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Red Bull Stock Price and Symbol

What is Red Bull’s stock price, and are they publicly traded? Investors cannot purchase shares of Red Bull because it is a private company. Monster Beverage Corporation (NASDAQ: MNST) is an energy drink stock that traders can invest in.

For investors, a Red Bull seems like an oxymoron. What’s next? A Green Bear? Corny dad jokes aside, Red Bull is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world today. It was founded back in 1987 in Austria. It was based on a Thai beverage called Krating Daeng. The direct translation is red for the word Daeng and large Indian bison for the word Krating. This beverage was popular amongst blue-collar workers like taxi drivers and laborers who needed to stay alert during long shifts. Ironically, when the beverage was introduced to Austria, it was served as a prestigious drink at ski resorts. However, you can’t invest in Red Bull stock.

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Today, Red Bull is a global brand distributed to and sold in over 170 countries worldwide. It’s become synonymous with extreme sports and is the most recognized energy drink brand on the planet. Red Bull has over twenty variations, including watermelon, kiwi-acai, blueberry, cola, and ginger ale. But the original flavor remains the most popular. With global distribution, brand loyalty, and recognition as an industry leader, Red Bull seems like it’d be a great investment, right?

Even though the company has all the hallmarks of great stock, Red Bull stock isn’t available to trade. Not in the U.S., not in Europe, not in Asia, or any other stock market. Red Bull is privately owned and operates in Salzburg, Austria, as Red Bull GmbH. It’s still owned and operated by the co-founder and CEO, Deitrich Mateschitz, one of the world’s wealthiest businessmen with a net worth exceeding $28 billion.

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Are Energy Drinks Good For You?

Well, debatable. It’s not debatable. Energy drinks contain higher levels of caffeine, sugar, taurine, and other artificial ingredients that generally aren’t very good for us. Why do I bring this up? Many investors don’t like to invest in companies that promote unhealthy lifestyles.

These are usually called sin stocks, and ethical investors generally don’t like to buy shares of these companies from industries like junk food, cigarettes, alcohol, and gambling. So, if you use your moral compass when investing in stocks, perhaps the energy drink industry isn’t for you!

Red Bull Stock Sponsorships

Red Bull sells billions of cans of its energy drinks every year. While that helps pay the bills, the company owns sports franchises and endorses sporting events. We wish there were Red Bull stock to buy.

The company sponsors over twenty professional sports teams worldwide and owns at least ten. Let’s look at some of the coolest races, teams, and events that Red Bull sponsors!

Red Bull Crashed Ice: In 2020, this popular event rebranded itself as the Red Bull Ice Cross World Championships. I still prefer Crashed Ice. This event pits a group of ice skaters against each other in a race through an urban environment with jumps, steep turns, and high vertical drops.

It’s performed at breakneck speed and aligned well with Red Bull’s extreme sports image. The Wayne Gretzky of Red Bull Crashed Ice was Sweden’s Jasper Felder, who won the singles event seven times between 2001 and 2009.

This includes six consecutive times between 2001 and 2005! Participants are often ice hockey players, but Felder played bandy, a popular European winter sport. 

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More Sponsorships

Red Bull Stratos: In a very cool project, Red Bull aimed to record the highest sky jump in history. The company chose Salzburg native Felix Baumgartner, a famous Austrian skydiver and daredevil.

Baumgartner traveled in a launch balloon up into the stratosphere, or approximately 24 miles into the sky. After the initial jump, Baumgartner reached a top speed of 843.6 miles per hour, a world record that broke the sound barrier.

Even though Baumgartner’s world record of highest skydive has since been broken, this event is still one of the brand’s defining moments. 

Red Bull Racing: This F1 racing team is based in England but operates under an Austrian license. The team has had its eras of dominance, including from 2009-2014 when Red Bull Racing finished first or second in the standings.

F1 is among the most popular sports in the world, even if it does not have as big of a following in the United States. 

