StocksToTrade Review

StocksToTrade Review

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Our StockstoTrade Review breaks down Tim Sykes stock scanner. It offers news feeds on stocks, real time alerts, customized trade alerts, and industry correlation. This trading platform by StocksToTrade was definitely designed by traders, for traders. Antiquated trading brokers are still basic charting with old school indicators. Anytime you see a tool that is actually developed by traders then you know you are barking up the right tree.

Is StocksToTrade worth it even with Tim Sykes’ name behind them? In this StocksToTrade review of their scanner, you’ll see that they offer traders an opportunity to scan strategies based on specific strategy. This offers amazing flexibility, since we can take these pre-built scan setups and adjust them for our own trading habits. This will be helpful in our trading room too. Having tools at your disposal only helps to make you a better trader. It’s hard choosing the right direction at times. Therefore, having tools can help you to choose the best trade to enter or not enter.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most successful trader in the world, you still need a tool or two to get the job done. This StocksToTrade review comes at the perfect time in my trading career; after working through the various trade styles, day trading and swing trading is definitely the way to trade the current volatility in the market place. Getting some serious experience under my belt, I feel confident in taking a hard look at the options that traders have out there for tools or systems.

The problem which comes with this revelation is this; which strategy to use? Strategies aren’t easily defined due to the various tools we can use and the various criteria we can measure. StocksToTrade makes this look easy! They are one of the top trading companies.

Keeping Track of Data and Information

In today’s market, there’s so much data and information coming out intraday. I found it hard to keep track of things I was interested in trading while also watching things that I anticipated for a trade.

Too much information can really get you confused and feeling overwhelmed. Not knowing what is noise and what is useful is just plain frustrated. One thing is for sure, stockstotrade is useful!

And watching for things that could be breaking out due to news. StocksToTrade managed to develop a trading platform which presents all of this information in a way that gives me answers; without drowning me in too much data. Thank you for that!

I learned in this StocksToTrade review that they remade the wheel. Their SEC filing streamer is a nice touch. No one else comes close to the UI and flow of stockstotrade, period!

But doesn’t compare with the stock specific SEC filings and news that are also presented. This is critical in pharma based sectors! If you[re a health care or biotech trader, I’m looking squarely at you!

When paired with oracle, momentum can be identified in these markets with a full understanding of what caused that momentum.  Having an understanding of the catalysts that move the stocks is so key to trading the markets. If you don’t know whats behind the move then you’re really dealing with a paper tiger.

StocksToTrade Review

Redesigning the Basics

StocksToTrade managed to keep all the old trading data steams while also adding their own modern touch to what data is. This caught our trading service’s attention. Hence this StocksToTrade review. 

Top % gain and loss, new highs or new lows, industry specific market comparison, sector analysis and previous day data all give us a clear picture of where a market has come from. And where that market is going.

I believe it’s critical for a trader to recognize when an industry or a sector is divergent. I specifically like to find markets in their own sector or industry who are out-performing or who are the first to change sentiment.StocksToTrade has managed to present us with linked data. Which means we can determine very quickly if a trade is worth taking; even while the momentum is still increasing.

That instant real-time information is amazing. In fact, the momentum data is coming in so quickly, you often get a heads up before price had made a large move.

That took some time to get used to and familiar with; so paper trading is highly recommended. StocksToTrade must have known people would need some help getting comfortable with this modern technology.

So paper trading is actually part of the platform. This means you can actually test out the strategies scanner and place “live trades” based on those scanner alerts without ever risking a dime.

Market Efficiency

In the current earnings market, I want to avoid any company about to report. Instead, I want to trade ETF products. Which may offer me exposure to the industries or sectors outperforming the market.

That means they can have companies within that ETF basket which have been beating their peers. In this way, I can trade earnings through the sectors and not take the heavy risk associated with trading earnings (check out a list of the best trading apps).

One way to understand this measurement is by looking at key data points for a specific company. StocksToTrade gives me that data easily.

I can identify stock specifics and company profiles. Then measure them to their peers! Isn’t that great? Without this StockstoTrade review I would have never known that.Every trader has a unique trading style and StocksToTrade understands that better than anyone. The watch lists I typically build are used to monitor the market.

I watch sectors for risk on, risk off, or mid-line money flow to gauge market sentiment and to identify long term trade setups.

StocksToTrade made this easy with proprietary predictive algorithms. Seriously! I never would have known that without this StocksToTrade review!

Now, the strategies I use to take long or short setups are constantly being applied to the sector specific ETFs I watch most.

