Rumble Stock Price?

Is there a Rumble stock price? Have you ever heard of Rumbling the social media giants? There are a lot of social media platforms available now. As a result, if there’s a platform we don’t like, we can leave it. We’ve seen social media giants, aka Big Tech, called to the carpet with senate hearings. So what does that mean for something like Rumble?

Rumble Stock Price

  • Have you ever heard of Parler? Well Rumble is another conservative leaning social media platform. As a result, is there a Rumble stock price yet? The answer is no. As we see censoring favoring one side of the isle over the other, people are looking for a platform that allows them free speech. It’s something to watch now.

Social Media Censoring?

The United States presidential elections are over. The counting has begun, states have been awarded, disputes have been raised and a lot of noise has been generated around it. How many remember this?

Rumble Stock Price

This is Twitter censoring the President of the United States. Now how many of you remember this?

Rumble Stock Price

This tweet by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia calling for mass genocide of the French population was not only not censored, forget removal, but was kept on display for days until the French Junior Digital Affairs Minister Cedric O warned Twitter of it being an accomplice to murder forcing Twitter to finally take it down.


What happened here? The conservative voice was censored while the left-leaning one wasn’t. With this going on, Rumble stock price, if there was one, could see a spike.

While the governments across the world turn right-wing starting from India in 2014, to the US in 2016 and UK in 2019, the giants of social media (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) continue to be dominated by a left-leaning leadership.

This has led to what is claimed by right-wing conservatives as throttling of their voices on these platforms. As is with Physics, if you compress something, it stores energy.

Beyond a point, the compression fails and the stored energy explodes outwards. This suppression of right-wing conservative voices by social media giants has led to an explosion of up-and-coming social media apps.

These are apps that cater to right-wing conservatives and promise no restriction on their speech. We have had alternatives to all the big giants; MeWe for Facebook, Parler for Twitter, and now for YouTube.

What Is

Censorship founded in 2013 by Chris Pavlovski is a video distribution and hosting platform. A creator uploads his/her videos to their website which they then distribute to AOL, Yahoo, MSN, and YouTube.

Rumble has also launched their own video platform where they claim to monetize those videos which YouTube has demonetized. There are three ways for creators to make money off Rumble.

The first and most common is the profit-sharing mechanism. The creator gives Rumble all of the rights and in return Rumble passes down 60% of ad revenue from third-party services and 90% of YouTube ad revenue. 

One can also upright sell the videos to Rumble who license it and one can earn up to 1000 USD for an exclusive license (only on Rumble). And up to 500 USD for a non-exclusive license.

Rumble generates revenue exclusively from ads on its platform and from ads in its videos on distributor sites including YouTube channels. Maybe one day we’ll see a Rumble stock price.

From Obscurity to Popularity: Rumble Stock Price

Rumble Stock Price had humble beginnings. The initial distribution content was harmless videos of pet antics and news content from Reuters.

It also showed videos from America’s Funniest home videos & fact-checking sites Snopes. However, after the US elections in 2016, it has seen a lot of traffic being driven to it by right-wing conservatives. People who visit the sides for the political videos and podcasts. Some of its creators include Dan Bongino (former Secret Service agent) who is now the investor in the platform, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza, writer John Solomon, Rep Devin Nunes, and Pro-Trump commentators Diamond and Silk.


Mr. Dan Bongino who is now an investor in has moved his show to Rumble where it will be released first before releasing it on Youtube.

Rumble Headquarters

It’s headquartered in Toronto, Canada with 12 employees. It also relies on workers from Cosmic Development. Which is an outsourcing company Pavlovski founded in North Macedonia. It’s a haven for more than 100 pro-Trump websites.’s increasing popularity received a specially large boost in US Presidential Elections 2020 where it received 60 million visitors in October 2020 as compared to 45 million in September 20201.

As a result, it’s only poised to grow as right-wing conservatives across the world decide that they’ve had enough with the censorship. And decide to migrate to these platforms.

One of the indicators of the rise of these platforms is the topping of ranking charts by Parler following Biden’s win. Parler is the alternative to Twitter promising free speech and assures no banning or de-platforming for those with right-leaning views.

