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We’re different from most trading communities. Why you ask? First, we give you to the tools to make your own choices when it comes to trading. Second, trading isn’t easy. Third, it takes dedication and focus, and we help you from the get-go. No expensive up front costs to get into the stock market game.

There are people out there who want to take the easy way out. As a result, they want someone to tell them when to get in and out of trades without having to put in the effort. You may be able to profit that way but it’s not a good way to trade especially if you’re new. If you are new then check out our how to get started in the stock market page to find out why.

Think about it. The person calling out trades gets their position. Then they tell you to get in, which pushes price up. This, in turn, pumps up their trade and leaves you chasing. Then they sell. Consequently, you’re left chasing them out. You may profit that way but it’s the person calling out the trade who’s the real winner.

In essence, you’re reliant on someone else for your success. It’s important to realize that you need to be in control of your trading. Traders trade fear and greed and you have to be able to make split second decisions.


Many trade alerts services and trade rooms cost $150 a month or more. It’s actually a waste of money and detrimental to you as a trader if you rely upon these companies for your trading success. You need to be able to do your own technical analysis and make your own trading decisions instead of relying on someone else to do it for you. What if they made a mistake? Would you know that?

Our trade alerts are popular because the scanning, charting and filtering are already done. In other words, we do the work of finding stocks for you. Another key point is that alerts aren’t buy signals. Just because an alert fires off doesn’t mean you should buy it.

In fact, they are setups and not traditional trade alerts. We are not stock pumpers. We don’t tell you when to buy and sell a stock. Make sure to read how our trade alert setups work.

In fact, here’s what we do; we map out support and resistance on the stocks we’ve put into our watch lists. Then we create an alert. Our trading alerts are set at key levels that we’re watching for a breakout or a breakdown.

The Bullish Bears are very different from other services out there. Again, our trading alerts are NOT buy signals. They’re levels to watch for a potential breakout or breakdown; depending on market direction.


Support and resistance are key levels that all traders pay attention to. If a stock on our watch list breaks above or below those levels and the alert fires off, then it’s a trade you can consider. You want to take a look at the charts. Look at what the moving averages are telling you along with the patterns. Do they look good?

If everything looks good then it’s up to you to make a decision on whether or not to trade. Here at the Bullish Bears we give you the power to decide. You have control of your own trading destiny.

What you may not know is that the best traders fail 30-40% of the time. Not every trade will be a home run.  Take our stock market courses. Join our trade rooms. Open a practice account. Make hundreds of practice trades using our watch lists, alerts and trade room suggestions for help. 

You can input our alerts into Thinkorswim and have them sent to your phone through text or email. This is a great tool if you’re not in front of a computer. Take our Thinkorswim course to learn more about TD Ameritrade and how to open a paper trading account.

If and when our trade alerts go off then map out support and resistance. Look at the patterns. Are they good enough to trade? Again, the Bullish Bears DO NOT call out buy and sell signals. It’s up to you as a trader to have your own trading plan and risk management.


Trading is hard and over 90% of traders fail. We’re not going to sugarcoat things. We care about people not money. If you want to be successful you have to be willing to put in the work. It may take hundreds of hours studying videos and charts. As it begins to make sense, start to place practice trades.

Trading messes with your emotions. You can’t let emotions control the way you trade. If you do, you’re going to blow up your account. That’s why practicing and placing hundreds of trades in a paper trading account is important. You learn to control your emotions.

We also give you steps to follow. You have to do them in order and not skip any. Skipping steps does you a disservice. If you’re new, don’t expect to just jump in and start making money. You may have beginners luck for a period of time then the hard times start coming. That’s usually when new traders quit.

Join our Facebook community. There you can ask questions to thousands of traders from all over the world. We keep the spam and negativity out and foster a healthy and fun community where everyone can learn.

Subscribe to our YouTube page. Here we have thousands of hours of content. We’re constantly updating our channel with videos geared to help you. You can watch us make our watch lists as well. See the psychology behind the stocks we choose.

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James C.

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I'm not sure why people think trading is different from pursuing other careers,trades or entrepreneurial ideas. These all take dedication,... read more

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