Pro Trading Room Review

Pro Trading Room Review

In this Pro Trading Room review you’re going to learn how they are a chat room service designed specifically for Traders. They offer a service which allows traders to not only present their screens but communicate in a manner that is productive for everyone on the platform. 

Their chat room services enable us to teach our members a lot more effectively on a daily basis over other chat room services that we’ve previously used before. Check out our tutorial video below.

Because PTR is a web-based service, it allows for easy access to anyone with a quality internet connection. A significant feature of the pro trading room is the safe streaming and communicating service.

The rooms are encrypted.As a result, they’re secured so any video, audio, and text that we use in the Bullish Bears community will be safe and reliable. Also note that the PTR service is optimized for Chrome and Firefox. 

We were in dire need of a solution. Hence we found one with ProTradingRoom. The team at Pro Trading Room were very professional with instructing and guiding us through the setup.

They took a lot of time to show us all of the bells and whistle. Now we’re able to bring to our community. We had really good feelings about their chat room and technical support right off the bat.

 They answered all of our emails promptly. In fact, they even spent some time in the room when we first opened to ensure we had good service.

Review of Pro Trading Room

The ProTradingRoom web-based chat room service offers many different things. From multi-screen sharing, powerful group voice audio (discord like), and private messaging among the community.

Moreover it provides a streamlined, customized experience. The drop in feel, encryption, and ease of use allows for hassle free use.

They offer a desktop or a mobile experience that is simple to link with both Android and IOS. This service also provides mobile trade alerts.

They also have chat trade alerts that don’t get lost in the flow of market chatter. Next the direct recording of any screen sharing is capable. Then available for simple download.

It also offers multi-room features and image sharing in the chat, which helps members to point things out or ask questions during presentations.

Why We Switched

The Bullish Bears community was growing at a rapid pace. To be honest, it was hard to keep up with at the time. The quality content that we offer was bringing in so many people that the old website and chat room was not handling it.

We were encountering bugs between streaming, answering lots of basic questions on how to use our site and watch our streams. Also trying to talk with everyone, while keeping the quality experience high. So we had to find a better solution. 

To begin with, we were streaming across YouTube, Zoom, and the main chat (RumbleTalk). Thus trying to manage all of this while trading and giving our community quality information was taking a toll on the team.

Indeed, we needed to find something that was going to allow us not only to continue to be traders but to enhance the experience for the community. Check out PTR here.

Our community is here for us, and we are here for them. So, we started doing some digging and research. Lastly, after a long and extensive research process, we chose Pro Trading Room to fit our needs and the needs of the community.

They listened to our feedback and so far have been immensely helpful in the growth of our community, and we look forward to a continued strong partnership with them moving forward. And we even asked for a feature, and within a few days, it was there just like that! 

What We Think

First off, we love ProTradingRoom, their team is phenomenal, and the experience getting setup was pretty painless.

Secondly, it now gives us the ability to provide the community alerts when we see something relevant happening in the markets, and those alerts do not get lost in the fold. We love the trade alert feature.

Another major plus is the audio feature. We’re able to do multiple screen shares and still chat back and forth showing the Bullish Bears community various perspectives of the market. These features alone were worth the change.

Most importantly our community as a whole has embraced and loves the new chat. Truthfully, our most important objective for us is that the community is happy, safe and learning. Subsequently, this new chat facilitates excellent learning opportunities and allows us to be closer to the members.


As they bring new developments and features to their service, if we feel that it is beneficial to the trading community, we will bring it to them as well.

Having the new most effective and productive tools in our pocket allows for a better experience overall. As we grow, we can allocate other screen sharing opportunities, teaching lessons and opinions on the market.

Joining the bullish Bears community is the first step to becoming a professional trader. Check out our trading service. Moreover, being a professional Trader, you look for the tools to give you an edge in the market.

In conclusion, ProTradingRoom allows us to provide the community with an edge up in the market with better education, and better instant communication.

As we grow in the Bullish Bears community we will be bringing more courses more educational opportunities and more chances for the members to grow into profitable traders. We look forward to a continued and growing partnership with Pro Trading Room. Check them out here.

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