We provide you a list of the most popular stock market indexes aka indices companies below

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List of Major Stock Market Indexes AKA Indices With Charts

1. S&P 500 ($SPY)

2. Dow ($DJI)

3. Nasdaq ($QQQ)

4. Russell 2K ($RUT)

5. FTSE 100 ($FTSE)

6. Dax 30 ($DAX)

7. Nikkei 225 ($NKY)

8. Hang Seng ($HSI)

How Do Stock Market Indexes (Indices) Compare?

  1. S&P 500 ($SPY): measures 500 large caps in U.S. stock market
  2. Dow Jones ($DJI): compares 30 large cap U.S. stocks
  3. Nasdaq ($QQQ): index made up of 103 largest non-financial companies
  4. Russell 2000 ($RUT): small cap index of 2000 stocks
  5. FTSE 100/Footsie ($FTSE): 100 large cap companies on London Stock Exchange
  6. Dax 30 ($DAX): 30 blue chip German stocks on Frankfurt Exchange
  7. Nikkei 225 ($NKY): 225 stocks on the Tokyo Stock exchange
  8. Nifty 50 ($NIFTY): 50 large cap companies on India's stock exchange
  9. Hang Seng Index ($HSI): weighted index of Hong Kong's largest companies
  10. CAC 40: 40 largest stocks on the French stock market index
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What Does Stock Indices or Indexes Mean in the Stock Market?

  • Stock indexes aka indices measure specific sections of the stock market. Each index is made up of designated stocks that have a weighted average. These indices are common to track the overall markets and are also very popular to trade with futures and etf's.

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Stock Indexes Indices List

How Do I Find the Stock Market Indexes? (Indices List)

  1. Go to Google
  2. Type in stock market index or stock market indices
  3. Look at the top of the search results
  4. Locate all of the different major indexes
  5. Click on the index and find corresponding list.

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Stock Indexes Indices List