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The Bullish Bears team does our best to make learning how to trade as affordable as possible for our community members. The free courses that you're going to gain access to would cost you $3,000+ elsewhere. We hope that you enjoy them.


You will gain access to our $3,000+ worth of free stock market courses by registering for your free account below. The process is simple. Just enter your name and email below and you'll receive a login and password to our website. Then, just login and you'll receive full access to our stock market courses.

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Free Stock Market Courses


Our desire is that our stock market course tutorials will really help you with your trading success. That’s our mission. To help YOU.  In the stock market course videos on our site, we'll be teaching you topics such as how to read candlesticks charts, day trading, swing trading, options trading techniques, how to set up your ThinkorSwim platform, and so much more. Read More


Tim, Dan, and Lucien are the owners of the Bullish Bears stock trading community. We’re just average guys that have an above average dream of helping people succeed in the stock market. We have a team of humble, reasonable, level headed guys and gals who forged this stock market community around helping others. It’s what we are all about. You won’t find flashy banner ads on our website promoting us as the greatest trading gurus in the world. That’s because we aren’t!  You won’t see pictures of us in Lamborghini’s with half-naked women hanging all over us. Sorry, but there are no Instagram pictures of us flying in private jets with loads of cash in front of us. And you won't see Lucien taking shirtless selfies in Bali because he's too lazy to work out, and he loves pizza too much. Read More



Many of times people pay thousands of dollars more for personal coaching sessions. Instead of putting together stock market courses that we could sell for thousands of dollars by making them look all fancy, we’ve gotten rid of the BS, made them jam-packed full of useful content, and we’re providing them to you for free. 

The content that’s in these stock market course tutorials would cost you thousands elsewhere. Put your money back in your pocket! 

Best of all…we allow you to become a member of our Facebook trading community of thousands of traders from around the world for free. The information that you’ll learn from these other traders will be invaluable to your learning experience. When you join our Facebook community, feel free to reach out and say hello to everyone.

Our stock market community is a friendly and helpful bunch. We like to think of our community as the "pay it forward" movement within the stock market. We might not change the game completely, however, we are willing to try one day at a time to help change the perception that this industry creates at times.


We strive as a stock market training community to help as many people that we can to become self sufficient and profitable traders. That's our passion. To offer a hand up, not a hand out.

The Bullish Bears team also offers 3 trade rooms, daily watch lists, and trading alerts to our community members. Other trading rooms and alert services cost $150+ per month. We are only a fraction of that cost. You can either join our membership based service right away. Or, you can register for a free account below and try us out for a bit first. Read More

Stock Training


It’s important to make at least a couple hundred paper trades first before trading with real money. can study our stock market course videos for a few months first, then join our community and start paper trading in a virtual account when you are ready. can join our stock trading community right away, study our courses for 1-2 hours today, and start overcoming the learning curve right from the start by immersing yourself into the community and learning from us. Read More


Naturally, the emotions of trading real money in the stock market can be very nerve racking and stressful. However, practicing and shadowing other traders over the course of a few months will really help prevent costly errors in a live account as well as shorten the learning curve.

Well...that's all for now. We've got lots in store for you and we can't wait to have you in our community!

Free Stock Market Courses

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One year into trading and I was in the red. By learning and following wisdom in the trading room 3... read more

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They here to help. Excellent info. I highly recommend.

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