• October 18, 2019

Watch our video on stock trading chat rooms.

As we know in the trading world, experience matters. But, what if you do not have it? For those new to the game, stock trading chat rooms can play a significant role to help you through the nuances of the game. 


In my personal opinion, nothing can match the benefit that one can get from learning through an experienced traders live processes. To see how their mind works, their decision-making process, and how they control their emotions is valuable information.

Luckily for beginners, the various stock trading chat rooms have made it easy for them to dive headfirst into the markets without too much skin in the game.

While there's no better investment than in an instructor who perfects his or her craft right before your eyes, there are additional benefits to joining a stock trading chat room.

Let's review some of the features that make the best stock trading chat rooms great.

Stock Trading Chat Rooms


Yes, they're legal, but they're not regulated. You take the advice of non-professionals and professionals for that matter at your own risk.

So if you or other people in that room do something, and it goes against you, it is your own fault, and you have no recourse for your actions.

What would be illegal is if a group of people coordinated the buying (or selling) of a specific stock for the particular purpose of moving the price.

And if they did that, there would be a clear record of it, and they would all get prosecuted.


A stock trading service will offer a daily watch list, or a list of stocks they think will have a big move. Depending on the type of service you sign up for it could be a heads up for potential day or swing trading opportunities.   

Unlike alerts, these watch lists usually have a detailed explanation as to why and how they are expected to move. All very good information for the new traders. 

When shopping around for stock trading chat rooms, it's key to find out the type of trader the moderator(s) is. Are they conservative or aggressive?

What's their approach to analyzing the market? How do they narrow down the stock picks? Does their trading philosophy match yours? 

Take some time online and find the reviews written on the different stock trading chat rooms; one that will give you the good, the bad and the ugly. 


A day trading chat room and a swing trading chat room is the same thing, right? They both give tips on stock trading

So surely they're just fancy names for what's essentially trading? In actual fact, they're very different. From a traditional trading perspective, the answer is pretty simple; let's explore.


 Before you take the plunge and sign up for a service, you need to do a bit of work on your end. Do you know your trading style? Will you rely on technical or fundamental analysis?

Are you available during the "right" hours to trade on momentum? Can you stomach momentum trading? Your answers to these questions will help a lot in narrowing your search criteria.

To start, you must access your availability, your account size, and whether or not you want to trade on the fundamentals or technicals. All of these parameters will help you choose the right chat room.

If for example, you work during the prime momentum trading hours, it would be pointless to join a momentum chat room. Likewise, if your goal is to trade futures, it makes no sense to sign up for a swing trade chat room. 

Read our stock market basics post if you want to learn more.


Once you've decided on the type of trader you want to be, it's crucial to find out the services the chat room provides.

Some trading chat rooms offer text messages. While others incorporate audio and visual capabilities. Depending on the nature of your trading, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

And as you grow, you can always look out for more advanced options. Without further ado, here are a few picks you might like.


Hats off to one of the largest and most popular day trading chat rooms led by veteran trend trader Nathan Michaud.

Trend trading is basically throwing out testers with small size, selling on pops, and adding on dips when the stock starts trending in the direction you're thinking. 

Like other trading chat room services, Investors Underground offers both momentum, swing and OTC chat rooms. The chat room provides many great day trades and swing trade ideas and set up on everything from small-cap penny stocks to large caps stocks.

What I like about Investors Underground is they verify every single trade, including the losing ones.  And, with over $3.1 million in Broker verified profits, they know what they are doing.

Further to that, the customer support is very reliable with immediate chatroom replies. You'll get the answers you need from millionaire traders who would be more than willing to help you out.

With over 11 moderators ready to help and assist new traders in the chat room, watch lists and informative learning videos, Investors Underground is highly popular among traders.


As a member of Investors Underground, you get detailed nightly watch lists that are narrowed down 30 minutes before market open. Also, members are given real-time trading alerts during market hours.

Unfortunately, despite their impressive trading chat rooms, Investors Underground still has some flaws. For one, since there are a lot of members in the room.

