Our Stock Picks Service Includes Two Different Stock Picking Strategies

We offer real-time stock alerts which are actionable and include entries and exits in our stock picks service. They are large cap options trades and you can follow when we get in and out of each trade. Shares can be traded instead if you'd prefer.

Also included in our stock picking service, we offer alert "setups" which map out key support and resistance levels of stocks that are potentially looking to break out. Detailed notes are included, and you decide if you are going to take the trade. 


Our stock picks service consists of two different types of trade alerts. First, we offer real-time and actionable stock alerts, which includes entries and exits. They are options trades which focus primarily on larger cap stocks. Shares can be traded instead of options if you'd prefer. We usually call out a couple of these trades per week.

We also offer free daily stock picks (aka trade "setups") in our stock picking service. Included are both small cap and large cap stocks and our alert "setups" are posted daily on our website. We include watch list videos on our YouTube channel which help guide you on how to trade them. Try both of our alerts free for 14 days. Read More

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Here at the Bullish Bears we've have a stock picks service for penny stocks, as well as larger cap stocks. You don't need to pay for fancy scanners if you don't have the money. Our stock picks service have stocks that range from $0.01 to $100 and above. That way you have the option of penny stocks and large cap stocks to trade.

We have real time real time stock alerts to pair with our stock picks if you prefer options or larger cap stocks. Along with the real time alerts we have trading setups also. These are for our smaller cap stocks. Since we're not pumpers these aren't the real time alerts. Instead, they're levels to pay attention to. Read More


Our stock picks service is available to paid members of our community. We have a pay if forward heartbeat that wants to give each and every trader a level playing field to learn and grow. As a result, we've built a community that espouses that pay it forward feel. You can ask any questions you have in our community. In fact, we offer a 14 day free trial for anyone who wants to see what we're about. We don't allow spammers or pumpers in because we want a safe environment for you. Read More

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