StockFetcher Review

StockFetcher Scanner Review 2024

Our StockFetcher review looks at this stock screener. They’re an easy-to-use scanner where you can build your custom scans. If you want to look for moving average crossovers, surging volume, or gap and goes, do it! You can customize any number of scans and use the scans they have ready for your trading needs.

If you’re serious about investing and enjoy studying a stock’s technical analysis side, you will want to use a stock screener to get your information. Hence, this StockFetcher review. StockFetcher is an online screening and stock chart platform providing users with a fully customizable experience, depending on their preferences. Unlike many stock analysis sites, StockFetcher is simple to use, with a clean text-based filtering interface that anyone can use. 

The homepage is simple and without distractions. Right off the bat, you users can begin to search for charts. A friendly feature for new users is the helpful How To guide at the top of the page

StockFetcher offers a full User Guide in a PDF or Zip form if users want to get even more in-depth and familiar with the site.  

Stockfetcher Website Review

StockFetcher Filters

StockFetcher provides its users with the ability to build their filters. You can build them based on the technical and fundamental indicators they wish to track for a given stock. You don’t need to write your code or pay a high subscription fee for StockFetcher.

But you get a user-friendly experience and a straightforward way to perform your analysis. Most of the stock charts and tools are free to use. As a result, you don’t always have to sign up for an account.

However, our StockFetcher review wants you to know that you only get access to the previous trading session’s data and not in real time. 

Stock Screener Benefits

There are thousands upon thousands of stocks on the stock market, ranging from penny stocks to Apple or Microsoft. So, how do you know which types of companies you want to invest in?

A stock screener can help you narrow down your search parameters. So, you find stocks that fit your financial criteria, like risk tolerance and purchasing power.

By entering your search filters into the stock screener, you can bypass a majority of stocks and sift through to the ones that truly deserve your attention. Hence, this StockFetcher review.

Stock screeners are popular with day traders and swing traders who rely on technical analysis and chart performance to determine which stocks to focus on.

Remember, stock screeners are quantitative tools. Therefore, the results rely on the data entered and the filters set in place. These should only be a part of your research and due diligence, though, as an investor should not just rely on the shape of a chart alone. 

What does a StockFetcher chart look like? Good question! It has a fairly unique look and feel compared to many other stock screeners.

Users can out the noise and flash of other websites and focus on what they need, the data, and technical analysis on a chart.

We found in our StockFetcher review that their charts are simple to filter and find and even easier to read. They are reminiscent of

StockFetcher allows users to create their unique chart based on the filters they enter and the information they want to see. 

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How to Enter Filters

Perhaps the most unique part of StockFetcher is how users enter their filters—other sites with dropdown menus or radio buttons to click.

StockFetcher gives its users fully customizable search parameters based on the filters they provide. Users then enter these filters in a text-based filter system that’s somewhat similar to basic coding.

Or even functions that you would create in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Thankfully, with the Filter Assist and Filter Builder, the StockFetcher site will help you create these filters as you go. Here’s an example of what this looks like.

Stockfetcher Filter

Using the Filter Builder, users can choose which indicator they’d like to track and what type of performance it had. For example, the filter is set to indicators above a certain value or indicator.

Here’s an example of what it looks like to have a couple of filters added for a specific sector. 

Stockfetcher Close Filter

So here, we’ve added the filters for stocks that Close Above the Absolute Day Change and Volume Above the Close to Open Gap, and only in the Computer and Technology sector.

The free version shows you five charts that match your criteria. But if you subscribe to a premium plan, it’ll show you all of the results.

For this particular search, we’d be able to see all 631 results with a premium account. The New Filter screen seems daunting when users first land on it.

Once you get the hang of the Filter Builder, it’s intuitive to start building your filtered search criteria. Premium members can save their searches.

Free version users need to re-enter their search filters every time from scratch. That headache alone makes the very reasonable subscription price for StockFetcher worth it if you’re a serious investor.

StockFetcher Indicators Review

StockFetcher provides users with over 125 indicators ranging from simple ones like Average Volume or P/E ratio to popular technical analyses like Cup and Handle shapes or Double Bottoms.

If you want to see it in a chart, StockFetcher provides it. So it doesn’t matter if you’re starting trading or a seasoned veteran day trader

If you’re ever wondering what a particular indicator is, StockFetcher has you covered. Click on the specific indicator you’re wondering about.

Then, you’ll be taken to a description page that provides helpful information on what it’s used for, what it provides, and even a visual example.  

