Bullish Bears Yearly Membership


Access to 1 year of advanced “Next Level” Training Library ($5,000+ value), Real-Time Trade Alerts, Courses ($3,000+value), all of our Live Trade Rooms, Recorded Live Trades Library, custom scanners, and our Daily Live Stream Replays.

  • Receive our Candlesticks e-book and custom wallpaper backgrounds
  • Access to our Trading Courses ($3,000+ value)
  • Team of Support ready to help with any of your questions
  • Real-Time Trade Alerts
  • Trade Alert Signals
  • Access to our Penny Stocks, Large Caps, and Futures Trade Rooms
  • Daily Live Streams
  • Live analysis & screen share mentoring daily in our Trade Rooms ($150+ per mo. value)
  • Access to our Trading Discord
  • Daily Live Stream Replays
  • Bullish Bears custom Trade Ideas scanner settings
  • ThinkorSwim day trade and swing trade custom scanners
  • *Access to “Next Level Training” video library ($5,000+ value)
  • 57% savings off our monthly membership (paid yearly)

Here’s just some of what you’ll receive in our Next Level Library:

  • Replays of our Daily Live Penny Stocks, Large Caps, and Futures Streams
  • Bullish Bears custom day trading, swing trading, and options scanners
  • Recorded Library of Live Trades for Options, Penny Stocks, and Futures
  • How to trade the most popular candlesticks patterns with entries and exits
  • How to implement the most popular options strategies in the real world of trading
  • Best strike prices to buy for the major options strategies
  • How to scan for unusual options activity and implement the right strikes and strategy behind it
  • Bull flag and ride the 9 penny stocks strategy that can be used on any trading time frame
  • Secrets of using microsecond charts for day trading penny stocks
  • Futures: Wolfe Wave targets, price action trading, supply and demand zones, and micro range breakouts
  • And so much more…
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