Is the World Ready to Rumble?

  • There has been an increasing rise in voices against the censorship policies of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube across the globe. A lot of claims of suppression coming from countries with Right Wing governments which include India and the UK. India, which brought in a right wing conservative government in 2014 and reelected the same with increased majority in 2019, has twice raised an issue with Twitter regarding their geographical integrity. Twitter has yet to respond.

Executives of Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been grilled by the US Senate and have been served notices to appear before different government committees across the Globe. Yet they continue unabated. On 12th Nov 2020, Twitter removed the display picture of the Home Minister of India (Equivalent to Secretary of State in the US) citing copyright violations.

This led to a huge uproar and threats of people moving to alternatives like Parler. AS a result, we could see a Rumble stock price before long. 

Rumble Stock Price

Across the world, YouTube continues to demonetize videos that are far-right, ultra-conservative, against Islam. They’ve now expanded their scope to demonetize conspiracy theories as well.

A lot of these creators and their audiences have already moved to Rumble and it won’t be long before others follow suit. Which could result in a Rumble stock price.

Potential for a Global Rumble?

5 billion people across the world have access to the Internet as per 4.14 billion people used social media in October 2020.

34% of Americans identify themselves as conservative. The real number might be higher as those who are publicly conservative are often hounded and troubled by those on the left political spectrum.

To estimate the reach of the right conservative narrative, one just needs to look at the following countries where the government is conservative.

Scott Morrison
Norbert Hofer
Jair Bolsonaro
Veselin Mareshki
Mart Helme
Viktor Orbán
Narendra Modi
Benjamin Netanyahu
Shinzō Abe
Artuss Kaimiņš
Andrija Mandić (and others)
Geert Wilders
Siv Jensen
Imran Khan
Rodrigo Duterte
Jarosław Kaczyński
Nenad Popović
Janez Jansa
Albert Rösti
Prayut Chan-o-cha
Boris Johnson
Donald Trump
Liberal–National Coalition
Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs
Alliance for Brazil
Eesti Konservatiivne Rahvaerakond
Bharatiya Janata Party
Kam pieder valsts?
Demokratski front
Partij voor de Vrijheid
Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf
Prawo i Sprawiedliwość
Serbian People’s Party
Slovenska demokratska stranka
Swiss People’s Party
Palang Pracharat
Conservative party; UKIP
Republican Party

In several other countries, right-wing influence is gaining popularity. As a result, that might form the government in the future as well.

Czech Republic
South Korea
Mauricio Macri
Tom Van Grieken
Tomio Okamura
Kristian Thulesen Dahl
Jussi Halla-aho
Marine Le Pen
Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel
Moqtada al-Sadr
Matteo Salvini
Samir Geagea
Hwang Kyo-ahn
Santiago Abascal
Jimmie Åkesson
Juntos por el Cambio
Vlaams Belang
Svoboda a přímá demokracie
Dansk Folkeparti
Front National
Alternative für Deutschland
Lebanese Forces
Liberty Korea

Could Recent Elections Have an Impact on a Rumble Stock Price?

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

To make an even more accurate estimation of the right-wing inclined population, let’s look at the recent elections in 2019 in UK and India where a conservative government came to power.

In the 2019 UK elections, there were 32 million voters, and the vote share of the conservative party was 43.6% or approx. 13.9 million votes. Similarly, in India from 603.7 million votes, the Bharatiya Janata Party had a vote share of 45% or 271.6 million votes.

Trends are similar across the globe. It is safe to assume that on average at least 40-45% of the population will be inclined towards the right.

From 4.14 billion users of social media across the world, this pegs a range of right-wing users at 1.65-1.8 billion users. This is the potential reach at the minimum for and its companion alternative social media apps.

What Does It Mean for Rumble Stock Price Value?

Youtube was acquired by Google in 2006 for 1.65 billion USD in 2006. Its revenue at that time was 15 million USD per year.

In 2019, YouTube’s revenues stood at 15 billion USD. It has 2 billion logged-in users which is half of the social media population across the globe.

