This Swing Trading Checklist Will Teach You How to Use Our Trade Room Effectively


  • Get Started - If you haven't check out our Get Started page, check that out first.
  • Basic Swing Trading Course - Anyone who's new to swing trading should start out with out basic swing trading course. The swing trade course starts out with the basics so you can be on your way to learning how to start swing trading.
  • Basic Options Trading Course - this course will teach you the basics of how to trade options.
  • Advanced Options Trading Course - this course will teach you the advanced strategies on how to trade options, such as credit spreads, debit spreads, iron condors, straddles and strangles.


  • Swing Trade Watch​ Lis​t - Make sure to bookmark this page and check it each night before 9 pm est. Upload our swing trade watch list into your brokerage account 9:15 am. Our lists are a great way to teach you how to swing trade stocks. Having a watch list is an essential component to our swing trading checklist.
  • Trad​e Alert "Setups" - We post our corresponding swing trade watch list trade alert setups on our website by 9 pm most nights. Make sure to bookmark this page and don't forget check it. Make sure to have your alerts updated in your brokerage account each morning before 9:15 am. You will have to manually input the trade alerts into your broker. * Before taking any trades please read our trade alerts page and Disclaimer fully. Don't skim through it. Don't trade with real money until you're extremely comfortable trading and using proper risk management. You are responsible for your own trades. As a result, make sure you feel good trading.
  • Watch Lis​t Videos - Support and resistance are king in trading. That means you must map out support and resistance areas on your charts for the stocks on our swing trade watch list (Watch our watch lists videos because we show you how we map out support and resistance of the stocks that end up on out swing trade watch list.
  • Real-Time Stock Alerts -  *Please click this link for instructions on how to receive our real-time alerts. We post real-time and actionable stock alerts several times per week if you want to follow our trades. Our stock alerts are for options, however, you can trade shares instead if that's your preference. *Please read our Disclaimer in full detail before taking any trades. Do NOT trade with real money until you are comfortable with trading and have accepted full responsibility with your own trading risk management.


  • Pre-Market Live Stream - Most mornings you can watch us live in the pre-market where we filter through our gap scanners and watch list. Next, we will narrow down our watch list at open to around 3-5 stocks (we do not live stream every morning).


  • Swing Trade Room - we start our live streams by 9:15 am and stream until 11:30 to 12pm. Our live streams focus on real-time charting, analysis, mentoring, coaching (where we go into great detail), and showing trades (we do not live stream every morning). Our swing trade room is the best place to learn how to swing trade stocks and futures.


  • Once the bell rings, focus on the stocks you added to your watch list,  even check out Trade Ideas (we share our live Trade Ideas link daily for members here), and what people are talking about in our swing trade room. (Just because someone is talking about a stock doesn't mean you should take the trade!)
  • Map out support and resistance, know when you're going to get in (entry) and out (exit), if you like the setup and you’re feeling good about it, then you can take the trade.
  • Make sure to be logged into Twitter and turn on notifications to receive our real-time stock alerts as we post them. Instructions on how to do this here.
  • This is going to require study. In your off time make sure you take our free stock market courses, read the stock market books we recommenduse sites like StockCharts.com, Investopedia and Benzinga for further research. Take advantage of the great resources to learn how to swing trade stocks.


  • Our Facebook trading community and our trading room are there for you to ask questions. Don't be afraid to participate. Never underestimate having a solid community of support. It helps you immensely along on your journey to stock market trading. Trading isn't easy and having the support of your peers is essential to having success long term.
  • You must discipline yourself to follow these steps until you become consistent and profitable. It will be a daily exercise.
  • We can't stress enough that you need to practice in a simulated trading account before using real money. In fact, you should trade at least 300 times and have a 60-65% win percentage.
  • Remember that anything can happen. It's when you feel like you've arrived that you start getting cocky. That's when discipline goes out the window. Never stop studying and practicing. Keep a strong focus. If you trade that way, you'll find lasting success.
  • When you're new, you don't always realize it takes up to a year to become comfortable when you sit down to trade. As a result, don't be hard on yourself if it feels like it's taking a long time to get the hang of it. If you get stressed, stop and take a break. Build a trading plan and stick with it. You don't have to do it all day long. Eat healthy, exercise and get a good nights sleep. Then when you wake up, you'll feel good to trade.
  • You will always have the support of the Bullish Bears and our community. We hope that you've found this swing trading checklist helpful.


Learning how to swing trade stocks is an art form that takes a lot of practice to learn. There are several different types of swing trading strategies and that's why it's important to take your time and learn what your niche is. Learning stock trading and how to swing trade will entail a lot of studying technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis.

The goal of all traders is to trade successfully and grow your wealth. As a result, it's important to know different trading strategies and how to trade them successfully. One such strategy is known as swing trading. Read More

Swing Trading Checklist

Penny Stocks List 5-13-20

Penny Stocks List 5-13-20


Using technical indicators for trading can give confirmation on direction when looking to swing trade stocks. Moving average crossovers are big buy and sell signals. If price is overextended from moving averages, it's going to move back toward them. They provide equilibrium to stocks. Moving averages also act as support and resistance.

As a result, you can use technical analysis to confirm the strength of your trade. You can use RSI as overbought and oversold confirmation as well as strong trend confirmation. Try our community our 14 days free to learn how to swing trade stocks in our swing trade room. Read More

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