Our stock picks service includes two different stock picking strategies. We offer real time stock picks which are actionable and include entries and exits. We trade the best large cap companies and options trades. You can follow when we get in and out of each trade. Shares can be traded instead if you’d prefer.

Also included in our stock picking service, we offer alert “signals” which map out key support and resistance levels of stocks that are potentially looking to break out. Detailed notes are included, and you decide if you are going to take the trade. 

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Real-Time Stock Alerts

Real time stock picks which are actionable and include entries and exits. They are large cap options trades and you can follow when we get in and out of each trade.

Trade Alert Signals

Our alert “signals” map out key support and resistance levels of stocks that are potentially looking to break out. Detailed notes are included, and you decide if you are going to take the trade. 



Stock Picks Service: Real Time Stock Picking With Entries & Exits

  • Our stock picking service includes real time stock picks
  • We target large cap, highly liquid stocks with a tight bid/ask spread
  • Entries & exits are included
  • We also offer day trade stock picks “signals” with our daily watch lists
  • Stock picks are posted weekly


Stock Picks Service
Stock Picking Service

Our stock picks service consists of two different types of alerts. First, we offer real-time and actionable stock alerts, which includes entries and exits. They are options trades which focus primarily on larger cap stocks. Shares can be traded instead of options if you’d prefer. We usually call out a couple of these trades per week.

We also offer free daily stock picks (aka trade “setups”) in our stock picking service. Included are both small cap and large cap stocks and our alert “setups” are posted daily on our website. We include watch list videos on our YouTube channel which help guide you on how to trade them. Try both of our alerts free for 14 days.


At it’s most basic, a stock picks service is designed to help investors identify stocks that will outperform the market. So, rather than studying the market or going to a full-service investment firm, you can get guidance from a stock picking service.  

Aside from that, with the assistance of a stock picking service, you can buy back time. Whether its online grocery shopping or hired help to clean the house, we’re all about the things that make life easier.

The stock market is filled with thousands of stocks. As a result, stock market trading can work best when you have good stock picks service that finds good potential setups for you. 

They’re available for you no matter what the market is doing. Therefore, you can trade different sectors at different times.


Between the dinging of instant messages, emails and phone calls, most people barely have time to do the simplest things like go for a walk. It always feels that someone wants something. Amid this chaos, you know you should start investing, but you can’t even get out of your way to pick dinner for tonight. So how exactly are you supposed to pick a stock portfolio? 

Oh, and a balanced one at that. Or maybe not balanced, I don’t know. So what are you supposed to do? Enter the concept of a stock picks service. You’re probably wondering why someone would go this route. Well, in one word: Simplicity. OK, maybe we could add a second word to that: Efficiency. There are a few things you need to think of when trying to find the best stock picking service.

Real Time Stock Picks Service

Before you trade our free daily stock picks, make sure you’ve gone through proper stock training. A stock picks service doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know how to trade. The only way to use a stock picking service with success is to know when to get in and out of a trade. As well as where to put your stop losses. 

You want to know how to read charts for yourself. Just because you have a trade from a stock picks service doesn’t mean you jump in to trade without looking at the chart. What do the patterns tell you? Patterns aren’t 100% fool proof. As a result, just because we have stocks on our penny stocks list or our bitcoin stocks list, you still need to find where support and resistance are. Do the patterns show reversals or continuations? 

Make sure to download our free candlesticks e-book above with our desktop wallpaper backgrounds if you haven’t already. Why? Because candlesticks are the name of the game when trading. They show support and resistance levels. That’s everything when it comes to trading. Knowing when to buy low and sell high is key to becoming a profitable trader. Secret revealed!

In fact, our wallpaper backgrounds are great because they help to keep these patterns fresh in your mind every day. The more that you look at patterns, the more that these patterns will jump out at you. In fact, you’ll start seeing patterns in everyday life. 

Free Stock Market Courses ($3,000+ Value)
Bullish Bears Team

What Is a Stock Picker?

A stock picker is a person or company that offers a service on how to choose what stocks to trade. They could be large cap stocks or penny stocks.

Here at the Bullish Bears we’ve have a stock picks service for penny stocks, as well as larger cap stocks. You don’t need to pay for fancy scanners if you don’t have the money. Our stock picks service have stocks that range from $0.01 to $100 and above. That way you have the option of penny stocks and large cap stocks to trade.

We have real time real time stock alerts to pair with our stock picks if you prefer options or larger cap stocks. Along with the real time alerts we have trading setups also. These are for our smaller cap stocks. Since we’re not pumpers these aren’t the real time alerts. Instead, they’re levels to pay attention to.

Real Time Trading

What Is the Best Stock Picking Service? (Choosing the Right Picks)

  • Want stock picks to be real time
  • Make sure the stocks are reputable companies
  • Find tight spreads and that are highly liquid
  • Be careful of “only” naked options alerts
  • Spreads are the safest when options trading
  • Be careful of penny stock pumpers
  • Avoid mirror trading penny stock pumpers
  • Quality stock picks over quantity is best
  • Practice paper trading before using real money

Alert Signals

A stock pick service makes its bread and butter from giving advice and making recommendations. They do not promise results. Or better yet, they should not guarantee results. We can’t stress how important it is to remember this distinction.

