Welcome to the Bullish Bears Candlesticks Courses. 

These in depth candlesticks courses teach you about the most popular stock candlestick patterns and how to trade them with entries and stop losses.

  • Learn about the most common patterns
  • How to trade them as well as reversals
  • How the "Magic Eye" will give you clues
  • Why candlesticks are so important
  • Find out when to enter and exit trading
  • E-Book and wallpapers included free
  • See real world examples of patterns
  • Live examples of how to trade them
  • How they create support and resistance
  • Why candlesticks are so important
  • Where to place your stop levels
  • Gain access to "Next Level" training
  • See real world examples of reversals
  • Live examples of how to trade them
  • How they create support and resistance
  • Why reversals are so important
  • Where to place your stop levels
  • Gain access to "Next Level" training

Candlesticks Courses

If you’re looking to learn candlesticks then this course is for you. You're going to learn about the most popular candlesticks patterns and how to trade them, with entries and stop loss levels.

We highly recommend that you take this course once you have a solid foundation of trading and are ready to get started. We also include our free e-book and custom-made desktop wallpaper backgrounds. Register for your free membership below to gain access to our candlesticks courses.

  • Discover the Importance of Patterns
  • How The "Magic Eye" Transforms Trading
  • Find Out How to Buy Low & Sell High
  • Why Traders Pay Close Attention to Patterns
  • Find Out When to Enter & Exit Trades
  • Free E-Book & Wallpaper Backgrounds

Japanese Candlesticks Courses

The way candlesticks came about is quite an interesting story. In the 1700's a rice trader by the name of Homma wanted to develop a system that helped him track the price of rice versus emotion. Even hundreds of years ago, emotion affected the price of trading. As a result, candlesticks were born. Candlesticks by themselves tell a story. However, when grouped together, they form stock patterns. These stock patterns can tell you a lot about the potential future of where a stock will go. However, it's important to remember that they're not foolproof in any way. Read More

Stock Patterns
Stock Patterns

Candlesticks Are the Foundation

Stock patterns are the foundation of trading. If you don't know candlesticks and patterns, you'll be trading blind. They tell you so much from support and resistance to whether the stock can continue or is about to reverse. Again, it's important to remember that they're not 100% guaranteed. Stock patterns break down all the time. Hence the importance of taking the time to learn what candlesticks look like and mean. There are a lot of candlesticks and stock patterns to learn. Don't let that overwhelm you however. They become easier to learn over time.Read More

The Bulls vs the Bears

The stock market is a tug of war between buyers and sellers. This is known as the battle of the bulls and the bears. This battle forms candlesticks. Those candlesticks form stock patterns. In fact, this tug of war tells a powerful story. We can see the emotions of traders we've never met and don't know. 

If the majority of traders are bearish on a stock, you'll know. The opposite is true as well. As a result, you'll have a better idea of what trade to place. Just think of the support and resistance stock patterns and candlesticks show also. That way you know when to buy low and sell high.

However, 90% of new traders do the complete opposite. They buy high then panic when the price drops. As a result, they end up selling low. In other words, they buy at resistance and sell at support. That's a surefire way to blow up your brokerage account. Hence why knowing stock patterns goes a long way in giving you long term success as a trader.

Patterns Trading

If you want to learn the right way to trade, you can feel overwhelmed. There's so much to know. Why would't you want to follow a guru in and out of their trades? Doesn't that sound easier? It might be. However, we've learned the hard way that's the fastest way you lose your money.

That's why we started a Facebook stock training community. We wanted a community that viewed stock patterns and trading just like we did. It's a safe place to come and ask questions or just observe traders in action. 

Trading can be lonely. As a result, we could argue that having a solid stock training community is equally as important as learning the foundation, technical analysis, stock patterns and strategies. To have that camaraderie that a good community helps. Read More


Real-Time Stock Alerts

We offer real-time stock alerts as well as trade alert "setups" to our community members. Our real time alerts are on our private Twitter. They're geared towards higher priced stocks with options. Therefore, you can trade both options and shares if you're more comfortable with stocks. These are the alerts with entries and exits included. Our trading alerts setups are the support and resistance levels we've mapped out for our watch lists. These are levels to pay attention to not necessarily take the trade. You may find the alert triggers then goes in the opposite direction. Hence the importance of stock patterns. 

We never call out entries and exits on penny stocks because we want you to be in control and low float stocks are extremely volatile. So, our penny stock alert setups are a guide to help you become more comfortable as a day trader. Our swing trade "setups" act as a guide as well. Make sure to read how both of our alert services work on the pages above before taking any trades. Read More