Our real-time stock alerts service offers actionable trades, which include entries and exits and are a combination of short-term and long-term options plays. We focus on trading large-cap companies. Strike prices, expiration dates, and access to our trade rooms for live group mentoring are included.

We want to be very clear that we aren’t like other stock alert services! Our alerts are meant to “teach” you how to trade. Please paper trade them first until you know how to trade.

How Our Real Time Stock Options Alerts Service Works

Real Time Stock Alerts

How Do You Use Stock Alerts?

Stock alerts are used to map out key support and resistance levels of a stock. When a key alert level triggers, this signifies the potential to enter into a new position or exit a current one. Our real-time stock alerts service is great for any type of trader, whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned pro.

They’re great because we provide strike prices, and expiration dates, along with entries and exits. Our options trade alerts are meant to be used as a “teaching” guide. We have losing trades just like most traders. So, please paper trade them first until you know how to trade.

How Our Alerts Work

Here’s how our real-time options trade alerts work. We post all of our alerts inside of Discord via push notifications direct to your phone. Push notifications are a more reliable faster delivery method to receive stock alerts, compared to text alerts.

We try our best to make our options alerts simple to follow. Execute in and execute out. Equally important to note, we are all at the mercy of the markets and anything can happen, but with proper risk management and discipline, we can put the odds in our favor when trading. Options spreads give a higher probability of success, and that’s why we like them so much. You put two directions (sideways up or sideways down) on your side.

Looking to learn stock trading? You can join us in our main trade room when you have time and catch up with what’s happening. The team will often post YouTube videos recapping trades, charts, entries exits, and explain why. We want you to learn and become independent, confident traders

Experienced traders will be familiar with our stock alerts and they can decide to take our trades, or they can adjust their strikes/trading strategy on the fly based on their personal trading preferences. 

Discord Server

You’ll see all of our recent real time stock alerts in our Discord server. We let you know what we are doing and when we do it. Charts or other relevant information is often shared to complete the big picture of WHY. Again, we want to teach you how to be independent as a trader, so all of our trading is designed to be educational and help you grow. 

A balanced trading portfolio is key is because the market isn’t black and white. Some sectors do better while others do worse in any given week, and then they rotate. That being said, you’ll see us trade stocks like $SQ, $AMD, $MCD, $GLD, $TLT, $CGC, $SPY, V, and many others. You get the idea. NEVER oversize into any trade, and remember the 2% of your account rule. Grow SLOW! Please do not follow any of our alerts unless you know how to trade! Read our disclaimer before trading.

Bullish Bears Team

Signet (Mike) focuses on weekly and monthly option spread setups, in a very methodical manner. He might repeat the same trade over and over. If it works, it works. Jeremy does a mix of short-term and day trading plays.

Signet (Mike) focuses on weekly and monthly spreads. Implied volatility and the Greeks are Signet’s greatest ally. You’re going to learn a lot from being a member and spending some time with us!

Take Your Time

Don’t just decide you want to make money and retire next year. There is no such thing as easy money from the stock market because it doesn’t happen that way. Watch and read our post on risk management. Don’t do anything unless you’ve got a good handle on technical analysis, and all of the above. Take your time, and slow down when trading.

Trading isn’t a get-rich-quick thing. Those types of people are out there selling a false narrative and we don’t want you to get caught up in it. The get rich quick method is a great way to blow up your account. Slow and steady wins the race. With these stock alerts real time, our main focus is to pick setups with the best volume, liquidity, spreads, and open interest. We won’t post a swing trade every day and we won’t pump any garbage stocks. Check out our stock picks service and how we work.


Please read our disclaimer before following any of our trades and anything that we talk about in our community. All traders have losing trades and we are no different. Please do not rely on us for when to enter and exit any types of trades or alerts. Our real-time stock alerts are meant to “teach” you how to trade. So, please paper trade them first before trading with real money.

*Please be advised that you accept full risk of all of the trades that you make. We are not financial advisers or professionals with any type of financial accreditation. We are traders that are at the mercy of the markets and we are not responsible for any trading decisions that you make. We do not always win on trades. You are in control solely of every single trading decision that you make.

