Spartan Trading Review

Spartan Trading Review

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Spartan Trading is an educational trading site that helps new and struggling traders make higher probability trades. The site was established back in 2016 and is physically located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Spartan’s trading strategies are designed for active traders and day traders and focuses on technical analysis. Hence our Spartan Trading review.

There are some features that come with a Spartan Trading membership that are quite unique in the investing community. First, Spartan Trading offers around-the-clock text chat help, as well as after-hours phone calls.

Unlike other investing sites that are only open during trading hours, Spartan is determined to help its customers at all times of the day. 

The Spartan Trading team consists of three main educators who all use pseudonyms in the chatrooms. The first is Spartan, also known as Chris, who is a nine-year technical trading expert.

Next, there is Options Momma, also known as Beth S, who has nearly forty years of experience working for investment firms and financial institutions. Finally, there is South Beach, also known as Steve A, who is a hedge fund trader with over forty years of experience in trading options and equities. 

We’ve found in our Spartan Trading review that this is an excellent service. So if you’re in Canada and want to learn, make sure to check them out.

Spartan Trading Website

What Features does Spartan Trading Offer?

As with many trading education sites, the most common and popular feature is the live chat room. This allows users to communicate directly with any of the members of the Spartan Trading team; as well as with each other. Spartan does go one step further than usual by having the chat open during extended hours and pre-market hours. Here is a Spartan Trading review of their chat room:

  • Building a game plan with daily trade ideas and weekly swing analysis.
  • Live charted pre-market ideas.
  • Intraday idea generation and live guidance.
  • After hours of news, continuation or earnings plays charted and played live.
  • Technical trading, PR/News-wire and Option flow based ideas.
  • Walkthrough of current setups and why they are on the team’s radar. Live questions and answers all day long.
  • Text chat is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Access to Spartan Trading team for phone calls and coaching support after hours. 

Spartan Trading Chat Room

The chat room is the heart and soul of every educational trading site and is the direct communication link between the Spartan team and its users. Spartan uses the popular chat service Discord for its chatroom, which allows both text and voice chat functionality. The Spartan team members also do a live screen share for the entire trading session. This allows users to follow along with the team and understand exactly what their process is. The live screen share is on from Monday to Friday from 08:00 AM EST to 16:30 PM EST. 

With a Spartan Trading membership, you also get access to the vast library of webinars and educational materials. In addition to the webinars, members get access to a live session every Friday afternoon from 16:15 PM EST to 18:15 PM EST. You can also sign up for one-on-one training from any of Spartan’s team members, depending on your own style of trading. 

Spartan even offers a Swing Trading Program, which is designed for the professional or those who simply cannot sit at a trading screen for hours on end. The program provides members with a list of stocks and setups to watch for the week, with specific notes on entry/exit points. Spartan posts its results on its Twitter account each month for its Swing Trading Program. And we think you’ll be quite impressed with the results in the Spartan Trading review.

Of course, one of the most important factors into whether or not to sign up for a stock trading service. How much does all of this cost? Well, first of all it depends on which products you would like to sign up for. When you see the prices of Spartan Trading, you may be a little surprised at how high they are.

You should probably be forewarned that when it comes to trading education sites, the costs are usually quite high. That is because with day trading and swing trading, there is a chance to make higher than normal returns. Even if something costs $500.00 per month, traders can easily make that in a few days of trading. 

What Does Spartan Trading Cost? (Pricing Review)

So how much does Spartan Trading cost? For the regular membership that gives you access to the webinars and education it is a flat, initial fee of $379.00 per month, and then an additional $70.00 per month. If you are looking at gaining access to the live chat room, a one-week trial will cost you $49.00, a one-month rate is $197.00, six months will run you $1,092.00, and twelve months will cost $2,090.00 altogether. 

There are also various bundles where members can have access to specific members of the Spartan team, and can cost upwards of several thousand dollars. Again, this can seem pricey. But the results for Spartan’s trading activity speak for itself!

Spartan Trading Membership Bundles

Is Spartan Trading a Scam?

I can see why you would be concerned about this, especially since there are trading education sites that are scams. But what really is a scam site? You can always argue that Spartan Trading is just a site that helps traders with some new strategies. The site makes no guarantee that its system will work.

But it does back up its products with a boatload of testimonials from satisfied customers. There are also hundreds of positive reviews on its social media pages, and a loyal following on YouTube and Reddit. 

There are numerous negative reviews of Spartan Trading online. For trading education sites, there will always be naysayers claiming that membership rates are a way of scamming users. But for all of the negative reviews, there are ten times as many positive ones for Spartan Trading. Hundreds of satisfied customers are one of the main reasons that Spartan Trading remains so popular all these years later. 

The Newsletter

While a lot of trading sites offer a free newsletter to attract new members, Spartan Trading charges for this too. For one month of weekly newsletters, it will cost you $89.00 per month, or roughly $22.25 per week. The newsletter is free for paying members of the live chat room, swing trading program, and webinar and education programs. 

Spartan’s weekly newsletter is slightly more in-depth than usual though. It provides members with at least ten weekly plays and trade ideas, as well as a thorough breakdown of technical analysis of options plays. It even includes exclusive access to private Spartan Trading events and product discounts. If you are able to work these plays into your weekly trading strategies, then $89.00 per month seems pretty reasonable! 

The Spartan Trading Strategy

The crux of the Spartan Trading strategy is finding high probability setups using technical analysis. If the payoff does not have a risk/reward ratio of at least 3 to 1, then it is not considered a high probability trade. When you combine this with setting stop losses, Spartan believes that this is a profitable strategy over the long run.

Spartan also stresses that traders pick their spots. High volume trading has a higher chance of things going wrong. If members can pinpoint a setup that looks to meet Spartan’s criteria, then all you need are a few great trades each week.

Sounds easy right? Well, if it were that easy, we would all be rich! But there is certainly something to Spartan’s reputation as an honest and very profitable community. With hundreds of positive testimonials and mostly positive sentiment around the internet, Spartan is certainly thought highly of in investing circles. 

Spartan Swing Trading

Spartan Trading Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of Spartan Trading because the company is privately held.

Spartan Trading Final Thoughts

I have never subscribed to a membership with Spartan Trading, but I have reviewed some of its free materials. The near-consensus positive sentiment for Spartan Trading from its members is definitely encouraging. Take one look at the Twitter accounts for the members of the Spartan team and you will see that they love to educate new traders. 

The issue with many people is the membership fees that Spartan charges. You may ask: if they really wanted to help traders, wouldn’t they do it for free? Membership fees for trading education sites are a win-win for communities like Spartan. Successful trades can help members pay for membership fees. The more successful trades that are made, the more likely members will stick around, creating a nice recurring revenue. 

So is Spartan Trading worth it? Absolutely. Without a doubt, this is one site that I have reviewed that I would really consider signing up for myself. The customer satisfaction is off the charts, and so are the results from its trading plays. I love the ability to do a one week trial for a lower price to see if Spartan works for you. Believe the testimonials and trust the community: Spartan Trading is the real deal!

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