Questrade Review: Best Canadian Trading Broker?

Questrade Review: It’s the fastest-growing online brokerage in Canada, and it rivals its American counterparts when it comes to leveraging technologies and offering lower fees. The Questrade Financial Group started in 1999. Their aim is to help Canadians keep more of their money. It seems to be working for them with over 50,000 new accounts opened every year and now more than $8 billion in assets.

That’s not because Questrade is a broker servicing mostly Canadian residents. But to go to Timmies, you’d need a Tim Hortons close by so you can enjoy your coffee with double cream and double sugar.

And living close to a mountain may help you enjoy the Chinook wind. I’ll let the weatherman explain that one and get back to what you came here for, a Questrade Review.

Is Questrade a Good Canadian Broker? (Review Breakdown)

  • Questrade is a good Canadian broker for traders that are looking for low commission trades. They are great for new investors and allow for portfolio scalability. They offer self-directed trading as well as pre-built portfolios.
Questrade Review

Despite the billions of dollars they manage, Questrade’s main Canadian competitor manages almost 100 times more in assets. Nonetheless, Questrade is a solid operation. In fact, it was name one of Canada’s best-managed companies 7 times.

Plus, Questrade’s clients benefit from account protection of up to $10 million. So they may be smaller than some competitors. However, your money is safe just the same.

Our trading service caters not only to US clients but Canadian as well. Hence this Questrade review as we look at different trading companies. As a result, you can also trade our stock lists and stock alerts.

Pick Your Asset Class

Do you like stocks or options? This Questrade review takes a look at what they offer. Many active traders prefer to stick with stocks.

This is because there are more possibilities to find trade ideas when screening for a tradeable setup. But if you’re hungry for more than just your typical “equities,” Questrade gives you access to all kinds of asset classes:

  • International equities
  • Options
  • Bonds
  • Forex (foreign exchange )
  • CFDs (Contract For Difference)
  • ETFs (exchange-traded fund)
  • Mutual funds
  • Precious metals (such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium)
  • GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)
  • IPOs (Initial Public Offering)

Although Questrade is located in Canada, clients can invest in US-based securities on American exchanges such as the NASDAQ and the NYSE (read about the different types of stocks).

Tools for Traders and Investors

Let’s take a look at what they offer in this Questrade review. Like most trading platforms, the desktop program Called IQ Edge provides all that you would expect to find as either a day trader or a long-term investor.

It’s a complete solution with news, insights & research, investing & trading tools, and of course, portfolio & investment monitoring.

Personally, I am used to the TWS platform from Interactive Brokers, which also operates in Canada. But I must admit that the IQ Edge is not only just as good, charts look better and the interface is easier to use.

The web-based version called IQ Web platform is also a pleasure to operate for the same reason, i.e. ease of use.

Between the desktop-based and web-based platforms, you will be well equipped with Questrade even if you are an active trader. My recommendation is to give it a test run using their free practice account.

You can also practice trading while being in our trade room. They’re a tool to help you as well as our stock market courses.

Questrade Review

What Are Questrade Commissions & Fees in 2021? (Pricing Review)

  1. Let’s start with the commission-free ETF trades and appealing discounts available for active traders. Basically, $5 when you enter the trade and $5 when you exit. If you’re trading a larger volume of shares of lower-priced stocks, this plan will be best for you.
  2. If you’re more active with so-called expensive stocks and trade fewer amounts, then the 1¢/share will work better for you. Keep in mind that those prices are only for those accessing the advanced market data packages which involve a $90 or so monthly fee.
  3. For occasional self-directed investing, your option is simple.  You buy and sell stocks starting at 1¢ per share with a minimum cost of $4.95 to a maximum $9.95.
  4. Questrade also offers pre-built ETF portfolios for a ¼ % management fee (0.20% after $100,000).  If interested, look into the Questwealth Portfolios here.

You will also find details about fees for the multiple asset classes available at Questrade on their website.

Final Thoughts: Questrade Review

Canada may have the reputation of being the host of low-key, good, hard-working, salt of the earth people. But when it comes to stock market trading, it’s a place where you find speculations, tribulations and lots of wild opportunities, like the infamous pot (cannabis) stocks. Try our swing trade room free for 14 days.

However, don’t worry, the stability of the Canadian economy combined with the rock solid Canadian banking system makes Canadian stocks and Questrade a sound option for traders and investors alike. The same can be said about the Bullish Bears’ subscription. It’s a sound and solid approach to learning how to trade and invest.

And Tim, Dan, and Lucien, the founders of the Bullish Bears Community, are just as polite and hard working as good old Canadians. It’s time for you to enjoy trading with people that care.

Join a community with the ‘Pay it Forward’ mentality and, like Questrade promises, keep more of your money thanks to best priced training in the industry.

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