If you're looking for stock training then we have over $3,000+ worth of free courses on our website to help you get started. If you've taken any of our courses then you'll know that the content that we provide in them helps to give you a rock solid foundation in trading. (click here to access our "next level" video library if you're an existing yearly member)

BUT...Is the Bullish Bears free stock training courses enough to take your trading to the next level?! 

Are we holding anything back?

Are there secret strategies that aren't taught in our courses?

Will you have to pay an arm and a leg to get these secret strategies?​​​STOCK TRAINING - TRADING SECRETS

We have an exclusive next level training videos section on our website for those who are "Deluxe Yearly" members. These members are looking to take their trading to the next level. 

(click here to access our "next level" video library if you're an existing yearly member)

Before  we go any further...let's get the whole cheesy sales pitch lingo out of the way before we continue...

As a example, when we talk about "secrets", we really want to dispel the notion in the industry that there are "get rich quick" ways to succeed as a trader. For example, all the the trading service ads spammed all over YouTube...right?!

"Get our 3 SECRET options trading strategies..." 

"Find out how I make thousands of dollars per day from home in only 1-2 hours per day..."

"I was dead broke...and now I fly all over the world and trade wherever I want from my laptop..."


To be honest we get a kick out of these types of ads. Incidentally, if you checked out any of our YouTube videos then you've probably seen some of these cringy ads. In this case, we find them hilarious. However, on the other hand...they're a bit scary.

Generally speaking, anyone can rent a private jet or Maserati and pitch some fancy lifestyle. And believe it or not Bali is a cheaper vacation than staying at a decent hotel in NYC for a week.

Here's the stone cold truth. Trading is hard and there are "no magic secret". Likewise if you want to make it as a trader then you are going to have to bust your butt every single day and be consistent for years if you're going to make it long term. To summarize it cleanly, "Knowledge is power but applied knowledge is freedom."

You have to apply what we teach along with discipline, resolve, and sheer will. 


By the way...there actually are some "golden trading nuggets" (cheesy commodity reference) that can really help take your trading knowledge to the next level. There are some trading companies that will divulge this info but you'll have to dish out a lot of money for either expensive courses or coaching packages.

Thus...the Bullish Bears team tries our best to make trading education as affordable as we can to as many people as possible. We don't want you to have to break the bank. That's why we've saved you thousands of dollars in up front stock market courses fees and making our membership rates very reasonably priced compared to most trading companies in the industry.


Finally, if you're like...okay I get it already, just tell me what these "golden nuggets" are, I want them! we go...

Also, we are a well rounded, diverse trading community, and we have a "next level training" video library that covers an array of important trading strategies.

Here are some of the "Golden Trading Nugget" strategies such as...

  • How to have a 70%+ success ratio trading options
  • How to trade candlesticks patterns with entries and stop loss areas
  • "Ride the 9" when day trading and learn how to get safe entries with early warning signals on when to exit your position quickly
  • How to automate your exit strategies at 50% POP (percent of profit) when trading options
  • Get our EXACT day trading and swing trading scanner settings that we use to find our trades


Hence the videos above are a taste of the "golden nuggets" that are included in our next level training. We are continuously adding content to this area, so be on the lookout for updates.

Again, the content that's included in our next level training section would cost you a lot of money elsewhere.'s not necessarily the "secrets" but the helpful tidbits of knowledge that we share which is designed to get you over the learning curve of trading more quickly and with less headaches.

As a rule, there are no short cuts to success if you want to become a profitable trader. It takes hard work, dedication, and consistency if you're going to make it long-term as a trader. Trading is a mental game. Anyone can learn the technicals of trading if they put in enough study time.

Lastly, the key to success as a trader is the emotions...can you overcome your emotions? That's the key! We'll teach you if you're ready to learn and put in the effort. We provide you the resources that are necessary to succeed but the rest is up to you. Are you committed to your success? Check out our stock market trading course video catalog below:











The Bullish Bears stock training team is all about delivering value to our community members, while also providing them with a solid support system along the way on their trading journey. Having a solid community of support is really important when trading.

We offer both a Facebook community as well as three trade rooms to our community members. Our trade rooms are fun and interactive trading environments. They are a great place to learn what we teach you in our courses and members only content and practice it real-time.

It's very beneficial to be able to learn and shadow other traders from around the world. The camaraderie and helpful nature of our community members really helps to jump start your trading journey.


We do our best to provide as much value as possible to our community members. On top of a large community of support, free trading courses, exclusive members only video content, we offer...

  • Daily swing trade & day trade watch lists
  • Daily swing trade and day trade alert setups
  • Live daily steaming of the markets with real-time mentoring, coaching, and training
  • 3 trade rooms that are open 24X7
  • Daily stream replays for those that can't watch us live. Watch our streams at your convenience. 
  • Trade Ideas live screen sharing (watch our scanner live each day)


If you're ready to jump start your trading career and get on the fast track then come and join our community. If you commit to yourself and your trading for the long-term, you won't regret it.

Trading will afford you the freedom that you've always dreamed of...

  • Quit your job...
  • Travel more...
  • Spend more time with your family...
  • GET RID of your debt...
  • Give to charitable causes...
  • WHATEVER you'd like to do...the choice is up to YOU...Come and join the Bullish Bears Community! 




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  • Access to our $3,000+ worth of stock market courses
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  • Daily day trade and swing trade alert setups
  • Access to our live day trading room
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  • Trade Ideas scanner daily live screen share ($120+ per month value)
  • Live trade room real-time charting daily
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  • Bullish Bears ThinkorSwim day trade and swing trade custom scanner settings
  • Access to our "next level training" trading course videos
  • 50% yearly savings over our Deluxe month to month plan

Solid, normal guys, looking to educate and help people- a rare thing these days

John B.

Absolutely my favorite learning group. Shout out to Lucien, Tim, and Dan! I have learned so much though your courses... read more

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Amazing team, training and support. Thanks guys for all your hard work and help!

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