Welcome to the Bullish Bears stock market courses! The stock market course videos that we provide to our members won’t be like any other courses that you’ll see out there. We’ve removed a lot of the fluff that you don’t need in our stock market courses.

The Bullish Bears team is all about delivering you the content that you need to become a successful trader. We do our best to get straight to the point in our stock market course videos without overwhelming you with the nonsense fluff and over using technical analysis terms. The goal is to make the learning experience easy for you. We keep things casual and explain everything in simple terms.

The free courses that you'll find on our website would cost you $3,000+ elsewhere. We try to do our best to make trading affordable for everyone, so we've saved you a lot of money in upfront costs when starting your trading education.

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Matthew B. Avatar

Great community, the guys that run it continually inform everyone on technicals, and post charts to help inform and protect... read more

Matthew B.
Tom Y. Avatar

Great community, I usually don't put my own input into the group because I'm new at trading, but I have... read more

Tom Y.
John B. Avatar

Solid, normal guys, looking to educate and help people- a rare thing these days

John B.