As you know, the market fluctuates, and there’s no such thing as guaranteed results.  If a company or person guarantees you returns in the stock market, they’re lying. You and your money should run away as quick as possible. 

Take our trading courses so you know why and how to trade any stocks from a service. In fact, you can watch us build a couple of our watch lists on YouTube. Support and resistance for each stock we find on our stock scanners along with patterns are important because we want potential breakouts.

Make sure to read through our alerts and setups pages so you know the best way to utilize them. If you want to see morning gappers, check out our Trade Ideas page by 9:15 every morning.

These are the stocks that are moving for potential plays at the opening bell. Most days those stocks present good intraday trading plays for you to scalp. You can trade these stocks with our stocks lists. Then you have a lot of options to find movers.

Candlesticks Charts E-Book

We can’t stress enough the importance of learning patterns when trading, and you better believe we run analysis on the stock patterns before we send out a stock alert. They form the essential support and resistance levels that traders need to be aware of when trading.

They provide a good gauge of when to potentially enter and exit a trade. We say it over and over but patterns aren’t foolproof. Nothing is in the trading world. Bull patterns fail and bear patterns fail. You have to just keep on your toes and be ready.

We’re not going to sugar coat anything. We’re real that trading is hard, especially when you are new. In fact, 90% of traders fail. Usually they vive up before they might of actually gotten it. Don’t let that statistic scare you however. If you put in the time and dedication is requires to become a good trader, you’ll have a skill that that’s a lifetime. We are one of the best stock picking service companies in the industry. We don’t trade pump and dumps. Try our stock picks service free below.

We offer two free candlesticks courses on our website. We want to help you learn the most popular candlesticks patterns. Therefore, we have one course that focuses on the most popular bigger patterns and another course that focuses on the smaller reversal patterns. You need to know this because reversal patterns are found in the bigger overall patterns. And that can change how you trade from a list.

Reversals are the patterns that help traders get better entries, And they give warnings on when to potentially exit a trade. Again, you need to know when to buy and sell in trading. Hence why it’s so important to take the time to learn candlesticks, especially before trading our free daily stock picks.



It should come as no surprise that you need to be selective with whom you take financial advice from. You wouldn’t take stock trading advice from a stranger on the subway, and you shouldn’t follow recommendations from an online company you know nothing about. It’s essential to find out how long a stock picks service has been around, who runs the company and how transparent is it?

How does the company’s track record compare to other services and/or broader market returns? If the company has only been around a year or two, run out of some dorm room in some foreign country, you might have better luck at the horse races. 


Get Started Today

Our stock picks service is available to paid members of our community. We have a pay if forward heartbeat that wants to give each and every trader a level playing field to learn and grow. As a result, we’ve built a community that espouses that pay it forward feel.

You can ask any questions you have in our community. In fact, we offer a day free trial for anyone who wants to see what we’re about. We don’t allow spammers or pumpers in because we want a safe environment for you.

In fact, we offer a free trial for anyone who wants to see what we’re about. We don’t allow spammers or pumpers in because we want a safe environment for you.

Track Record

Whether you’re shopping around for a realtor or a new swim coach for your child, it’s crucial to know what their record of success is? What are their sales percentages? What about their number of games won or lost? The same with a stock picks service. So ask them, “what percentage of their picks winners”? Does the track record seem legitimate? Ask them to show you the data; the data doesn’t lie. Well, just as long as the data isn’t skewed. 

Unfortunately, data can be easily manipulated to spin results. Manipulation of data happens a few ways; companies report on cumulative performance and others on selective performance. Let’s look at both and why you need to beware.

Some companies average all of their picks and give you a cumulative performance rate. Typically the winners and losers average out, and you’re left with a 50% win/lose rate. But this is not accurate. Furthermore, selective performance is just as shady. Selective performance is when the company promotes a specific stock pick they made over the years.

Take Google, for example. Perhaps they recommended it ten years ago, and it’s been doing great ever since. But, this single pick could have been lucky, and the results do not necessarily translate into the future performance of other stocks. When trying to decide which stock picks service to go with ensure the company reports on both their winners and losers. Be cautious of padded track records or companies who have a few big winners to cover up their overwhelmingly high amount of losers.


If you look back the last five years, you could have placed hundred’s of different trades on hundreds of different stocks. Some would be winners and others would be losers. Take Facebook for example. In the last year, you could have made 40% or lost 40% depending on your entry.

What we’re getting at is that any quality stock pick hinges on the amount of time you have. So when choosing a stock picks service, make sure their time frames line up with yours. If you’re approaching retirement and the stock picking service is recommending long-term stocks (i.e. over 20 years), it’s probably not going to work for you. On the flip side, if you’re young and have time, jump in and buy those long term growth stocks. 

Trying to save a few extra bucks by pinching pennies might cost you more in the long run in the form of bad picks. A cheap service is probably cheap for a reason. On the other hand, just because something costs a lot, doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Cost doesn’t always equal value. 

That said, there’s a fine line between balancing your profits and the cost spent to acquire information. For example, a stock picking service that costs $99 a year might be a great deal. But one that costs $999 a year might wipe out all your profits. The best service doesn’t always have to cost the most.

Risk Management