The Bullish Bears offers two types of stock signals for our members. 1: Real-time options alerts, which include entries and exits. 2: Trade alert signals for large cap stocks, with detailed notes included.

We want to be very clear that we aren’t like traditional stock signal services! Both of our services are meant to “teach” you how to trade. Please paper trade them first until you know how to trade.

Real-Time Stock Alerts

Real-time stock alerts that are actionable and include entries and exits. They are large-cap options trades that are posted inside of our alert server in Discord.

Trade Alert Signals

Our “alert signals” map out key support and resistance levels of stocks that are potentially looking to break out. Detailed notes are included. Entries and exits are not posted. 

How Do I Get Stock Market Buy Sell Signals?

Our watch lists and stock signals target stocks that might be looking to break out in the near term. The key term is “might”. There are no guarantees when trading. We have a playlist on our YouTube showing what we look for when creating our watch lists and signals if you need more guidance. Also, we have several free courses that teach you how to trade on our member’s website. Please do not follow any of our signals unless you know how to trade!

  • Trade Alert Signals
  • Large Cap Stocks
  • YouTube tutorial videos
  • Trade Rooms Available for Members
  • Posted inside of our Discord

Different Types of Stock Market Signals

Stock Market Signals

What Is a Stock Signal?

A stock signal is an alert that lets you know when a security is breaking a major support or resistance level. It alerts you on when to potentially enter or exit a position.

We offer two types of stock market signals to our community members. The first that we offer is real-time options signals. This is where we post entries and exits on options trades. We typically post credit or debit spreads, with occasional calls or puts.

Next, we offer stock market signals with our swing trade watch lists. These are different than our options signals and do not have entry and exits. It’s important to realize that our signals are meant to be used as a “teaching” guide. Please do not follow any of them unless you know how to trade and paper trade them first.

Real-Time & Alternative Signals

Our real-time options signals typically focus on large caps stocks or sectors. They could be a combination of short-term or longer-term plays, depending on the setup. Shares could be traded instead if you’d prefer.

You want to buy low and sell high for profit right?! This is precisely what our stock market buy and sell signals provide. They map out key support and resistance levels and give you a “guide” on when to potentially buy and sell. We don’t post entries and exits. They go with our penny stocks and large caps watch lists that we post several times per week. Both of our stock signals are posted inside of our Discord.

Penny Stock Signals

If you rely completely on another trading service to call out any type of stock market buy and sell signals then you could blow up your brokerage account. Low float penny stocks are extremely volatile and if you rely solely on another guru or company to call out these trades to you then you could get burnt.

Yes, our process takes more time because you’ll need to put in the effort to learn how to trade, but the process is worth it. This way, you’ll become in control of your own trading destiny rather than relying on someone else that has their own best interests at heart and not yours.

Traditional penny stock signals tell you when another trading guru enters into and then sells a penny stock. While this may sound enticing, this is a perfect way to blow up your brokerage account. This process is called mirror trading and is very dangerous because penny stocks are notorious for pumping and dumping. 

If you are following a guru into a penny stock trade then you’re always going to be late to the trade. The guru will always enter into their trade before they call out their penny stock signal to their followers. They will also sell before calling out their exits as well. Do you see why this is a dangerous way to trade?

We have free penny stocks courses if you’d like to learn how to trade them.

Options Signals

Options can be just as volatile as penny stocks or more. They are more difficult to “pump” compared to penny stocks, but they still are risky. Calls and puts give you the best reward potential but are also the riskiest. Debit and credit spreads have less reward potential but help limit your risk. We have free options courses available if you’d like to learn how to trade options.


Please read our disclaimer before following any of our trades and what we talk about in our trading community. It’s important to realize that trading is risky. Nothing is foolproof when trading. Our team loses on trades. Please use any of our signals as a “teaching” guide to practice and learn to trade. Always paper trade first before using real money.

How to Pick a Stock

How Do You Pick a Stock?

  • Search for stocks holding highs/support
  • Look at daily charts for breakouts/continuation
  • Check 1 hr charts for near term movement
  • Next, map out support and resistance levels
  • Create stock signals for breaks of previous close
  • In premarket, look if stocks are breaking signals
  • Check for premarket volume and breaking news
  • Narrow down your watch list before open
  • At open, watch for stocks that are breaking highs
  • Take a trade if the setup is there
Real Time Stock Trading Signals

Stock Market Signals Meaning

Stock market buy and sell signals are meant to work as a guide on where to enter and exit a potential trade. Knowing where to enter and when to exit is key to becoming a profitable trader. Support and resistance levels are important to understand before entering into any trade. 

It’s important to never blindly follow anyone into a trade. Also, do not rely on anyone to tell you when to enter or exit a position. Our signals are meant to “teach” you how to trade.

Learning how to trade takes time and mirror trading is not the way to do it. Yes, it’s important to learn from other traders, but blindly copying their trades is a recipe for disaster when trading.

We always stress to our followers to learn trading first before following any of our trades. Even though our real time swing trading signals are solid, we are still wrong at times. We don’t make successful trades 100% of the time. No trading service can offer you that.

That’s why we teach our members the skillsets that it takes to learn how to trade for themselves.

Is there any such thing as the best stock indicator? Most traders don’t realize that the majority of trading indicators are lagging indicators, which means that they aren’t reliable. The best stock indicators are price action and volume. Candlestick patterns show you important support and resistance levels and stock volume helps to confirm breakout and breakdown levels.

Indicators such as moving average lines, macd, and rsi are lagging indicators and should only be used as a guide or help confirm a trade but are not meant to be foolproof. There are no foolproof indicators when trading.

Learning how to understand candlesticks and price action is the name of the game when trading. Candlesticks form important patterns that give traders the edge they need to help confirm when to enter and exit a trade. While nothing is foolproof when trading, price action is the best trading indicator that we have at our disposal. 

We talk about support and resistance a lot within our trading community because it’s the foundation of everything as a trader. Buy low and sell high if you are going long or sell high and buy low to cover if you are going short. It’s important to realize that patterns do fail, so this is where cutting your losses and proper risk management is key.

We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to learn these skillsets for yourself and not rely on us or another trading service to do the work for you because everyone gets trades wrong at times. We have free courses and trade rooms to help “teach” you.

Stock Market Signals

How Do You Trade Stock Market Signals?

  • Enter our Discord
  • Upload watch lists into your broker account
  • Set up alert signals
  • Map out support and resistance levels
  • Look for tickers breaking highs
  • Watch for stock market signal triggers
  • Decide whether to enter a trade
  • Always paper trade until comfortable