Morgan Stanley pegged its value at 160 billion USD in 2018, Needham Analyst Laura Martin at 300 billion USD.

If we were to take a fair guess, Alphabet, the parent company of YouTube is currently valued at 1.18 trillion USD. YouTube revenue of 2019 was 10% of Alphabet’s revenue.

It would be safe to assume YouTube’s value at 118 billion USD. With a revenue of 15 billion USD, this gives it a Price to sales multiple of ~8x. is generating 50-60 million unique visitors every month. Applying the same 40-45% conservative user ratio, out of the 2 billion YouTube users, at least 800-900 million users can potentially migrate to; which will jump its revenue by 10x.’s last known revenue was 106.4 million USD. This pegs the valuation of the company at a revenue of 800 million USD. Now imagine this revenue multiplying 10 times. The company has the potential to be worth billions in the future.

Rumble Stock Price Conclusion

Frustrations mount across the world’s right-wing conservative social media users as the increased censorship and clampdown, especially with a visible bias towards the right and relaxations towards the left, come into the limelight.

People can be forgiving for a lot of things. But they’re not forgiving of someone trying to suppress their freedom. In an age and time, when freedom is as basic a necessity as food and water, and with alternatives emerging that provide and guarantee such freedom, the time of old tech giants is almost over. The sun is rising on the new ones.

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  1. Ted pert on

    Hoping to see rumble stock trade soon cause I am buying not because I want to make money but show my support for the conservative movement even though I consider myself as an independent.Republicans have to clean up their party !people deserve better and that means there are no spots for RINOS none!

  2. Lesley on

    I too would like to buy some stock in support of Rumble and many of their content creators. I just need to know where and how I can purchase stock in this company.

  3. Bullish Bears Dan on

    Always a good thing to support your favorite creators. They don’t make a lot of money from it unless they get millions of views. We should know, haha!

  4. Sharon Saucier-Rhodes on

    I am an Independent Conservative Do not trust all Republicans. They drift with the wind and change their views constantly like McConnel. Or have a hidden agenda like Liz Channey. Totally supportive of Donald Trump and what he stands for and what he did for our country. A lot of Republicans are traitors, pretending to be Republicans to help the Democratic Socialists. I would love to invest in RUMBLE Stock.

  5. Brandon on

    Yes I would like to purchase Rumble stock when it becomes available the online video platform that stock. Can you please send me an email the moment it becomes available to purchase. I would like to actually buy stock and receive printed stock certificates when it becomes available. Thank you very much

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    It’s time to clean house all rhinos must go Let’s remember them when it’s time to vote

    How can I be notified when it’s time to buy stock?

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    At age 94, I am willing to take a gamble on Rumble, so that I can leave the stock with my children. Please notify me when it is available at a reasonable price.

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    I would like to now as soon as the stock goes public what’s its ticker is. I definitely want to invest in Rumble.

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    Could you please notify me when Rumble stocks go public please. I would like to buy stock. Thanks.

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    Please notify me also if and when Rumble has a public disclosure and/or ticker … or announces an IPO opportunity.

    Thank you

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    So what is the latest on stocks being available to purchase by the public? I don’t see any replies or updates to the many requests.

    I think that many of us are ready to Rumble 😀

  13. Loco Brees on

    You can buy the SPAC …CFVI , It goes live under RUMBLE this quarter , at anytime now, It is in the interest of CFVI to keep price under I think its $14.50 or they have to give more in the deal. That’s going to be hard to do, though they have pulled it down 3 times close to $17.00, Currently sitting at $11.30, I see it at least tripling day 1, It has been growing at 22% month over month, and was close to $17.00 BEFORE the last 2 reported quarters.

  14. Hank on

    Does anyone know the status of Rumble stock going live? It’s obvious there’s an effort to keep this information silent. The enemy does not want us to succeed. #Bolshevik

  15. sharon on

    I am new to stock purchasing and don’t know how to invest in Rumble? Also, Is there a minimum one must invest?

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    I am new to stock purchasing and would like to know how to invest in Rumble? Also, Is there a minimum one must invest?

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