We post our free swing trade stock watch lists daily by 9 pm in 2020 with a hand picked watchlist of potential breakout stocks. These are great stocks to watch this week.



Stock Watch Lists 11-18-20


Stock Watch Lists 11-23-20


Stock Watch Lists 11-24-20


Stock Watch Lists 11-25-20
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Swing Trade Stock Watch Lists

The Bullish Bears Team posts a swing trade stock watch list free everyday by 9 pm est, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily. We also include our swing trading alert "setups" for our community members. Our swing "trade alert setups" provide you with potential key breakout and breakdown areas. 

We do all of the scanning and filtering for you and provide you with the best trading setups. *We offer trade rooms, live daily streaming, real-time stock alerts, trade alert "setups" and free trading courses to our members. Try our community out for 14 days free below.

  • Swing Trade Watch List Posted Daily
  • Real-Time Charting, Mentoring & Training
  • Videos on How to Trade Our Watch Lists
  • *Swing Trade Alerts "Setups" for Members
  • *Twitter Alert Service Available for Members
  • *Swing Trade Room Available for Members

What is a Stock Watch List?

A stock watch list is a list of symbols or tickers of stocks that may be looking to breakout on a daily, weekly, or monthly stock chart.

We provide swing trade stock watch lists several times per week for our community members. This saves our members A LOT of time having to scan the markets hunting for the right setups. We do all of the scanning and filtering for you and then update our targeted watch list several times per week on this page. Read More


How Do I Create a Stock Watchlist?

  1. Have a good stock scanner
  2. Scan for stocks than are at high of day after 4 pm est
  3. Wait until stock news has reported after hours
  4. Look for stocks that are holding their highs on the day
  5. Map out support and resistance on a daily chart
  6. Set breakout alert levels in your brokerage account
  7. Check premarket the following day
  8. See if there's any premarket volume on your symbols
  9. Watch if any of the symbols break premarket highs at open
  10. Look to take a potential trade if support levels hold

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Candlesticks Charts E-Book

Stock Watch Lists Process

Here’s a summary of what we do; we map out support and resistance on the stocks we’ve put into our swing trade stock watch lists. Then we create an alert. In this case, our trading alert "setups" are set at key levels that we’re watching for a breakout or a breakdown.

Our trading alert "setups" are NOT buy signals. Namely, they’re levels to watch for a potential breakout or breakdown; depending on market direction. However, we do offer a trade alert service that does call out entries and exits on larger cap stocks.

So, we offer both trade alerts where we call out entries and exits, as well as "trade alert setups" for those traders that want to decide on each trade for themselves.

Support & Resistance

To illustrate, support and resistance are key levels that most traders pay attention to. Therefore, if a stock on our stocks to watch this week list breaks above or below those "set up levels" and the alert fires off, then it’s a trade you can consider. 

As a result, you want to take a look at the charts. In this case, look at what the moving averages are telling you along with the patterns. Do they look good?

That is to say, if everything looks good then it’s up to you to make a decision on whether or not to trade using our stock watchlists. Moreover, here at the Bullish Bears we give you the power to decide. As a result, you have control of your own trading destiny. You can use our "trade alert setups" or follow the trades that we take.

What you may not know is that the best traders fail 30-40% of the time. In fact, not every trade will be a home run. Therefore, take our free stock market courses. Join our trade rooms. In fact, open a practice account. Make hundreds of practice trades using our watch lists, alerts and trade room suggestions for help. Again, we provide our stock watch list free daily so make sure to bookmark this page.

stock watch lists

List of Stocks to Watch in 2020 & Today: Also Check Our Stock Lists at Top of Page

  1. $AMZN
  2. $AMD
  3. $FB
  4. $GOOG
  5. $NFLX
  6. $AAPL
  7. $ZM
  8. $KRO
  9. $MSFT
  10. $BAC

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