StockFetcher also helps you narrow down your search to a specific industry or sector and provides a nice, convenient heat map on the homepage to show how the bigger sectors are performing: 

Stockfetcher Sectors

What Else They Offer

As with many investing platforms these days, the true beauty and utility behind it lies within the user community. StockFetcher provides its users with a robust Forum and discussion page.

People can seek assistance or suggestions on how to utilize the StockFetcher software. Forum rooms include General Discussion, Announcements, Indicators, Stock Picks and Trading, Shared Symbol Lists, and a new topic that is gaining in popularity: Filter Exchanges. 

In the Filter Exchanges discussion, subscription users can share their indicator filters with others, exchange ideas, and provide insight on which filter setup may or may not work. 

As expected, this has become a popular chat room and is a service unique to the StockFetcher community. It has quickly become the second most active room besides the General Discussion. 

StockFetcher also provides subscription users with the ability to save their filters, as well as add stocks or searches to their watchlists. If you’re still feeling lost about which filter or indicator to use to help you with your analysis, StockFetcher has an Examples page of the most popular filters.

This is an excellent place to start your indicator research. So try this out before jumping headfirst into the Filter Builder tool. 

Where Can I Use StockFetcher?

The simplest place to use StockFetcher is on your computer. But we understand that everyone wants to use their mobile device these days.

Luckily, if you’re an Apple user, StockFetcher is available on the Apple App Store and can be used with your iPhone or iPad and a computer.

You may be out of luck with an Android phone or tablet, as it’s unavailable on the Google Play store.

You can always use the StockFetcher site through a mobile browser. Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated Android app at this time. 

What Happens if I Need Help?

Unfortunately, the only customer service StockFetcher offers is an email function to reach the company. There’s a fairly robust Support Page that has pages of frequently asked questions along with detailed answers.

But other than that, you can call no dedicated live chat or phone number. Hopefully, this StockFetcher review helps you know what to look for ahead of time.

StockFetcher Pricing Review

  1. Free account
  2. StockFetcher Standard subscription:  $8.95 per month or $24.95 per quarter
  3. StockFetcher Advanced subscription: $16.95 per month or $44.95 per quarter

As we said in this StockFetcher review, the free account has limited filter abilities. It would be best if you re-entered your indicators each time you want to search for a chart.

For most people, that becomes a huge pain, especially for day traders who need fast and up-to-the-minute information from their charts.

Subscription Differences

What is the difference between the two? The Advanced subscription provides users with more flexibility with more saved search filters, watchlists, symbols on those watchlists, and added filter support. 

Stockfetcher Subscription Levels

Here’s a breakdown of the two different classes of subscriptions for StockFetcher. For most users, the Standard subscription will be more than enough.

But for the hardcore trader, the Advanced subscription offers much more flexibility and volume at a minimal price increase compared to many stock screener sites on the market. 

The Daily Saved Filter Email is probably worth the subscription cost alone, as it will send you a detailed list of stocks you may want to focus on the next day.

StockFetcher uses your saved filters as the criteria for which stocks to send, which saves users hours of chart analysis and searches. 

The one drawback of StockFetcher is that its data is not completely real-time but operates with a 15-20 minute delay. While this should not be a deal breaker for people wanting to use StockFetcher, it does add a limitation, especially for day traders who need live and up-to-the-minute data. 

Final Thoughts: StockFetcher Review

You’ll want to find a good stock screener if you’re considering getting more serious about your investing and trading game. Hence our StockFetcher review.

It’s an essential tool for investors who use technical and fundamental analysis to predict how a stock will perform in both a short-term and long-term timeframe.

As with most investing tools, there are a ton of different sites out there that you can use. But which one is the best for you?

StockFetcher is well known and highly regarded in the investing world. It’s easy to see why when reading through what the site offers.

Building and selecting filters and easy indicators is truly unique on StockFetcher, as users use a text-based Filter Builder tool that lets you fully customize your search criteria.

It can seem unsafe at first, but once you try it a few times, you’ll see how simple it is. 

The price point for StockFetcher is hard to beat. And it remains one of the industry’s cheapest, if not the cheapest, stock screener sites. You can easily squeeze this into your budget with subscription rates starting at just $8.95 per month. No matter how serious you are about investing.

For one of the best user interfaces around, StockFetcher is a wonderfully unique and helpful tool that will take your investing skills to the next level! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of StockFetcher because the company is privately held.

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