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In this free swing trading course for beginners you're going to get an in depth education on swing trading, find out which trading indicators are best and learn how to swing trade stocks using the most popular swing trading strategies.


If you’ve been searching for how to learn swing trading then you’ve come to the right community. In our free swing trading course for beginners you’re going to learn how to learn the necessary steps on how to swing trade stocks and become a profitable trader.

We highly recommend that you take this course if you are new and before you enter our swing trade room. Register for your free membership below to gain access to our swing trading course.

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There are numerous swing trading course videos, strategies and many ways on how to find stocks to swing trade. Swing trading is buying a position in a stock or option and holding for a day to several weeks; until the profit level (or resistance level) is attained.

Our free swing trading course for beginners is going to focus on swing trading basics, swing trading indicators, along with some advanced strategies. Read More

Free Swing Trading Course
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Since swing trading is holding for more than a day, you want to make sure you know candlesticks, patterns and technical analysis. In fact, you're looking for a bigger profit margin because the time frame is different than day trading.

Many new traders blow up their brokerage accounts because they don't take the time to learn the basics. Day trades become swing trades which take a long time to recover. As a result, your account is tied up. Here at the Bullish Bears, we don't like to sugar coat anything. 

We want to save you the heartache of quitting before you ever really get to start. There will be people that don't want to take the time necessary to properly learn how to trade. However, if you set proper expectations and trading goals however, you'll be swing trading successfully before you know it. Our free swing trading course for beginners will teach you how to learn swing trading the right ways. Read More


Trading can be lonely. That's why belonging to a good stock market training community is important. In fact, you could even say it's essential to being a good trader because it provides a good support system. 

We have a fantastic Facebook community of traders. A place that's safe because we keep out the trolls, the spammers and the pumpers. As a result, everyone is helpful whether you're new or experienced. We strive to be a "pay it forward" kind of community. You could even say that's rare in the trading world. Read More



The Bullish Bears provides a swing trade room to go along with our day trading and futures trading room. As a result, you're surrounded by like minded and helpful traders. They are a great place to implement what you learn in our free swing trading course for beginners.

Our goal is for the community members in our trading rooms to be self sufficient traders. That way you're not reliant on others to get you in and out of a trade. We're not stock pumpers. In fact, we're teachers. As a result, you're empowered to go out and take control of your trading. We also share our stock scanners live each day.

Our swing trade room is open 24/7 so you're able to go in there at any time and ask questions or help others. You can also see what other traders are looking at. Remember not to rely on others for your trades. Trading is hard enough without chasing someone in and out of their trades.

Once you embrace that mindset, you have all the power. Joining our swing trade room provides the camaraderie that makes trading a little less lonely. It's a great place to learn how to swing trade stocks.

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It's important to remember that we're not stock pumpers. However, we do post a swing trade watch list with our trade alerts "setups" to our website Monday -Thursday. That way you can see what we're watching. We map out support and resistance and provide alert levels to be aware of.

Therefore, if you use the trade alerts "setups" for their intended use then you can make an informed trading decision. Remember that you're in control. We also offer real-time alerts as well.

Make sure to take our free swing trading course for beginners first before trading both our real-time alerts and alert "setups". Our trade alerts "setups" are not buy signals. As a result, they're important levels to pay attention to. In fact, not every alert that triggers will go in the direction we mapped out. Therefore, if you use that alert as a buy signal, you could be stuck in a bad trade. Read More


Looking to learn stock trading? We recommend that you make hundreds of practice trades before using real money and making live trades. However, you might argue that using paper money doesn't have the same feel as using real money. That may be the case but without practice, there's a good chance you'll blow up your brokerage account.

We don't want to see that happen. That's why we've provided you with our free swing trading course and other courses like our Thinkorswim course. As a result, it shows you how to set up your simulated stock training account. That way you can test different strategies without losing your money. Read More


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