Stock Horizon Review

Stock Horizon Review

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You’re only as good as the good stocks you pick to trade. Your challenge as a new trader is how to find these stocks. And that’s where a stock alert service comes in. However, figuring out what stock alert service to use is a pain. Luckily, in this Stock Horizon review we’ll see if this scanner lives up to its promises.

Stock Horizon remove’s the human element from the equation by offering a trade alert service that is 100% automated, unbiased with zero human intervention. And how exactly do they do this? Well, via. Gazer, their proprietary algorithm software. Gazaer can be thought of as a highly sophisticated stock screener. In order to have enough time to decide to make a trade, the alerts appear in 3 x stages: Watch, Alert then Trigger. Did you just join a chat room to find stocks in play? Who do you trust? Perhaps don’t trust anyone? Or, do you remove the human element and leave it up to software? Well, that’s what Stock Horizon is trying to do.

As you know, only a small amount of stocks move each day with range and volume. And for day traders, these are the stocks you want to trade. I call them Stocks in Play. Your challenge as a new trader is to find these stocks without spending endless hours. You need to find low float stocks that are moving. You cannot find these stocks unless you are using a good scanner.

How Does Stock Horizon Work?

  1. As early as 4:00 am, Gazer’s Top Watch, is scanning the market. And, by 9:32 am alerts of the best plays will be on your screen.
  2. The alerts are given for stocks Gazer feels can move more than 3%. These are  good candidates for day trading and especially coveted by traders who trade on momentum.
  3. Gazer claims there will be 8-10 alerts each day which makes sense. For those of you in the game a while you’ll know most action occurs in the morning.
  4. At this point you need to do your research. Time is not on your side. Our Stock Horizon review is here to help make sure you have the best information on what’s out there.

How to Trade the Gazer Alerts

Firstly, the pre-alert appears on you screen. Secondly, pull up the 1 and 5 minute chart. At this time I  plot support and resistance, check the news (why is the stock moving) and technicals. Thirdly, the market opens and if the stock is alerted on Gazer I buy if it fits my strategy.

Throughout the day you can simply scalp in and out of positions. There’s really no need to search for other stocks. It’s really as simple as that.

The Intra-Day Alerts

If you missed the morning movers, use Sonar intraday to keep track of what stocks are hot and which are gaining interest.

What’s more, this tool will help keep you focused on the right stocks.

Hot Keys

Day traders need a fast and flawless order execution as their entry and exits are often only literally one or two seconds apart. I often get in and out of trades in a matter of a few seconds.

You fingers better be warmed up. More often than not, an alert is triggered and the stock moves quickly. By the time the signal is given, the stock moves quickly in 30 sec to 1 min then quickly fails.

Experienced traders jump in at just the right time, take their profit, and get out. So, you better be a hot-key ninja to strike when the price is right.

Keep in Mind

If you don’t know, the trigger price is different from the alert price. Firstly, the trigger price is where the program actually gives the buy or sell alert. Secondly, the alert price means when it was added to the trade list but not triggered.

The alert price is like a neutral situation or undecided event alerting you that it is on the play list. Yes, there are some calls that work out and make 10%+ in a day but those stocks have some big catalyst like news behind them.

What Does Stock Horizon Cost? (Pricing Review)

  1. Stock Horizon Complete – $149 per month, automated alerts, long and short alerts, trigger prices and profit potential, watch list, opening range trading system, voice notifications etc.
  2. Day Trade Alerts – $99 per month, no active stock list, watch list time saver, live stock filtering etc
  3. Active Stock Monitor – $50 per month, no automated alerts

Users have three different options based on their wants: Stock Horizon Complete, Day Trade Alerts or Active Stock Monitor. For $149 USD a month, users will get both the day trade alerts and the active stock monitor.

In my opinion, the Day Trade Alerts package is all you need. The reason why is it offers the automated trade alerts based off their proprietary scanning tools.

Can You Make Money With This Software?

Yes, but it seems a lot of scalpers are using it as a contrarian indicator. Or, they know other traders are trapped so they scalp around the signal’s levels.

Because of this, you must use your own indicators to find the true direction of the stock. Do not rely on the alerts only, you need to think for yourself.

In my view, the major highlight of the program is that it gives you the most active stocks being played in the markets.

However, the negative thing about the program is that signals are not perfect. For example, it does not actively change calls throughout the day.


The major highlight of the program is that it gives you the most active stocks being played in the markets.

All in all, the prices are fair and I would recommend this tool to any active day-trader. For anyone interested I recommend to review the alerts.The negative

thing about the program is that signals are not perfect and it does not actively change calls throughout the day. The program has promise but it needs more work.

If You’re New

Many new traders don’t initially need a scanner. These scanners are costly, many over $100 a month. So, at the beginning of your day trading career, you will probably want to keep your expenses down as much as possible.

Luckily if you join a community of day and swing traders such as Bullish Bears, you will be able to see our scanner in real time.


  • No pumping and dumping stocks as the alerts are from a computer based algorithm, not a human trader
  • Software works on windows, OS X, Android or IOS devices
  • Watch lists start to populate early
  • Alerts for both long and short trades
  • Ideal for those with small accounts as a lot of alerts are for stocks under $10


  • The software is designed ONLY as an opening-range breakout/breakdown trading system
  • Can be overwhelming because of multiple alerts sounding at the same time.
  •  You need to be a hot-key ninja

Stock Horizon Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of Stock Horizon because the company is privately held.

Stock Horizon Review Final Thoughts

If you’re new to trading you need to carefully choose where you get your trading education. There’s nothing worse than joining a new room and the moderator shouts out “I’m long on XYZ”.

You jump on the proverbial bandwagon, buy and suddenly the price of the stock crashes. You are now what we call a “bag holder”. Don’t be a bag holder. The reality is, they are looking after #1, their own best interests. It makes sense, you should out you’re long, people rush to buy and then you dump after the price soars.

Luckily by becoming a member of Bullish Bears, you have access to our trade rooms where we absolutely prohibit pumping stocks.

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