Check Out Our List of the Top Stock Trading Tools in the Market

Are you looking for good stock trading tools to help you become a more profitable stock market trader? Stock tools are important to have if you want to become a better trader.

Below is a list of the top ones in the industry, including some of the best free trading tools. 


Having the best stock trading tools gives you a leg up on the competition. The goal of all traders is to make money. Therefore, you need to have the best tools in your arsenal. As a result, you'll be able to find the best potential setups to trade as well as have the best brokers and the best scanners. Here at the Bullish Bears, we've researched the best free trading tools with paid ones, and put together reviews all in one easy place for you to research and read more about. As a result, you'll be able to find the stock trading tools that best fit your needs and trading style.

Stock Trading Tools
Stock Scanners


What do stock trading tools get you? Are they worth it? Every trader is looking for an edge. We all want to turn a profit right? As a result, we have stock trading tools to help us find the best setups. Trading is all about the battle of the bulls and the bears. You want your side to win right? 

That's where stock market tools come in. They can be great for confirmation of what you're seeing. Then you can use them to record your trades with a company like Tradervue. A trading journal is a highly underrated trading tool. You never realize how it helps to keep track of trades until you hit a rough patch. Then you can go back and look at what was successful and what wasn't with stock trading tools. Read More


What is TradingView? Are they stock market tools you should look at? In short, yes. They're a popular charting platform. As you know, charts are the foundation of trading. Charts are how we know what other traders are feeling. Without them, we all the stock  trading tools in the world would mean nothing. 

They offer so much. For example, stock scanners, real time news, hotkeys, alerts and watch lists and paper trading. If you don't have a fancy platform as a new trader, TradingView could be a great trading tool for you.  In fact, TradingView is the chart supplier for That right there tells you how good this tool is. Check out our TradingView review to learn more about this charting company. Read More

Stock Trading Tools


Stock market tools like Benzinga are another great tool in your toolbox. Benzinga is a great news source for breaking news. However, they don't stick to just breaking news. They also have options alerts, chat rooms, rumors, analyst ratings and much more. Benzinga offers so many stock market tools that you'll always be up on what's happening. Have you ever heard the saying "buy the rumor, sell the news"? Read More


Stock trading tools such as charting, trading journals or news sources help to give you a leg up on the competition. Tools shouldn't be the be all end all however. There's a lot more to trading than just the stock trading tools you have. Although they do a lot to help you out. 

Support and resistance along with patterns and candlesticks need to be studied and practiced. In fact, we have live trading rooms where we stream everyday. Not only do we talk patterns and setups, but we show you the stock market tools we use as well. As a result, you can see it in action before you decide to use them yourself.


You've probably noticed how often we've mentioned support and resistance. That's because it's the foundation of trading. Without support and resistance, we wouldn't be successful traders. Even the best stock trading tools in the world can't help if you don't know support and resistance. They act as a pretty good indicator for buying and selling. 

As a result, you get better entries on a breakout or a better short position on a bearish reversal. Many times new traders don't know this. Therefore, they buy at resistance and end up selling at support. Which means they took a loss. Many times they don't understand why they took a loss on a stock that was running. We know this because we've been there. Once we learned how to trade with support and resistance, then paired it with stock trading tools, we became much more successful.


It's not secret that there are many stock trading tools out there. Everyone is claiming they have the best. And we all want the best. Especially when it comes to using our money. We work hard to have money to trade and/or invest. We put it away into a 401k or we save to open a trading account. Trading isn't east. In fact, 90% of traders fail. That sound scary right? The reason there's such a high failure rate in the trading world is the fact that new traders come in wanting to be millionaires. They don't take the time to learn support and resistance and pairing that with stock trading tools. Read More

Stock Trading Tools


Stock trading tools can also include scanners. Who doesn't love a good scanner that lets you know when stocks are going off. In fact, we stream our Trade Ideas scanner to our community. That way you you can see how stock trading tools like this scanner work.

The market trades sideways at times. As a result, our watch lists we post each night might not move the next day. That's when a stock scanner comes in quite handy. It shows you what stocks are running that day. Read More


Stock trading tools aren't just scanners and charting systems. They can be watch lists and alerts. Watch lists and alerts are a tool you can use to practice trading as well as having stocks to look at if you're done practicing. We have a day trade and swing trade watch list we post. They range from penny stocks to more expensive stocks. Our trading alerts are levels to pay attention to. Not buy signals. That's why support and resistance and being able to read charts are so important. An alert may trigger and then go in the opposite direction. If you use it as a hard buy signal, you could end up taking a loss. Read More

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