Real Time Stock Options Alerts

Top Stock Alerts: Real Time Options Service

  • Simple to follow stock alerts
  • Options alerts with entries and exits
  • Real time push notifications in Discord
  • Posted several times per week
  • Liquid trades with high volume
  • Shares can be traded instead of options
  • Free courses included

How Do I Set Up a Stock Price Alert?

  • Look up stock symbol in your broker
  • Enable text/email notifications
  • Map out support and resistance
  • Set a price target level
  • Add notes if you desire
Real Time Stock Alerts

The Bullish Bears real-time stock alerts are helpful because our team spends a lot of time studying the markets, adjusting as necessary to market conditions, and helping you learn to trade. Options are a great way to leverage your account to trade large-cap stocks, without having to put out a lot of money. Options are risky like any other trading strategy, however, there are strategies to help limit the risk. Our real-time alerts are options focused but you could trade shares instead if you’d like.

We are all students of the market. Traders evolve over time and become smarter and wiser. We created our stock alerts to go hand in hand with the education that we provide in our Next Level Library. Our Next Level Library is where you can learn how to trade the proper way along with our stock alerts. Study peeps! Think how long people attend school to get a good job and make a good living.

You are going to need to put in a little bit of time to increase your experience and skills. The good news is that we teach you. We try to make learning how to trade as simple to understand as possible. Combine that with our trade rooms and you have a winning combination.

All of our alerts are posted within Discord. You can see a list of all recent trades that were entered and exited. We have both winners and losers. So, you can go in and track the results for yourself. We aren’t braggers or show off’s so you won’t see us hyping up gains Again, our alerts are meant to teach you and not make you rich. Remember, it takes money to make money as a trader, so don’t compare yourself to other traders. You could make the same trade as someone else but make less money because your brokerage account is smaller.

What Is the Best Stock Alert Service?

What is the best stock alert service? There are many on the market to choose from. Look for a company that offers real-time alerts on highly liquid, large-cap companies. Focus on trading credit spreads, debit spreads as well as call and put options if the setups are just right. Push notifications are also more reliable than text alert services. What sets us apart is that our alerts focus on “teaching” you how to trade. Again, please paper trade our alerts first until you know how to trade.

It’s Up to You

We’ve all been on our own at one point. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get a job done. But here, we are a team. A team that supports each other with knowledge and feedback. Stock alerts can be a hindrance at times. When the alerts are being used to pump a guru’s position, many times it’s the followers that feel the pain. As a result, our options trade alerts are geared toward stocks that are difficult to pump. Therefore, it’s not about making our accounts grow while looking like heroes. Just because we’re posting stock alerts doesn’t mean you should blindly take the trade. Look at the charts and see if it’s a trade you feel comfortable taking. Be your own trader.

You’re in charge of your trading destiny. When you take that to heart, nothing can hold you down. We try to set up all of our content to help make you an independent trader with practical risk management skills. Everything we do is designed to try and be a resource for your trading success. You are going to have to put in the work, but it can pay off if you keep your emotions in check! We are much different than a lot of other trading companies that you see in the industry.

We’ve built a service that reflects who we are. Peeps who want to pay for dance recitals, soccer practice, and family vacations. Our stock alerts service is for people who are in it for the long haul, not just a get rich quick fix. We want our community members to succeed. That way they can live with potentially less financial worries. However, that means we want you to be your own traders without needing us to hold your hand.

Trading Community

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve laid the tracks down, it’s up to you to learn. And be yourself. Grow with us, in a safe educational environment that is designed for YOU! Hang out with us in our trade rooms, access our trade room moderators, and see if our stock market trading community is the right fit for you.

We’re not here to be pumpers in our trading service. As a result, our real time stock alerts are geared toward stocks that are hard to be manipulated. You have the option to trades shares of stock or you can trade options contracts. Therefore, you can grow a small account by trading options without spending the capital it’d take to trade the large cap shares. In fact, it’s a safer way to trade because you’re trading safer stocks.