Red Bull Soccer Teams: Being based out of Europe, Red Bull heavily supports and sponsors soccer teams. Its hometown Salzburg team is FC Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig in Germany. They also sponsor clubs in other countries in the MLS, like Brazil, Vietnam, and the New York Red Bulls.

Red Bull Stock and Art

Red Bull House of Art: Not as extreme as the others, but it shows Red Bull still has the cultural awareness that many brands lack. The Red Bull House of Art is a program that the company launched to help young artists produce new art and exhibitions.

Red Bull has also used many of the pieces in its advertising and commercials. The program is usually for three months and gives aspiring artists full access to the gallery and some money for art supplies. Currently, the locations are in Detroit and San Paulo, Brazil. This would be great for Red Bull stock.

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Redbox Stock Competitors

The energy drink industry has grown substantially over the past decade. You can’t buy Red Bull stock, but plenty of companies are publicly traded! If you think that energy drinks aren’t just a fad, here are a few companies you may find interesting as investments! 

1. Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO)

Coca-Cola has a line of energy drinks with higher levels of caffeine, guarana extract, and sugar. Certain versions are sugar-free, and there are multiple different flavors.

But if you like Coca-Cola energy drinks, you must act quickly! In May, Coke announced it was pulling the plug on the experiment, as popularity never took off. Coca-Cola energy drinks will be off the shelves by the end of 2021. The company has a 16.7% stake in the next brand.

2. Monster (NASDAQ: MNST)

Some stock market trivia: which stock has the greatest returns? If you answered Monster, you’re correct! The stock has returned over 87,500% in the past twenty years, although we shouldn’t interpret that as all energy stocks being profitable.

As mentioned, Monster is partly owned by Coca-Cola, a valuable supply and logistics network to be a part of. Last year, Monster had nearly a 40% share of the U.S. energy drink market. 

3. PepsiCo (NASDAQ: PEP)

Pepsi certainly has some brand names that consumers will recognize in its energy drink stable. The more popular ones are Rockstar, Bang, and Mountain Dew Amp. Pepsi also owns the number one sports drink brand in Gatorade, so needless to say, if you like these alternative drinks, PepsiCo makes for a great investment.

New Energy Company to Consider

Celsius Holdings (NASDAQ: CELH): A relatively new name in the energy drink sector. It’s caught on as a popular brand and stock on FinTwit and has grown in popularity in stores. Celsius was a penny stock that also had outsized returns like Monster. Over the past five years, the stock has returned over 3,300% to investors and over 263% over the past year. The company has grown to a $5 billion market cap. How much higher it can go remains to be seen!

I don’t drink energy drinks. But I’ve heard of this company. A dog rescue person I follow loves Celsius energy drinks. So, if you’re into dog rescue, check out the Asher House. Not only will you see adorable animals, but you’ll also see this company on his feed, which could make it a great buy since there’s no Red Bull stock.

Final Thoughts: Red Bull Stock

So, unfortunately, right now, you can’t buy Red Bull stock. It’s a privately owned company. Will Red Bull ever go public? At this point, it seems unlikely. Red Bull has been private since 1987, so I don’t see why Mateshcitz would take it public now. Perhaps if there’s a change in leadership at some point in the future or if a larger company buys out Red Bull.

Until then, we discussed other companies to invest in if you like the energy drink industry. Blue-chip stocks like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are always good investments in your portfolio. Monster Beverages is the single greatest performing stock of all time.

That’s a piece of trivia you can use to win a bar bet sometimes. Chances are the next twenty years for Monster won’t be as lucrative as the last twenty years. Red Bull is easily the most globally recognized brand for energy drinks. So it’s too bad it’s not public because it would make a great investment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Red Bull is not listed on the stock market because it is a privately held company.

Red Bull is not a public company with no stock symbol. They are a privately held company.

Red Bull is owned by the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH. It is one of the most popular energy drinks in the world.

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