Stocks Alerter Review

Stocks Alerter Review 2024

Stocks Alerter Review: Spend only 3 hrs a Week Trading Stocks? That’s what Stocks Alerter is promising. All of that sounds too good to be true if you ask me. This Stocks Alter review will see if it’s worth opening up your pocketbook.

Stocks Alerter is a subscription service app that gives signals to people like you and me. More specifically, it signals when to buy and sell as stock. Furthermore, they also give you a stop-loss signal if the price drops significantly. 

As we all know, it’s impossible to predict the price of a stock. But at least Stocks Alerter tries. Typically, signals take about 6-8 weeks to hit their profit targets, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Stocks Alerter Review

How Much Does Stocks Alerter Cost? (Pricing Review)

Depending on your needs, the app gives you multiple subscription options. If you choose to subscribe for either the monthly or yearly subscription, you get free access to unlimited alerts and stock analysis searches. Regardless, a subscription is REQUIRED to access information signals in the app.  

Let’s dive into the various prices of the alerts available.

1. Swing Signal Alerts

As their name suggests, swing signals are quick in and out buy and sell signals. 

Unlimited monthly: $199.99/month

Ten signals/month: $169.99/month

Five signals/month: $139.99/month

Unlimited yearly: $899.99/year

A subscription to Stocks Analysis enables you to analyze over 25,000 stocks and get ratings based on technical analysis indicators.

If this is something that interests you, the prices are below:

Unlimited searches: $149.99/month

25 searches/month: $24.99/month

Ten searches/month: $12.99/month

Stocks Alerter Website Review

2. Custom Alerts

If you’re anything like me, you like to play with different ways to identify buy and sell signals. To that end, Stocks Alter lets you make your list of stocks and get alerts based on the custom indicators you create. A classic example would be an alert when a stock is above or below a moving average, an RSI value, or a certain price. Below, you’ll see a list of prices.

Unlimited alerts: $12.99/month

Ten alerts/month: $7.99/month

Five alerts/month: $3.99/month

3. Custom Signals

Stocks Alerter review of their custom alerts finds they also allow you to make your list of stocks and run them through their algorithms to generate signals. The breakdown for this customized service is below:

Unlimited yearly: $899.99/year

Five custom signals/month: $129.99/month

19 custom signals/month: $149.99/month

Unlimited monthly: $199.99/month

4. Long Term Signals

Day and swing trading aside, we should all be investing for the long term to build wealth. Stocks Alerter can help you manage your portfolio by sending you buy and hold signals for the long term. When we say long-term, in the case of over six months, 

Three month subscription: $499.99 

One-year subscription: $899.99 

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Stocks Alerter Pros and Cons Review

For starters, you’ll need an iTunes account and set up your payment preference. Once you decide which service you want, the cost is charged to your credit card. Just make sure that if you’re unhappy, cancel at least 24 hours before the end of the subscription period. Otherwise, your subscription will be automatically renewed. If you have any unused portion of the free trial, it will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

Subscriptions can be managed, and auto-renewal can be turned off in Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Remember that refunds will not be provided for any unused term portion once you buy.

1. Pros

  • Navigating through their app is easy, breezy
  • Their mobile version works very well for me and has a fluid feel. 
  •  7-day free trial

2. Cons

  • Not suitable for (options or shorting). However, trading options areare possible if you buy them with longer expiration dates.
  • No past results for Long Term Signals 
  • Lack of payment options. Calculating $130 a month is tough when trading a smaller account. 

Claims of Low Returns

I learned a few things When researching for this Stocks Alerter review. For starters, their swing profit range for 70-80% of their signals is an average of ONLY 2.10%. Second, they claim only a 60% accuracy; that’s a hard pillow to swallow, considering the price. 

To a large extent, 1/3 of the signals it sends you might not realize. And if you do, it would be several months later. In that scenario, you’d be preceding investing returns from another stock or appreciating an asset you could have invested in while waiting. To put the cherry on top of the cake, it won’t alert you of top trending stocks.

Late Signals

When they send you an alert, the stock price usually crosses their “buy below” price. In this scenario, Stocks Alter will then update their signal, saying – if you didn’t buy, don’t buy now to chase. Naturally, one won’t because your alert signal came in late. 

To a large extent, they say a signal takes 4-6 weeks to reach its sales target. To say this a little simpler, if you put in $1000 for a trade, you need to wait 4-6 weeks to make $20 on that $1000. And please don’t forget, that’s only with 60% accuracy. Subscribing to the $200 monthly option for making a 2% profit in 4-6 weeks with 60% accuracy doesn’t seem right. I’d rather put my money on a blackjack table. 

Lack of Visibility on Past Results

It’s concerning that they charge $900 but limit us to what we can see for past results. Quite frankly, a service as expensive as this should have ALL past signals 100% viewable. It doesn’t make sense that closed signals cannot be verified. I would find it hard to justify spending a dime on a product that hides results, let alone $900. Along the same token, I would also like to see past results for the Long Term Signals.

Stocks Alerter Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of Stocks Alerter because the company is privately held.

Final Thoughts: Stocks Alerter

Let’s be realistic; there are plenty of stock market apps one could choose to use for investments. As you can see in this Stocks Alerter review, the jury is still out. Please use common sense and do the math before subscribing. It doesn’t make sense to shell out all that money when you can try the free trial. 

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