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What Is a Growth Stock

What is a growth stock? It’s a question I get asked a lot and honestly, there isn’t a set-in-stone definition that everyone agrees with. In theory, a growth stock is a company that has the potential for massive growth in the future. Growth stocks are always valued based on their future potential earnings. Since most,…

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Growth Stocks vs Value Stocks

Do you know the difference between growth stocks vs value stocks? They may sound different but they are similar; yet different. That doesn’t really make sense right? Thankfully we’re going to break down what each type of stock does as well as give you examples of these stocks. Then you can look at potential stocks…

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Growth Stocks

Growth stocks are the high fliers and derive their name from growing at a much faster rate than the broader markets. Investors who buy growth stocks are looking to exponentially grow their original investment in the future through capital gains. They often share many of the same characteristics and are generally more popular amongst younger…

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