Simpler Trading Review

Simpler Options Trading Review: Simpler Options is a trading group, training, and mentorship site. They were created by author and veteran trader, John Carter. He’s famous for his TTM squeeze pro indicator. They have a video library that provides over 1,200 videos on every trading topic but are especially known for options trading. Another great thing that has come out from Simpler Trading lately is the RAF indicator!

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Is John Carter’s Simpler Trading Safe & Legit? (Simpler Options Review)

  • John Carter’s trading life started a long time ago. However, the Simpler Options story began in 1999. Carter launched his Trade the Markets site to communicate with other traders. In time, that community grew to become Simpler Trading LLC, and its offshoot, Simpler Options. They are legit and safe companies.
Simpler Options Review

John Carter is one of the “legacy” educators. A sacred cow.

What can this Simpler Options review tell us? According to the company’s website, Carter and his crew have served more than 300,000 traders over the years. Simpler Options portrays itself as a vibrant and supportive community.

I don’t know how to verify a claim of serving 300,000 members. However, their Twitter account shows over 4,000 followers. On Instagram they have over 700 followers.

In the live chat room, members report that traders of all experience levels gather together. In this they share strategies and swap ideas. Moderators provide real-time market analysis and engage in live trading exercises.

While the market is open, John or his team demonstrate their trading techniques. Meanwhile, newbies follow along, able to freely ask questions and receive knowledge from their more experienced peers; just like we do here at Bullish Bears.

Costs of Tools and Education

Simpler Options offers a collection of educational materials via Simpler Trading. Our Simpler Options review looks it up for you. For example, the site has 32-page blog articles on a variety of trading topics.

Additionally, Simpler Options offers a newsletter. Meanwhile, John Carter, Henry Gambell, Bruce Marshall, and Danielle Shay Gum head up the options team that heads up simpler trading. This is where they provide tutorials and live trading examples.

Videos: Simpler Options Review

Newcomers can easily get overwhelmed with so much material to watch. Although, each video’s category is clearly labeled in the upper-right corner; including the videos on what Carter is known for, trading options.

The subject matter covered in those videos on Simpler Trading ranges in complexity from beginner to more advanced. According to Simpler Options, it’s taught by experts who have several decades of combined trading experience between them.

This reminds me of what a wise person once told me “Chris, experts won’t pay you if their advice is wrong”.

What Is the Cost of Simpler Options Trading Courses in 2021? (Pricing Review)

  1. Small Account Secrets Class – $497
  2. New Squeeze Pro System + Indicator – $597 (discounted)
  3. Timing Mastery Strategy Class Package – $297
  4. The Haystack Options Method Master Package + Indicators – $1197
  5. The Obnoxious Profit Strategy (T.O.P.S.) – $397
  6. Stacked Profits Strategy – $297
  7. RAF “Ready Aim Fire” system – (discounted)
  8. Multi-Squeeze Pro – (discounted)
  9. Voodoo Lines – also (discounted)

The Simpler Trading company offers 46 courses; including 27 Simpler Options courses. However, the courses claim to provide more intense training. Therefore, they aren’t free (read our page on the different types of stocks).

Bullish Bears members may balk at these prices. However, there are those who feel that the more they pay, the better they get; like high priced bottles of average wine. Hence this Simpler Options review.

Simpler Options Trading Indicators Pricing Review

  • The company offers 41 indicators. The prices range from $197 ($169 for members) to $1,091 ($993 for members). In other words, the indicators are extra. For example, indicators include a shadow stocks identifier, auto pivots indicator, and a price oscillator. They have indicators that are compatible with TradeStation, ThinkorSwim, NinjaTrader, TradingView, or eSignal.

What Is Simpler Options Gold Membership Pricing for 2021? (Pricing Review)

  • Currently, Simpler Options offers the subscription to their Gold Membership for $247 per month or $679 a quarter. Not cheap but not surprising. As you know, there are many services out there charging just as much, if not more. You can also try them out for $7 for 1 week.

With the Simpler Options Gold Membership, you receive access to the live options chat rooms as well as the following:

  • Trading Room Archives – If you miss a session, no problem. Simpler Options records all sessions to view whenever you want.
  • Webinars – A library of recorded webinars is available covering topics ranging from market analysis to trading tools.
  • Daily Videos – View a summary and analysis of the trades placed that day by a room leader.
  • Trade Alerts – Receive daily alerts regarding trading opportunities on your mobile device or in the chat room.
  • Simpler Trading App – Chat in the trading rooms and receive alerts on your mobile device.
  • Also included are the Trade of the Week and the nightly newsletter.

The Simpler Options Gold Membership provides educational materials for traders of all skill levels. Combined with access to a community of traders, it could be a good product. If you had experience with Simpler Options, don’t hesitate to comment below.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Simpler Options Review

Just like Simpler Options (aka Simpler Trading), we, at Bullish Bears, believe that education is indispensable. There’s also a lot to be said for community support.

Even the most experienced traders get the jitters and second-guess themselves. Therefore, it’s enormously helpful to share your ideas and receive feedback from a like-minded group. It’s part of the “raison d’être” of the Bullish Bears Community.

Tim, Dan, and Lucien started the Bullish Bears after seeing firsthand how so many people were losing money. Falling victim to elaborate marketing schemes.

Schemes promoting alerts services, magical indicators, expensive courses promising the holy grail, and memberships to trading rooms with exorbitant monthly fees.

I think you see where I am going with this… Services like Simpler Options may deliver the goods and help your trading; hence this Simpler Options review. But at what cost?

Trading Made Simple

Simpler trading is what many people are looking for. Hence why guru’s have become quite popular. Who doesn’t want piles of money?

I know I do. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to get that. Many times, we look for the easiest route possible.

Our lives are crazy enough as it is. Why can’t we just get rich quick with little effort? Sounds good right? If only it where really like that.

If that were the case, no one would lose money when they trade. However, we know more so than anyone how difficult trading can be; especially options trading.

Doing our Simpler Options review help give you a guide on companies and brokers to consider. We want you to have the best possible chance of success.

Simpler Options Review Shortcuts

Does our Simpler Trading review give away the secrets? Are there trading shortcuts? That’d be nice wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately for those wanting to make a million dollars as soon as possible, there isn’t a magic formula to follow. However, options are a great way to grow a small account.

We get that options are risky and have a lot more going on than trading stocks. However, when given the proper process, options have a much greater reward.

Options can’t be pumped. And since we at the Bullish Bears don’t believe in pumping, our real time stock alerts are geared around options.

That might be as close to simpler trading as you can get with the entries and exits called out to you. But in a way that protects you.

Final Thoughts

Trading Simpler Options Review

I understand that a marketing machine must be oiled in order to grow the business. However, it seems that many of the so-called gurus are more interested in membership fees than actually trading.

Worst yet, trading ahead of their followers so they can pump and dump; leaving many with irrecoverable losses. Losses that could have been avoided by NOT following the guru. Instead of taking the time to learn correctly; one could call that simpler trading.

In conclusion, I’m not saying that about anyone in this Simpler Options Review. However, many have felt this, after spending $2400 per year to follow a guru.

The truth is learning to trade the right way takes time. There aren’t short cuts. You have to do the work and study.

It’s time NOT money that’ll make you a good trader. You don’t need to spend anywhere close to $200 a month on membership fees. In fact, you can learn stock market trading from the Bullish Bears Community for so much less!

On that note, if you had experience with anything or anyone discussed in this review, please don’t hesitate to share your comments below. Contact us if you have questions regarding Bullish Bears you’d like to ask us directly.  Thanks for reading our Simpler Trading Review and keep it green!

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