Especially the momentum chatroom where it can be noisy.  About 20% of members are newbies with no experience of trading.

So with this in mind, you need to be careful who you take advice from. I also don't like the fact that they don't provide screen sharing like other chat rooms such as the Bullish Bears. 

Investors Underground can also be quite costly, depending on your financial situation. Expect yourself to pay around $197-$297 a month for access.

And unfortunately, they don't offer trials, but they do have a bunch of free content on YouTube. Read our post on trading penny stocks for more info.


With over 50,000 subscribers to their YouTube channel and thousands on their Facebook page their chat rooms are not to be overlooked. 

Bullish Bears offers a suite of services from free stock market courses, live streaming stock trading rooms, watch lists and trade alerts. Their guiding principle is to provide a "safe place" for those to learn and bond.

With compassion and empathy making up the fabric of Bullish Bears, their company is a breath of fresh air. Especially in an industry that can be intimidating to new traders.

Overall, Bullish Bears is a welcoming and tranquil place for new traders. Like Investors Underground, Bullish Bears offers a multitude of trading chat rooms and nightly watch lists.

Their chat rooms are dedicated to day trading and swing trading. In fact, you can see not only stocks but options and Futures talked about.

Once in the chat room, the stream describes the common patterns playing out on the charts so traders can help identify what to trade.

They incorporate many of the classic candlestick patterns ranging from bull/bear flags, double tops/bottoms, wedges and head-and-shoulders patterns. 

Despite the fact that the room is not as populated as Investors Underground (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing), the moderators are extremely helpful. 

Stock Trading Chat Rooms


Without a doubt, the live screen share is hands down, the most helpful feature Bullish Bears subscribers have access to. During the screen share, the moderators go through the different stock picks and setups.

They point out why or why not the stock would be a right candidate for a trade. Just to hear and see how a trader analyzes a stock provides members with invaluable information; way more than a simple trade room shout out where everyone rushes in blind to buy.  

Bullish Bears goes out of their way to make sure you don’t go in blind. In fact, they flat out refuse to shout out plays.

They want you to learn how to trade so you can make your own decisions. Quite frankly, this is how a trade room should be. It gives great stock training to newbies.


I never thought the day would come where a computer would find and execute trades, but it’s here, and her name is Holly.

Trade Ideas is a trading service that use artificial intelligence (AI) to find trading opportunities that humans theoretically would miss. It does, however, come at the cost of about $200/month.

But, their chat room is free, yes, free! And easy to sign up for; a credit card isn’t even required. Barrie Einarson and the team of moderators do a pretty good job of keeping the conversation clean.

However, since it’s a free platform, the chatroom has its share of trolls. Now, in terms of value, it can’t be beaten, trolls considered.

Also, you can watch the Holly trade in real-time rather than just observing the charts for ideas on what stocks to trade.

According to Trade Ideas, this software program helps you avoid the trap of emotional trading and will boost your success rate. 

One downside of the chat room is that since it’s free, it is busy and impersonal. You might not have the personal touch you would have in a service you pay for.

It’s your call, but in my own experience, I liked having access to the moderators without feeling like just another number.


At the end of the day, what matters is the quality of service you get for the money you put out. Either you feel comfortable with highly active chat rooms or the ones with limited subscribers.

It’s best to check for yourself. Check out three to four trade rooms that are popular and give yourself time to safely evaluate what’s happening inside the trade room.

Check out the style, the flow and give your brain a break as you adjust to the new scenery and format. You need to find what works best for you before you decide to pay for one. 

Day trading isn't easy. Don’t let anyone allow you to believe otherwise. There is no magic pill to make money from trading. However, with stock trading chat rooms, you can improve your chances of having successful trades. 

Over time, it should be easy to figure out what you should focus on, and what you can ignore completely. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help along the way.  

Bullish Bears offer tons of free content and courses and a free trial so you can come in and see what it’s all about. No pumping and dumping.

It just day trading but swing, futures and options. We provide a full play by play analysis of the stocks, pointing out patterns, support and resistance, trading psychology, trends, indicators and more.

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