Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock

Wait, Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock? Are we really searching for this? Yes, Yes we are. And not just from an investment stand point. But from a “I don’t want the Corona flu” stand point too. The answer you are seeking is no, there is no Purell stock. But there is plenty you should know about the coronavirus and how its affecting supply and demand for products that the world needs to defeat this scourge. We’ll go over the facts below.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock Facts

  • Purell is actually owned by GOJO Industries, a private company.
  • GOJO was founded in 1946 and makes hand and skin products.
  • Purell claims it is effective against 99.99% of germs
  • The FDA said it’s not PROVEN it works against coronavirus (but that’s better than nothing)
  • Did you know Purell is basically 70% ethanol or ethyl alcohol? Basic ingredients
  • There are other companies that you’ll want to look at that provide alcohol.

So, No Purell Stock, What Now?

If you are looking at investing in stocks that provide materials that are clearly in demand right now, like alcohol, take a look at this list below. These companies are on the front lines of providing or directly making products that are good at combating the coronavirus.

Alcohol Stock & MGP Ingredients

Recently, a large whiskey distiller joined the fight against the coronavirus! Being a fan of a good bourbon, this makes my heart extra warm. $MGPI is a full-service distilled spirits provider which has worked with a  lot of companies in the past. The spokesperson said they will  be making hand wipes and sanitizers to help defeat the spread, and meet shortage demands. 

Clorox Stock

The makers of the world famous Clorox bleach have seen an explosion in sales. The American company has  almost 10,00 employees world wide and does over 6 billion in sales annually. It’s becoming harder and harder to find this in the stores because of its power against the coronavirus. I’d expect company earnings should see a nice boost in Q2. $CLX is listed on the SP500, you can check out the full list of SP500 stocks here.

Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock Price

Food and Meal Delivery Stocks

People are shopping online now more than ever. Why? Because they don’t want to get germs. It’s all about social distancing right now. That means, getting a delivery of delicious food ingredients to your door and preparing a meal that is fresh and tasty, without having to wait in line at your local grocer. The stock Blue Apron has been booming since the coronavirus hit , hitting over 22 bucks just last week. Currently trading at around 12 bucks a share, this might be a steal if the trend continues. Check out $APRN

Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock Alternatives

Have you noticed paper goods have gotten gobbled up off the store shelves? Everyone has been joking about toilet paper and tissue paper these days…but seriously, the shortage in the stores is the profits in the manufactures bank account. That leads us into this next stock. $KMB (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) manufactures and markets personal care and tissue products under popular brands such as Keenex,and Scott (personally I am a Charmin kinda guy). I expect they will be doing quite well with the way people have stocked…I mean hoarded the goods! 

Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock

$KMB stock report brought to you by Stock Rover – This report is from May 2020 and should be reviewed frequently for any changes. 

Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock Strategies

OK, so there isn’t a way t directly invest in this, but there are plenty of public companies doing well. Here’s a list of stocks I would investigate further that are likely to see a bump in sales do to more people staying home, keeping clean, or consuming services of goods. These are also stocks I would be watching for a Santa Claus Rally as well.

  1. SROKU – More streaming at home. Less movies going out.
  2. $NFLX – See above.
  3. $UBER – Uber eats?
  4. $WMT – have you driven through the parking lot lately?
  5. $CSCO, $ZM, $LOGM – Webex, logmein, zoom meetings are going to grow.
  6. $EBAY – More online shopping, and selling as people are home more.
  7. $FDX, $UPS – Expect more deliveries of packages in this world as we shop online more
  8. $AMZN is always an interesting play with the size, reach and scope that they have. 
Purell Hand Sanitizer Stock Price

Hand Sanitizer — USE IT!

Closing Comments

There is no 100% way to be sure that this trend continues with the coronavirus. We could eradicate this virus and be back to normal before you know it. But you have to wonder on its lasting impact on society. When we think about investing, we like to be forward thinking. Trading, well, that’s different.

You trade a short term trend based on technicals and get out before a big drop, or before the trend ends. Hopefully , if you are good at it, with a profit. You’re jumping in and out of stocks and never getting too attached to a position. If this sounds good to you and you want to learn the charts, check out our stock training

While there is no Purell stock or good hand sanitizer stocks to invest in there are still smart ways to pivot in the current markets landscape. Stay safe and healthy peeps!

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