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Stocks Lists By Bullish Bears (Updated Daily)

The stock market has so many different types of stocks to trade it can be hard to keep up. Wouldn't it be easy to have a great place for stock lists at your finger tips? Have you ever joined a trading service and wished they had stocks lists right on their site for you? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then we've got you covered. We wanted to have something that we could trade ourselves without having to search through a bunch of sites and stocks. Instead, we have found the top stocks in the most popular sectors as well as provide you with daily watch lists to trade. Read More

Lists of Stocks to Trade (Penny Stocks & Swing Trade Watch List Updated Daily)

  1. Here's a good list of stocks to trade, however, do your own research before trading them. We update our watch list daily
  2. $TSLA - Tesla
  3. $FB - Facebook
  4. $AAPL - Apple
  5. $NFLX - Netflix
  6. $GOOG - Google
  7. $AMD - Advanced Micro Devices
  8. $ROKU - Roku
  9. $BYND - Beyond Meat Inc
  10. $NVDA - Nivida
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