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The stock market has so many stocks to trade it can be hard to keep up. Wouldn't it be easy to have stocks lists at your finger tips? Have you ever joined a trading service and wished they had stocks lists right on their site for you?

If you have, then we've got you covered. We wanted to have something that we could trade ourselves without having to search through a bunch of sites and stocks. Instead, we have found the top stocks in the most popular sectors as well as provide you with daily watch lists to trade. Read More

Stocks Lists

Thank you BB’s for everything you guys do for the community! I have been in B.B. for about 3 months... read more

Bridger H.

Great community, I usually don't put my own input into the group because I'm new at trading, but I have... read more

Tom Y.

Absolutely my favorite learning group. Shout out to Lucien, Tim, and Dan! I have learned so much though your courses... read more

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Here at the Bullish Bears we've made stocks lists for penny stocks, swing trading, bitcoin, gold, oil and pot. We'll continue to add different stocks lists for different sectors. As a result, you'll be able to find everything you need right here.

If you don't have money to pay for fancy scanners, you won't need do because we'll give you any stocks list you're looking for. We have stocks that range from $0.01 to $100 and above. That way you have the option of penny stocks and large cap stocks to trade.

We also real time stock alerts to pair with our stocks lists if you prefer options or larger cap stocks. Along with the real time alerts we have trading setups also. These are for our smaller cap stocks. Since we're not pumpers these aren't the real time alerts. Instead, they're levels to pay attention to. Read More


Our stocks lists are used by our community of traders. We've built a community that reflects what we espouse. We're a pay if forward community that  wants to give each and every trader a level playing field to learn and grow. You can ask any question you have within our community and you'll get an answer.

We don't allow spammers or pumpers in because we want a safe environment for stock market trading. In fact, we offer a 14 day free trial for anyone who wants to see what we're about. Read More

Stocks Lists
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