Quant Data Review

Quant Data Review 2024

Quant Data Review: In our never-ending quest for trading information, we came across QuantData.us. As far as its competition goes, we’d say that it directly competes with Flowalgo, Cheddarflow, and Blackbox stocks. Those are all strong, popular applications that provide good information to trade with. However, Quant Data does many similar things, either in an equal or superior way, and your costs are lower. As a result, QuantData comes out ahead. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes of our review.

Once you’ve opened an account with Quant Data, you’ll first see your main dashboard. Most of the content on the QuantData dashboard is similar to other services found in Flowalgo. The difference is that Quantdata uses a unique algorithm for filtering options flow. Furthermore, the UI of Quantdata is much easier to read, in our opinion.

Quant Data Options Flow

Your “unusual activity” is highlighted in “blue; large (USD 1M) sweeps over multiple exchanges are highlighted in gold. Following certain types of unusual options activity has been known to help traders find the best time to trade stocks (or options). The platform includes all the common options dashboard attributes that you would expect, namely:

This is pretty standard. However, we’ve noticed that Quant shows more contracts than other services. This means you see more options flow and get an overview of specific stocks. Other services seem only to provide more of the larger orders. You can filter it down and find the largest or most unusual options flow, which I use daily.

Quant Data Alerts

This gives a different view of options market movements, as long as you can incorporate the additional information into your positions and decision-making. This extra information provided by Quant Data is precious. 

In the lower-left corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the “Quant Alerts,” which show you the bullish and bearish standouts/outliers of Quant Data’s proprietary algorithm that incorporates fundamental and technical information. We’ve used these for a few days and found success with them. They’re a simple way to make a decision quickly for positions. Or identify where you may want to delve deeper into your research. 

Our Quant Data review shows the dashboard’s lower right has news color-coded for sentiment, making it easier to understand. I think it’s among the easiest to read out of all your choices.

Quant Data Dashboard

Historical Options Order Flow

Our Quant Data review looks at historical options flow. This screen shows the order flow, which can be for some time, and specific indexes or stocks if desiredYou may want to change the picture. This has your username in the upper right.

This is a pretty common page for the various other options trading tools available, like Flowalgo and Cheddarflow. But it allows you to look at a stock and investigate the numbers and performance. For example, were there a lot of TSLA calls, and how have they performed?

Quant Data Historical Options Flow

Quant Data News and Sentiment Tracker

We found in our Quant Data review that this is the section that starts to shine. Because we’re trading on the news, the faster we have access to news, the better. And the speed at which QuantData supplies information seems to be faster than any other site we have used. 

Their service is both reliable and easy to use. They’re posted “real-time,” and the definition of each real-time service is different. The Quant Data definition is the quickest. You can filter out by stock as well as several other categories. There are over 30 to choose from, such as Analyst Color, Earnings, and M&A. 

News sources aren’t just written pieces but include video sources from live feeds. You can click and see the entire article or link to the video. The site automatically updates any new news stories if the main news window is left open. Ao, you don’t have to refresh the page, which is a great advantage. 

This news also includes Benzinga news as well. So you don’t have to pay for their service (a basic Benzinga Pro subscription is currently USD 99 a month) and get the info simultaneously with your QuantData flow subscription.

Quant Data Benzinga

Stock Reports

Our Quant Data review of the next screen is wonderful for the fundamental investor. Quant Data provides daily stock reports for companies that Rifinitiv puts together. The quality of these reports is top-notch. Most companies will produce reports daily with about 12 pages of different data. 

The pieces are in PDF format and can be downloaded or read by the viewer on the site. Each report section has a large score to make the analysis of a company super easy. The main component of the report is the simple-to-read Average Score. 

The Average Score combines the quantitative analysis of six widely used investment decision-making tools with their derived scores: Earnings, Fundamental, Relative Valuation, Risk, Price Momentum, and Insider Trading. Rifinitiv also had their scores independently tested for accuracy. They used a statistical analysis company, Verus Analytics, to backtest and provide a different weighting as an optimal factor blend, also included in the reports. 

Besides the easy-reading nature of the reports, you can also find information about other members of the sector, institutional holders, and the effects of their past actions, historical performance, estimate revisions, and various trends, among others. The amount of data that is provided in these reports in such a concise way is fantastic. Nearly every stock and likely all that are of interest will have a new daily report provided; we only found a few missing for smaller companies. 

Quant Data Reports

Charting, Gainers, and Losers

The Charts section charts are relatively standard and straightforward; they’re built-in through TradingView. Therefore, they should be easy to manipulate if you have used that service’s tools. The main chart shows a chosen company’s candlestick or bar chart patterns in the large left portion of the window.

You can add several indicators over the bars or candlesticks you choose, such as Parabolic SAR, Rob Booker, Bollinger Bands, etc. There are approximately 90 to choose from. This isn’t different from other options for information services. You have three main choices in the right-hand smaller window: active, gainers, and losers. 

For each right-side choice, you can click on them and get a simple historical chart from 1 day to all available info. It should be noted in the Quant Data review that these are all 15-minute delayed charts. QuantData’s gain and loss charts are simple to read and understand.

Quant Data Charts

Quant Data Options Profit Calculator

The options profit calculator is unique to QuantData. Our Quant Data review found that it’s simple to use and provides valuable info quickly. You need to input the ticker, stock price, strike price, cost for an option, number of contracts, type of contract, and expiration. 

Quant Data Calculator

The tool will return a result that looks like this.

Quant Data Tool Results

This is a pretty detailed options profit calculator with color-coding, which is simple to see at what price you are either in or out of the money, and you can also see the profit you will make from a closing price on a specific date. There are some other free calculators online that you can use to obtain similar results. Still, they aren’t as accurate as the one available in QuantData, which has more available market data. 

We have a small critique: this tool could be a bit easier to use if the search for a stock was easier and the stock’s current price was automatically available as the default. If you put in a ticker symbol and click away to find the current price when you return, the info is not maintained in the tool. So it needs to be put in again. Remember to put the information from memory if you know this is the case. 

Affiliate Stats and Help Sections

There is a section for viewing your affiliate states if you sign up for this portion of their program. It’s easy to see what kind of profits you’re making from your active and total referrals. Every user you sign up for will receive a discount, and you also earn 20% of their monthly subscription.

Quant Data Referral

The help section of QuantData’s page is quite helpful for anyone new to the platform. You can find all the information about how to use their system. It’s not hard, though, and our simple options in the trading educational section will likely grow as they add more content. 

They have a bot messaging system that we tested to see how fast they would reply, and a live person answered in between 90 seconds and 2 minutes on a Wednesday at 3:30 pm Mountain time. If they’re not online, then you can also leave an email to notify them that a reply has been sent. 

Quant Data Messaging

Final Thoughts: Quant Data Review

The information that is provided by QuantData is not dissimilar to other sources, but it does have its own advantages. The news section is superior to other services we have tested, and the daily stock reports are far superior to most stock reports that are available online. 

Like always, never put at risk more than you can lose, and good luck with all of your trades. We hope you enjoyed our Quant Data review.

If you would like more information or sign up for a free seven-day trial QuantData, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of Quant Data because the company is privately held.

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