Stock Rover Review

Stock Rover Review

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This Stock Rover review examines their investment research platform’s pros, cons, and pricing. This platform is focused on the demand from real investors. As a result, they are different from most equity research sites. Features include screening, research, charting, and portfolios.

Why would I want to look at an investment research company and offer a Stock Rover review as a trader? That just isn’t normal. Well, true. However, Stock Rover isn’t just a normal investment research company; I have used it to find trades as often as I used it for investment. There are a lot of “investment research” tools out there.

Stock Rover is an investment research platform for all investors. Their platform is built around the demand from real investors. They are different from most equity research sites. Features include screening, research, charting, and portfolios. We can use the metrics from the investment side to determine trade ideas. So, why Stock Rover? Stock Rover offers analysis tools. And this is the key point I want to focus on. Finding a good trade setup can sometimes be hard to do. 

Even after a setup is found, we still wonder if the setup can be trusted in the current market conditions. One way to thread the needle on this problem is to find the setups and check the metrics behind the pattern.


In this Stock Rover review, I want to highlight some of the key features I have used to measure various companies, looking for weaknesses or identifying strengths.

The reason should be clear if you think about it. Take the chip sector, for example. Why trade one chip sector company over another? Especially if the chart setups are both in a bullish signal.

A company with weaker numbers may be vulnerable to missed earnings or negative forward guidance at earnings, causing the market to sell off drastically. I wouldn’t want to close a position each time earnings circled.

In this Stock Rover review, there are several things we need to cover; screening, charting, research, advanced web application, and connection with your brokerage.

Let’s start with that linkage to your broker. I’ve traded from a lot of different trading companies. I’ve linked my brokerage accounts to a lot of different services.

I must say Stock Rover was the easiest connection I have ever experienced. I now wonder why no one else can make the connection as easily! 

Stock Rover Website

Stock Rover Performance Review 

Once connected to the brokerage, Stock Rover can benchmark your portfolio for performance, test for correlation to ensure diversification, run analysis, and send alerts. And even offer portfolio re-balancing to correct drift.

I know we can find a portfolio analysis tool anywhere nowadays. But can you find one offering charting, screening, web-based services, and research?

Research sounds good; until you start thinking about what kind of research you want to accomplish. For example, I’m not a Wall Street investor with a degree in finance.

I don’t have a background in corporate metrics and data analysis. So what kind of research am I going to be doing?

With Stock Rover, I can do an amazing array of research. Not only does it have pre-built research tools designed for someone like me, but also individualized settings.

As a result, a trained investor can develop their metrics. The pre-built research tools include Piotroski F-Score, Fair Value, Altman-Z, Shiller P/E, and other advanced metrics. 

Stock Screening


Stock Rover convinced me when I realized the research was developed based on known metrics, but I wanted more. I’m a natural trader.

So my gravity tends to be focused on momentum. This was perhaps a bit short-sighted. Stock Rover doesn’t just have screening strategies for momentum. It also has 129 other pre-built screens! Now, I like having things pre-built, but I have taken my time to develop a screening setup I like. I wanted to use my screener on Stock Rover. I wasn’t disappointed.

There are over 500 metric combinations for screening, including historical data. To me, I had found the gold mine of data.

All this may sound great, but is it easy to use? Will you need to take classes and spend hours learning these tools? No. This was the best part.

With Stock Rover, it has all the power of a Wall Street analysis and the user interface of a typical search engine. If you don’t want to develop your tools, you already have the trading strategies from the biggest names in the business at the click of a button.

These Guru strategies come from Peter Lynch, Joel Greenblatt, and Benjamin Graham! Apply these to help you rank a market or a watch list of markets to determine which companies score best. It even has the famed CAN SLIM criteria.

Stock Rover Charts

A Stock Rover review wouldn’t be complete without closely examining the charts. As a trader, I’m constantly developing charts that fit a layout to my tastes.

Which shows me what I am interested in without giving me squinting headaches. The real gem in the charting is what’s on the charts.

You can plot the same metrics discussed above on a chart. Then compare those markets. Forget looking at a bunch of tables and trying to compare the numbers.

Run a scan, highlight strengths or weaknesses, and plot that on a chart compared to another set of metrics. Stock Rover offers this; they also offer the ability to chart and compare one of your portfolios to another and benchmark those to the S&P 500.

We cannot have a review of Stock Rover without discussing the idea that no one wants to be at their desk anymore. With enhanced web-based applications, we can no longer perform research chained to our trading rigs.

