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Our real time stock alerts service offers actionable trades, which include entries and exits and are a combination of short term and long term options plays. We focus on trading the best large cap companies. Exact strike prices, with expiration dates, and access to our trade rooms for live group mentoring are included.

The Bullish Bears stock alerts are posted several times per week. They are simple to trade and easy to get started. We also include tutorials to help you get started.

How Our Real Time Stock Options Alerts Service Works

How Do You Use Stock Alerts?

Stock alerts are used to map out key support and resistance levels of a stock. When a key alert level triggers, this signifies the potential to enter into a new position or exit a current one.

Our real time stock alerts service is great for any type of trader, whether you are brand new to trading, or a seasoned pro. They’re great for new traders because we give strike prices, expiration dates, along with entries and exits for our options trade alerts. Our signals are enjoyable to seasoned traders because we save them the time of having to search for the best setups. We also do a weekly recap video going over the trades on the weekend. We’ll keep you informed when these recaps go out so you can LEARN while being a member.

Real Time Stock Options Alerts
Stock Options

Experienced traders will be familiar with our trade alerts and they can decide to take our trades, or they can adjust their strikes/trading strategy on the fly based on their personal trading preference. 

Our options alerts come through on Twitter. Most trades are targeted out for at least a couple weeks, to several months, but of course, we will exit the trade where necessary.  Our trades are designed to be easy in, easy out, because that’s how we like to trade.

Alright, here’s how our real time options trade alerts work. We update you when we see good swing trade setups for our stock alerts. Also we will update you when we open or close any trades. Ideally we will ONLY post relevant tweets to trading, so please turn Twitter notifications on, or you might miss our next stock alert. Every Tweet will be signed at the bottom, so you know who posted the trade. Ideally, our team will try to fit all the information in with one tweet. We’ll also post results on our social media accounts occasionally.  

Not to mention, we do our best to make our options alerts simple to follow. Execute in and execute out. Equally important to note, we are all at the mercy of the markets and anything can happen, but with proper risk management and discipline we can put the odds in our favor when trading. Options spreads give a higher probability of success, and that’s why we like them so much. You put two directions (sideways up or sideways down) on your side. Watch our video on buying and selling options to learn more.

Looking to learn stock trading? You can join us in the swing trade room when you have time and catch up with what’s happening. The team will often post YouTube videos recapping trades, charts, entries exits, and explain why. We want you to learn and become independent, confident traders

Over to your right you’ll notice a recent snapshot of our private twitter. We let you know what we are doing and when we do it. Charts or other relevant information is often shared to complete the big picture of WHY. Again, we want to teach you how to be independent as a trader, so all of our trading is designed to be educational and help you grow. 

A balanced trading portfolio is key is because the market isn’t black and white. Some sectors do better while others do worse in any given week, and then they rotate. That being said, you’ll see us trade stocks like $SQ, $AMD, $MCD, $GLD, $TLT, $CGC, $SPY, V, and many others. You get the idea. We NEVER oversize into any trade, remember the 2% of your account rule. Grow SLOW! Please do not follow any of our alerts unless you know how to trade! Read our disclaimer before trading.


1. If you are not a member of Twitter yet, sign up here. *Make sure to download Twitter app for your phone.

2. Request access to our private TwitterYOU MUST MESSAGE US ON TWITTER AND TELL US YOUR SIGN UP EMAIL SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We’ll make sure you get approved within 24-48 hours. Our account is called @BBSWINGTRADES

3. Click “notification bell” to turn on notifications for our account, that way you get a mobile notification, or desktop notification.

4. Must be logged into Twitter to receive our alerts (app will keep you signed in unless you log out).

5. That’s it, you’re in! Learn from our trades and help grow your account. (Our stock alerts are for options trades but shares can be traded instead if you’d prefer)

6. *We highly advise that you take these trades in a paper trading account first if you are new to trading. Once you are comfortable trading in a paper account then start trading with real money.

DISCLAIMER – please read our disclaimer first before following any of our trades!  Make sure that you take our free trading courses above if you need more help. *Please be advised that you accept full risk of all of the trades that you make. We are not financial advisers or professionals with any type of financial accreditation’s. We are traders that are at the mercy of the markets and we are not responsible for any trading decisions that you make. We do not always win on trades. You are in control solely of every single trading decision that you make.

BB Team

Bullish Bears Tim focuses on longer term real time options alerts setups. Two weeks – three months. Signet (Mike) focuses on weekly and monthly option spread setups, in a very methodical manner. He might repeat the same trade over and over. If it works, it works. Bullish Bears Dan focuses on stock swing trade setups, trading shares.

Tim focuses on long term options trade alerts. Trend trading. Technical setups based on daily, weekly and monthly charts. Tim does a weekly recap video just for members, teaching you WHY he trades the way he does, sharing his watch list. It’s a great experience for a swing trader.

Signet (Mike) focuses on weekly and monthly spreads. Implied volatility and the Greeks are Signets greatest ally. Signet streams weekly in our swing trade room. You’re going to learn a lot from being a member and spending some time with us!

Dan is a diverse trader, but is a master of focusing on price action, chart structure, relative strength divergence, and volume.

Take Your Time

Don’t just decide you want to make money and retire next year. There is no such thing as easy money from the stock market because it doesn’t happen that way. Watch and read our post on Risk Management. Don’t do anything unless you’ve got a good handle on technical analysis, and all of the above. We give you everything you need. All you need to do is make the time, and slow down.

