Space Exploration Stocks

Space Exploration Stocks

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Space exploration stocks to watch? Space exploration has come to the forefront. So with that, investing in space exploration stocks has become widely talked about. Will the Space Force branch of the military continue? If it does, what companies will they use to build what they need? We look at companies like Lockheed Martin and Virgin Atlantic as they’re on the forefront of this up and coming sector.

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MAXRMaxar Technologies
SPCEVirgin Galactic
LMTLockheed Martin Corp
NOCNorthrop Grumman

Many companies are transitioning towards space exploration as it becomes an ever-growing and demanding field. With a progressive 2021 and a more demanding future, space exploration will be a key field to explore.

It’s more than Elon Musk and SpaceX. You could say he’s a visionary in this field. And you can’t even buy a SpaceX stock. But there are space exploration stocks you can invest in. The further we go into this, we might even be going into space ourselves.

No more NASA only. Or watching space launches on TV. Much has been made about moving to Mars and colonizing other planets that can hold life. It’s not just a Syfy anymore.

If they make it affordable to the average person, we could see a whole new world. Would that be something everyone wants to do? Probably not. Some of us want to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground. But we could make money off this.

Just think about visiting friends or family in space. Are we going to see a world like that? We all thought by 2020 we’d be driving flying cars and we’re barely getting automated cars from companies like Tesla.

So who knows where we’ll be with this in the future; if anywhere. However if we’re talking about space exploration stocks, here are the top 5 to invest in.

Space Exploration Stocks and Maxar Technologies (NYSE: MAXR)

Maxar Technologies stock is priced at $36.95 at the stock exchange today. Maxar Technologies (NYSE: MAXR) is a space technology company headquartered in Colorado, United States. It specializes in Earth observation, radar/on-orbit servicing satellites, communication, other satellite-related products, and services.

With a beta value of 1.3, Maxar has seen about 1,029,474 shares traded in the last session. Analysts look at the number of investors in Maxar Technologies Inc. and predict better results for the company in the future because of its keen interest in space technology and equipment.

Maxar is geared for space exploration with its interest and services in the field and with a positive future for space exploration ahead, Maxar will be one of the space exploration companies to invest in 2021.

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE)

Virgin Galactic (NYSE: SPCE) stock is priced at $23.36. It is a spaceflight company in the ‘Virgin Group’.

It’s making commercial spacecraft and is looking to provide suborbital spaceflights to suborbital launches and space tourists for space science missions.

Could you imagine going to space for a science field trip? That’s wildly different than going to the science museum like we did as kids.

Virgin Galactic stock may have dropped in price a little recently because its founder sold $300 million of its shares. However, it’s still wise to invest in Virgin Galactic as one of the best space exploration stocks.

It has a long list of clients signed up for visiting space and it will have good business coming in the near term.

Through its goals and objectives, Virgin will be in the spotlight for some time which will give it a good advantage over other space exploration companies. As a result, this makes it a good investment for 2021.

Is Lockheed Martin a Good Investment?

Lockheed Martin Corp (NYSE: LMT) stock is priced at $390.65 today. It’s an American aerospace, defense, security, arms, and advanced technology company with many interests worldwide.

Located in North Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed employs about 110,000 people. Lockheed is a big company, with its stock priced quite decently at the exchange. Furthermore, with its mark in the Aeronautics unit, there might be a lot coming up for the company in the future as well.

Lockheed’s share price is quite stable compared to the rest of the market; which is shown by its low beta. Lockheed posts a buoyant future. It’s a good time to buy it before its price rises again.

Northrop Grumman (NOC)

Northrop Grumman Corp stock (NYSE: NOC) is priced at $342.97. It is an American multinational aerospace and defense technology company. With annual revenue of over $30 billion and 90,000 employees, Northrop Grumman is the biggest weapons manufacturer and military technology provider in the world.

Northrop is a wise investment because of the upcoming demand for its products in the near future. this will send its shares skyrocketing and increase the worth of the company.

Boeing (BA)

Boeing‘s (NYSE: BA) stock is valued at $250.38. It’s an American multinational corporation that designs, sells, and manufactures airplanes, missiles, satellites, rockets, and other space-related equipment worldwide.

Boeing is a good investment in stock space exploration because its stock is expected to gain strength till the next earnings release.

Furthermore, figures for space exploration show that its defense and commercial operations for the 1st quarter of 2021 were impressive, showing a 54% increase in commercial shipments.

Boeing’s defense shipments have been growing as well which makes you believe it is a reliable investment. The company delivered 77 airplanes in 2021 compared to 50 aircrafts in the first quarter of 2020 which shows a sizeable increase in its production. Analysts expect Boeing (BA) stock to rise in the coming run which is again why Boeing (BA) is another one of the good space exploration stocks to explore in 2021.

Final Thoughts

Space exploration is fun to think about as long as we don’t have a Passengers scenario on our hands. With the world evolving you can still trade and invest in space exploration stocks. Who knows, maybe we’ll be trading from space someday. Could you see the Bullish Bears trading from space? Hopefully, execution speeds are speedy up there.

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