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Bill W. Avatar

Best stock page I've been on. Full of free info and always there to help. Can't thank them enough.

Bill W.
Al B. Avatar

Easy to learn about trading and how in detail what you need to know. Check them out you won't... read more

Al B.
Christ T. Avatar

Amazing group here. The bullish bears have the most incredible wealth of knowledge in the FB page, website, and YouTube... read more

Christ T.
Lou D. Avatar

One year into trading and I was in the red. By learning and following wisdom in the trading room 3... read more

Lou D.
Mena S. Avatar

Best stock trading community & best admins who can give you the best free of charge support ever .. true... read more

Mena S.
James C. Avatar

Love the website, loaded with great info. Also, glad Lucien is feeling better, so he can do his daily stock picks.

James C.
Lisa G. Avatar

Very professional and talented guys. Their videos are great and I have learned a lot. Ty

Lisa G.
James W. Avatar

Never done a rewiew before. This is an excellent example of good people interested in doing the right thing. Great... read more

James W.
Chad J. Avatar

Great group. Admins do a great job keeping the posts positive keeping the community together. Tons of good information, and... read more

Chad J.
Angelica R. Avatar

Their courses taught me so much! Thanks for all you do!

Angelica R.
Troy S. Avatar

Absolutely my favorite learning group. Shout out to Lucien, Tim, and Dan! I have learned so much though your courses... read more

Troy S.
Matthew B. Avatar

Great community, the guys that run it continually inform everyone on technicals, and post charts to help inform and protect... read more

Matthew B.
Madhusudhan V. Avatar

I really love these Bullish Bears team they are really good people who educates the most and save you to... read more

Madhusudhan V.
Malik K. Avatar

Awesome group if there is more than 5 stars I would def give em that

Malik K.
Thomas P. Avatar

This group and website are awesome. Thanks you guys.

Thomas P.
David S. Avatar

By FAR the best group out there. Keep the rooms clean, everything is civil, try their best to keep out... read more

David S.
Jeff W. Avatar

Awesome group! Really know their stuff. Great at reading charts and are very classy guys 😎

Jeff W.
Roger T. Avatar

The folks at Bullish Bears assemble valuable information in an effort to prepare the beginning investor. My view, humans helping... read more

Roger T.
Kongdy L. Avatar

They provide great content!

Kongdy L.
Philip U. Avatar

Amazing room and free material to help you study stock trading. They are very helpful if you have any questions.... read more

Philip U.
Jake R. Avatar

One of the most reliable sources for stock/options trading info that doesn't break the bank.

Jake R.
Rob M. Avatar

I'm a yearly member. I've Made loads of money in the trade room, but what benefited me the most is... read more

Rob M.
Lisa T. Avatar

Love what these guys do, they are true blue, no BS. They are all about educating people and being honest... read more

Lisa T.
Antomarchi R. Avatar

Page is great. The right place if you want to avoid senseless opinions from trolls and stick to solid real... read more

Antomarchi R.
Margarita D. Avatar

An incredible team of people with big hearts. Everything is easy with them. If you are serious and want to... read more

Margarita D.
Richard C. Avatar

Excellent group, they care a lot about the people in it

Richard C.
Charlie R. Avatar

Great place To learn about the stock market and trading

Charlie R.
Linsey W. Avatar

The Bullish Bears Community is a great place for everyone. Nothing is sugar coated during them educating and showing you... read more

Linsey W.
Bridger H. Avatar

Thank you BB’s for everything you guys do for the community! I have been in B.B. for about 3 months... read more

Bridger H.
Lenny S. Avatar

They here to help. Excellent info. I highly recommend.

Lenny S.
Jeff H. Avatar

Excellent resource for trading insight. Thanks to the owners and operators of Bullish Bears.

Jeff H.
Raymond E. Avatar

Amazing courses they offer for FREE. Always respond within a reasonable time period. Cheap membership adds extra value with trade... read more

Raymond E.
Michael T. Avatar

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy being a member of Bullish Bears. Tim, Dan and Lucien are... read more

Michael T.
Johnny K. Avatar

I'm not sure why people think trading is different from pursuing other careers,trades or entrepreneurial ideas. These all take dedication,... read more

Johnny K.
Arlie K. Avatar

A great place to learn!! Can't speak to anything else since I'm a newbie but have learned tons in just... read more

Arlie K.
Hoang D. Avatar

Great group of guys with a good foundation of information.

Hoang D.
Chris A. Avatar

Lots of help for noobs and great new ideas flying around all the time in chat!

Chris A.
Matt E. Avatar

Great group and an even better Member's experience. Tons of knowledge for a minimal cost/donation. Lucien, Dan, and Tim are... read more

Matt E.
Jonathon K. Avatar

Thanks so much for what you guys do! So many gurus scamming people these days.

Jonathon K.
Sagar P. Avatar

Honest review. I usually don't review things but here's what I've learned in the months I've spent here. ... read more

Sagar P.
Tewedaj E. Avatar

The best group I ever so far. Every one is very helpful. I learn a lot from all. So proud... read more

Tewedaj E.
Shawn P. Avatar

As an old guy, LOL, I have bought into a few scams in my younger days; hopefully, a little bit... read more

Shawn P.
Tom Y. Avatar

Great community, I usually don't put my own input into the group because I'm new at trading, but I have... read more

Tom Y.
John B. Avatar

Solid, normal guys, looking to educate and help people- a rare thing these days

John B.
John P. Avatar

This is the real deal; no hype, no get-rich-quick rich schemes, just solid advice and training from the pros.

John P.
Angela M. Avatar

So helpful.i enjoy this group.they seem to enjoy helping others.and they don't tolerate trolls.🤔😆 best advisers ever.happy trading

Angela M.
Theodore v. Avatar

Great information, fantastic YouTube videos for anyone new to stock trading.

Theodore v.
Shirley C. Avatar

So much useful information! I look at it every day.

Shirley C.
Rob J. Avatar

Being a newbie I have come across tons of groups that just want to take your money. They definitely have... read more

Rob J.
Kevin S. Avatar

I have never written a review for anything. Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, etc., but this is how strongly I believe in... read more

Kevin S.
Kate D. Avatar

Amazing team, training and support. Thanks guys for all your hard work and help!

Kate D.
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