Take the time, trust me, this isn’t something you rush into. This isn’t a get rich quick thing. Those types of people are out there selling a false narrative and we don’t want you to get caught up in it. The get rich quick method is a great way to blow up your account. Slow and steady wins the race. With these stock alerts real time, our main focus is to pick setups with the best volume, liquidity, spreads, and open interest. We won’t post a swing trade every day and we won’t pump any garbage stocks. Check out our stock picks service.

Real Time Stock Options Alerts

Top Stock Alerts: Why You’ll Love Our Real Time Options Service

  • Our stock alerts are simple to implement
  • Posted real time
  • Actionable options alerts with entries and exits
  • Sent several times per week
  • Liquid trades, we avoid low volume
  • Weekly trade analysis recaps recorded live
  • Shares can be traded in stead of options at anytime

Screen trading

Our real time stock alerts are loved because our team spends a massive amount of time studying the markets, adjusting as necessary to market conditions and helping you profit in trading. We are excited to launch this feature for our members. For those of you who have been looking for swing trade alerts in real time, we heard you and we listened.

This Twitter account is just for you. These are our personal swing trade picks. Most are options spreads, because these offer the best success rate, statistically. But there will be some variety too. 


We are all students of the market. Everyone involved in the stock market is evolving over time and becoming smarter and wiser. We created our stock alerts to go hand in hand with our education that we provide in our Next Level Stock Training Library. Here is where you can learn how to trade the proper way along with our stock alerts. Study peeps! Think how long people attend school to get a good job and make a good living.

You are going to need to put in a little bit of time to increase your experience and skills. The good news is, we hold your hand. It’s all laid out for you in our courses and private content videos. Combine that with our trade rooms and you have a winning combination.

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How Do I Set Up a Stock Price Alert?

  • Pull up the stock symbol in your brokerage account
  • In ThinkorSwim, right click your mouse next to price level
  • Click create alert
  • Go to price mark and click at or above or at or below
  • Type in important alert level note then press create

Real World Results

The Bullish Bears team isn’t chilling in Bali, calling out garbage swing trades to our followers. That isn’t our style. What we are doing though is staying up late, studying the markets and conversing as a team. Through trial and error, wins and losses, we have a system of trading that works for us. We share our trading edge with you. We don’t hold anything back with our community and that includes our stock alerts real time. What’s more is we “talk it out” to give you insight into the WHY – not just scream out trades to our followers. 

We’re regular peeps with families and bills. Therefore, we do our best to meet you were you’re at. If going to Bali and driving sports cars is your thing, you can still get there trading our strategies. You can do whatever you want with what we teach in our community. We’re not shaming anyone for being motivated by riches.

Entries and Exits

What Is the Best Stock Alert Service?

What is the best stock alert service? There are many on the market to choose from. Look for a company that offers real time alerts on highly liquid, large cap companies. Focus on trading credit spreads, debit spreads as well as naked options if the setups are just right. Make sure to practice paper trading them first before jumping in with real money right off the bat!

The Bullish Bears trading community offers these types of alerts. Not saying we are the best but our actionable real time stock alerts hit the mark week after week.

Trading Subscription

We’ve all been on our own at one point. Sometimes, it’s the only way to get a job done. But here, we are a team. A team that supports each other with knowledge and feedback. You won’t find another community that is as supportive as us!

Options trade alerts can be a hindrance at times. When the alerts are being used to pump a guru’s position, many times it’s the followers that feel the pain. As a result, our stock alerts are geared towards stocks you can’t pump. Therefore, it’s not about making our accounts grow while looking like hero’s.

However, just because we’re sending out stock alerts doesn’t mean you should blindly take the trade. Look at the charts and see if it’s a trade you feel comfortable taking. Be your own trader.

You’re in charge of your trading destiny. When you take that to heart, nothing can hold you down. We set up all of our content to help make you an independent trader who has practical risk management skills. Everything we do is designed to help you succeed and be a resource to you. You are going to have to put in the work, but it will pay off if you keep your emotions in check! We are much different than a lot of other trading companies that you see in the industry.

We’ve built a service that reflects who we are. Peeps who want to pay for dance recitals, soccer practice and family vacations. Our service is for people who are in it for the long haul, not just a get rich quick fix. 

We want our community members to succeed. That way they can live without worry. However, that means we want you to be your own traders without needing us to hold your hand.

Get Started

So, what are you waiting for? We’ve laid the tracks down, all you need to do is follow them. And be yourself. Grow with us, in a safe educational environment that is designed for YOU! We’ve setup a free trial so you can try out our options alerts, hang out with us in our trade rooms, access our trade room moderators, and see if our stock market trading community is the right fit for you. [read more]

We’re not here to be pumpers in our trading service. As a result, our real time stock alerts are geared toward stocks that can’t be manipulated. You have the option to trades shares of stock or you can trade options contracts.

Therefore, you can grow a small account by trading options without spending the capital it’d take to trade the large cap shares. In fact, it’s a safer way to trade because you’re trading safer stocks.

Read Our Disclaimer

*Do not purchase any of the symbols on this page. The tickers on this page are meant to be a guide for research and potentially scalp on a momentum trade when they break out. Please read our disclaimer under our About Page above and do not trade unless you know how!