What I found interesting is the fact that the browser functions a lot like an application. For example, I could detach panels and then collapse them or line them up in size to make comparisons.

I was able to eliminate a lot of different services. So I saved money by opening my Stock Rover account and closing some screening and alert services.

I like that because I want to make money in the market and keep it, not spend it on more services.

Profile Metrics

I want to stop here a moment and look at what we covered. Investors can find all the tools for market fundamentals, fundamental analysis, benchmarks, and ranking.

And charting with an application that crosses from computers, phones, and tablets while connecting with their brokers to monitor their portfolios, set alerts, and develop trade ideas.

Traders can begin developing an investment portfolio based on predetermined research analytics without taking hours of classes to become investment gurus.

All while saving money by eliminating screener tools and alert services. This crossing between the financial and technical trader can offer anyone an opportunity to become something more; an informed, well-rounded market analyst.

One thing that Stock Rover does, which I found valuable, is portfolio metrics. For example, I like having my swing trade profit and loss compared to my investment portfolio.

When I wanted to develop a few hedge trades to protect my investments from a market downturn, I could easily identify how big the hedge needed.

We never want our hedge to become the source of our risk. And this means we need to beta-weight our portfolio. I spent lots of time learning how to do this on my own.

But I still needed to scrub through my monthly statements from my broker to identify where my accounts were. All of that is now behind me, and I can easily identify how much hedge I need and where it should activate in a market correction.


Wall Street analysts should be upset with a company like Stock Rover because it can turn the average trader like me into an investor trader.

While I’m sure many actual investment people out there are not active swing traders or day traders who would love this powerful tool, I am also sure I don’t speak their language.

With Stock Rover, a professional trader and a professional investor can find a common form of communication; the ranking and screener analysis allows both types to find what is important to them and display that in the clearest way possible.

I wanted to compare Stock Rover to another investment analytics firm, but I couldn’t find one that offered the same powerful tools.

With all of this, what else could we ask from Stock Rover? Webinars. While I found the Stock Rover features very friendly and easy to use, I have to recognize that I have a lot of experience with charts, analysis, data, metrics, and web applications.

What about the new person who is not a trader or an investor? Stock Rover has a dedicated library of videos and tools, a support database, chartable metrics, sectors and stocks, industries, analyst ratings and estimates, cash flow statements, and more.

Rank and Screen

When I started swing trading, I learned about stock rank or stock score, which became a powerful way to narrow down the marketplace.

I’m not interested in only the mega-cap companies, nor only in markets within a certain dollar amount; this can leave me with a large pool of stocks to weed through.

The problem with ranking or scoring is knowing the formula behind it. Stock Rover lets you develop the screener settings to weight criteria you find important, or you can choose the rank system built in.

The data is easy to understand and easy to change as well. The best part? Stock Rover gives a very clear explanation for each, and this can help you choose what is important if you are new and don’t know where to start.

So, after developing a ranking system or using the built-in features, you can begin weeding out the companies which do not compete well against their peers in an industry, sector, or any other criteria you want to measure it against.

From there, we can run a correlation to determine how many of these companies left in the scanner are running in the same influence and diversify our investments or swing trades to avoid exposing our portfolio. It is that simple. Whoever said that investing is hard did not have the right tools.

Stock Rover Review Final Thoughts

I covered various topics in this Stock Rover review, from web-based applications to pre-built scanning and benchmark metric tools to portfolio management and investment analytics.

The ability to grow as a trader comes from our tools and market exposure. My trading style changed once I joined Stock Rover, and maybe that alone was worth the subscription to their services.

Stock Rover WMT Chart

$WMT…nice fundamental play and a nice margin of safety!

The changes in what I trade and how I trade certainly increased my portfolio diversity and ROI. But, ultimately, this is what it is all about; the bottom line.

Stock Rover is the best place to start if you’re interested in taking control of your portfolio and saving time searching for the next investment while getting freedom from your office chair.

If you are new to trading and investing or are a seasoned professional, this collection of professional tools will take you (and your portfolio) to the next level.

As with everything in the marketplace, getting a clear picture and planning for the future is critical. Look no further than Stock Rover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Stock Rover Essentials: $7.99 per month, Sale Price - $79.99 / year 1st year/$139.99 / 2 years
  • Premium: $17.99 per month, Sale Price - $179.99 1st year, $319.99 first 2 years
  • Premium Plus: $27.99 per month, Sale Price - $279.99  1st year, $479.99  first 2 years
  • Get updated pricing here

Investors cannot purchase shares of Stock Rover because the company is privately held.

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