This lets me know when a potential sell-off or massive rally is beginning. Now, that’s market efficiency! 

StocksToTrade Review

How Much Does StocksToTrade Cost? (Pricing )Review

  • How much does StocksToTrade cost? You can do a 14 day free trial for $17. Their monthly price is $179.95. Yearly pricing is $1899.50. StocksToTrade built a trading platform from the ground up. It offers everything the old platforms offered and so much more. There are alert services that monitor order flow and social media.

And there are news services that monitor for events which could affect stock trading. However, each of these platforms are independent. This means you need subscriptions to each platform.

Multiple Trading Platforms

You need to learn each platform and you need to be on alert from each platform while also looking to combine the signal from one platform with a signal to another.

On StocksToTrade, all of this information is funneled and presented in actionable setups based off real trader strategies. This is important to understand so we wrote this StocksToTrade review. Becoming a trader means being plugged into the market place and keeping track of the things your interested in trading.

But also keeping track of things you don’t even know you want to trade yet. StocksToTrade, through oracle, highlights the companies ready to make potential moves based on the potential momentum.In fact, these markets could be better than the company you were intending to trade in the first place. Take the chip sector for example; you may be focused on AMD and find an alert for MU based on potential momentum.

Paper Trading

StocksToTrade has paper trading but this isn’t just for new traders. The paper trading side is for people to become familiar with the platform as well. Paper trading is an essential step to effective stock market training.

With such advanced metrics, paper trading will be critical for the adjustment to the platform. I’m very familiar with my own trading strategies.

I like how this scans for my triggers and alerts me to a trade setup. I trade options and trade off my own custom watch list of 300 companies.

Every day, I would move through the watch list looking for setups to take in the next trading session. Now, I just wait for the trade setup to trigger an alert.My family loves the extra free time I have now after the market closes. The platform also records my trade, so I can identify when I need to increase my target profits on setups where I leave too much money on the table.

Measuring my success in the various setups I use is critical. I don’t have years of trade experience. Therefore, understanding my weakness in a specific strategy gives me the opportunity to adjust.

Then I can compare it to the pre-built strategies already in the system. The video lessons provided make all of this easy to understand and easy to accomplish. 

Chart Analysis

I learned long ago to use clean charts with minimal indicators. The drawing tools are important to me for identifying key price patterns and measuring the projected move of those patterns.

At StocksToTrade, the charts have dynamic news indicators! Now, that’s an indicator I can support!

Of course, there are the most trusted and popular indicators for anyone who doesn’t understand price action. StocksToTrade has something for every type of trader.

This gives us the ability to customize the charts for our own view of what we feel is important. Take our basic course.

StocksToTrade Backed by Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes did a good job with the StocksToTrade platform. Tim’s impact on the trading world is undeniable. The experience that he’s amassed has clearly influenced the platform and earned it a serious look over. Tim is the CEO of Millionaire Media, and author of his own blog that is pretty popular. Tim has a best-selling book “An American Hedge Fund“. He’s most known for how he turned his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift money into $1.65 million trading penny stocks while in college in the late 90s and early 2000’s. before Eventually he went on to found his hedge fund Cilantro Fund Partners in 2003. Fast forward to today and we have stockstotrade!

StocksToTrade Stock Price and Symbol: Are They Publicly Traded?

Investors cannot purchase shares of StocksToTrade because the company is privately held.

StockstToTrade Review Final Thoughts

Ok so lets recap all of this. StockToTrade is a unique platform developed by modern traders with seamless integration of multiple trade services. Try our day trading room free.

This platform is hands down completely different than anything I’ve attempted to use before and yet it’s very easy to use. Almost intuitive.

Between the trade setup scans and the news alerts on my charts, I’m totally excited. Adding in the industry related tools, the predictive algorithm to identify potential markets even before they move and companies that are trending on social media I’m completely blown away.

I wish I’d started trading on this rig from the beginning. I can already see a difference in the trades that I take and the “day done” where I shut everything down at the end of the night. Much better for your health and your wealth to find a system that just works then move on.

New traders who are looking for a place to start should really take a look at joining StocksToTrade. This will offer them an opportunity to learn trading in the modern market place on a modern platform.

Why learn and trade on antiquated trading systems? Hands down, you’d be hard pressed to find all these various pieces separately. Getting them in one place is a good thing. The less tools you have to use, the better.Thanks for reading our stockstotrade review. We think StocksToTrade gives the new trader and the experienced trader a seamless trading experience.

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