to Trade Three Outside Up

How to Trade Three Outside Down

How to Trade Three Line Strikes

Trading Patterns

How to Buy Low and Sell High

How to Trade Indecision Candlesticks

How to Trade Candlesticks Patterns

How to Trade Candlestick Reversal Patterns

How to Trade Bull Flags & Bear Flags Using 9 EMA

How to Trade Morning and Evening Star Patterns

How to Trade Single Candlestick Reversal Patterns

How to Trade Bullish & Bearish Harami and Engulfing Patterns

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Robb Sadler
Robb Sadler
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Natalee B.
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I joined the Bullish Bears in May 2021 because someone shared a YouTube video of a trading technique I was interested in learning since I was struggling learning it from somewhere else. Once I joined the community, there were even more learning opportunities from the video library, the live streaming, the BB Team along with the BB community. Whether your are a novice or experienced trader, there is a place for you at the Bullish Bears.
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Bill Baker
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Donald Bunce
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Candlesticks
  • Bar Charts
  • Line Charts
  • Identify candlestick patterns on a chart
  • Map our support and resistance levels
  • Look for entry and exit levels
  • Determine your risk before entering a trade
  • Practice trading price action in a paper trading account

The concept of price action trading is relatively simple. If the price action is bullish, you look to place a long trade at a key support or breakout level. Likewise, if the price action is bearish you take a short trade at a key resistance or breakdown area.

One of the most common price action trading strategies is to trade a breakout. A stock that’s been moving one way for a while, eventually tends to break the trend and reverse or pick up speed. Typically this is some type of pattern, like and ascending triangle or bull flag. It is at this reversal where we look to take a trade. For example, assume stock ABC is trading between $10–$11 for the last 20 days, and suddenly it moves above $11. This sudden change is a signal to traders that the sideways movement might be ending. And that a possible move to $12 (or higher) has begun.

Price action trading is hard to learn because there are a lot of patterns. It becomes easier over time once you become more familiar with them on charts. They show the important supply and demand zones on a chart.

All of the buyers and sellers form price action in crypto. This leaves clues on where to buy and sell on charts called candlesticks. The safest way to buy crypto is to learn support and resistance levels and not listen to hype or news.

Price action is the most reliable trading indicator in crypto and any security. Crypto is a highly liquid market, however, it’s important to learn the patterns and not listen to hype and bitcoin pumpers. Learn the charts to determine your entry and exit levels.

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