The Bullish Bears stock alerts service offers real time, actionable trades, which include entries and exits and are a combination of short term and long term options plays. We give strike prices, with expiration dates, and access to our trade rooms for live group mentoring.

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Over to your right you'll notice a recent snapshot of our private twitter. We let you know what we are doing and when we do it. Charts or other relevant information is often shared to complete the big picture of WHY. Again, we want to teach you how to be independent as a trader, so all of our trading is designed to be educational and help you grow. 

A balanced trading portfolio is key is because the market isn't black and white. Some sectors do better while others do worse in any given week, and then they rotate. That being said, you'll see us trade stocks like $SQ, $AMD, $MCD, $GLD, $TLT, $CGC, $SPY, V, and many others. You get the idea. We NEVER oversize into any trade, remember the 2% of your account rule. Grow SLOW! Please do not follow any of our alerts unless you know how to trade! Read our disclaimer before trading.

Stock Alerts
  • Ian L. AvatarIan L.

    Great group of folks who really care about your education and journey. Highly recommend them. Their free courses are very valuable to your trader education.

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    Best online resource I have found. I've purchased other popular traders courses and had no full understanding of what I was doing. Bullish Bears content is structured, packaged nicely, and their content suits my learning style.

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    Easy to understand videos

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    Honest and truly education. Enough staff to cater to all types

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    I'm just starting out and I have to say you guys are my #1 source for beginning my education. There's so much information on your website and I'm finding it very easy to navigate and to understand. Thank you so much!

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    To get Great information about stocks ...... Really great information and knowledge. Watch a lot of there videos and they are the real deal.

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    Great community! Very helpful and informative.

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    Great learning space, amazing info, and awesome watchlists!!

Real-Time Stock Alerts Service

The Bullish Bears stock alerts are sent weekly via our private Twitter feed.

You will receive our private Twitter link with instructions above when you sign up below, and login to your account. 

Our options alerts are actionable, real-time, and we give you entries and exits. 

  • Real-Time Stock Alerts Sent Weekly
  • Actionable Options Alerts with Entries & Exits
  • Includes Access to Our Live Trade Rooms
  • Weekly Trading Analysis Videos
  • *Shares Can Be Traded Instead of Options

Real Time Stock Alerts Service

Our stock alerts service is great for any type of trader, whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned pro. They're great for new traders because we give strike prices, expiration dates, along with entries and exits for each trade. Our signals are enjoyable to seasoned traders because we save them the time of having to search for the best setups. We also do a weekly recap video going over the trades on the weekend. We'll keep you informed when these recaps go out so you can LEARN while being a member.


How Stock Alerts Work

Experienced traders will be familiar with our trade alerts and they can decide to take our trades, or they can adjust their strikes/trading strategy on the fly based on their personal trading preference. 

Our options alerts come through on Twitter. Most trades are targeted out for at least a couple weeks, to several months, but of course, we will exit the trade where necessary.  Our trades are designed to be easy in, easy out, because that's how we like to trade.

PLEASE Read Our Disclaimer (above) and paper trade first if you are new. Always test a new strategy, a new service, a new tool. Our entire site is designed to help you succeed, but, you have to put the effort in. 

Read our getting started page as we worked hard to put together a game plan for you. Learn the mechanics of trading and take our options courses as well as study our Next Level Training Library content before you start trading.
Paper trading is important to do first if you don't know how to trade!

Our Team

Bullish Bears Tim focuses on longer term options alerts setups. Two weeks - three months. Signet (Mike) focuses on weekly and monthly option spread setups, in a very methodical manner. He might repeat the same trade over and over. If it works, it works. Bullish Bears Dan focuses on stock swing trade setups, trading shares. Read more below on our teams trading strategies. Read More

Swing Trading Books

Here's How Simple It Is

Alright, here's how it works. We update you when we see good swing trade setups for our stock alerts. Also we will update you when we open or close any trades. Ideally we will ONLY post relevant tweets to trading, so please turn Twitter notifications on, or you might miss our next stock alert. Every Tweet will be signed at the bottom, so you know who posted the trade. Ideally, our team will try to fit all the information in with one tweet. We'll also post results on our social media accounts occasionally.  

Looking to learn stock trading? You can join us in the swing trade room when you have time and catch up with what's happening. The team will often post YouTube videos recapping trades, charts, entries exits, and explain why. We want you to learn and become independent, confident traders! Read More

Top Stock Alerts: Why You'll Love Our Service

  1. Our stock alerts are simple to implement
  2. Posted real time
  3. Actionable options alerts with entries and exits
  4. Sent several times per week
  5. Liquid trades, we avoid low volume
  6. Weekly trade analysis recaps recorded live
  7. Shares can be traded in stead of options at anytime

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Stock Alerts

How Do I Set up Stock Alerts?

  1. Download Twitter for free (only follow who you want)
  2. Request access to our private Twitter @bbswingtrades
  3. Turn on notifications for our account by clicking the bell
  4. You will be notified once we post our alerts to your phone
  5. Entries, exits, and recaps will be provided!
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Try Our Stock Alerts

So, what are you waiting for? We've laid the tracks down, all you need to do is follow them. And be yourself. Grow with us, in a safe educational environment that is designed for YOU! We've setup a free 14 day free trial so you can try out our stock alerts, hang out with us in our trade rooms, access our trade room moderators, and see if our stock market trading community is the right fit for you. Read More

Stock Alerts