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In this free stock trading course for beginners you're going to learn the basics of trading, how to get started, the importance of support and resistance and what it take to become a consistent and profitable trader.


If you’ve been searching on how to learn the stock market then you’ve come to the right place. In our free stock trading course for beginners you’re going to learn how to get started in the stock market. We highly recommend that you take this course if you are new and need a basic foundation on how to become a stock trader. Register for your free membership below to gain access to our basic stock trading course.

  • Learn How to Open a Brokerage Account
  • How the Different Sectors Work When Trading
  • Discover the "Magic Eye" of Candlesticks
  • Find Out How to Chart Support & Resistance
  • The Importance of Risk Management 


The Bullish Bears team is all about keep things real in our community. In fact, you'll hear us say time and time again that we don't sugar-coat anything. You won't hear many other stock trading companies saying this is hard and most traders will end up failing. In fact, they quit before they truly ever get started.

Many traders blow up their brokerage accounts because they either don't know what they are doing or they're just too lazy to put in the hard work that it takes to become a successful trader. That's why we put together this free stock trading course to help you.

stock trading courses
Stock Trading Courses


Are we telling you this because we are trying to scare you away? Absolutely not! ​In fact, we just want to set proper and realistic expectations for those that are looking to enter the world of stock trading and become serious traders. As a result, we are looking for people that want a hand-up and NOT a hand-out.

So, now that we've got your attention...are you ready to get all of the magic secrets on how to get rich quickly in the stock market? Read More


Don't get us's incredibly important to learn both technical and fundamental analysis when stock trading. However, it's most important to make sure that your head is on straight first before getting started.

If you are terrified of losing money and your emotions get the best of you at times then it's important to realize that chasing "magic indicators" will not solve your trading woes. If you're looking to become a successful trader then you need to have a healthy mix of the proper mindset as well as trading knowledge. As a result, you need both if you want to become a profitable trader long term. Read More



We have three trade rooms that we provide to our community members. In effect, our trading chat rooms are where the action really takes place each day. The Bullish Bears team live streams the markets every morning for a couple hours and does live trading, real-time mentoring, charting and training for our trade room members.

Make sure to take our free stock trading course for beginners first before trading with real money.

We strive to help our community members to become self-sufficient traders. In fact, we're not stock pumpers. Teaching is our passion. As a result, we help to empower our members to become their own traders and not rely upon some guru to call out trades to them. 

We are all about giving a hand-up and not a hand-out to our community. In the long run, this mindset will help you to become a profitable trader.


Remember, trading is hard. Consequently, you need to be in control of every decision that you make as a trader. If you rely upon someone else to make your trading decisions for you then you're going to end up failing as a trader.

Each day we have lots of people that bring great energy and camaraderie in our trade rooms. As a result, we love the positive and helpful nature of our members. We also share our stock scanners live.

Free Stock Market Courses


The Bullish Bears teams provides daily trade alerts along with watch lists to our stock market trading community members. However, we are not your traditional alert trading service​. Again...we are not stock pumpers. Instead, we map out key support and resistance levels for each stock on our watch list and provide these detailed alerts to our members.

From's up to you to make you own trading decisions. We do not call out entries and exits because this mindset is detrimental to a traders success. need to be in control of every trading decision that you make. 

Again, make sure to take this stock trading course first before you trade with real money. Read More



Even then, you’ll want to practice with a very small amount of money. Shoot for small gains and make sure to always have good trading risk management. In fact, it’s important to always have at least a 2:1 profit loss ratio on every trade. Therefore, if your stop loss is $0.10 then make sure that you could make at least $0.20 on your trade.

If you’re a long term trader then it’s still important to have a 2:1 profit loss ratio on your trades. If you have $1.00 stop loss then make sure that you could make at least $2.00 on your trade. Read More

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