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Naked Short Selling

Naked short selling. No, it’s not someone who trades in their birthday suit. And no, it’s not something you should aspire to model, even though I’m sure you look great in your birthday suit. It’s trading stock without borrowing it ahead of time. Therefore, not making sure it can be covered. Before you get all…

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how to short a stock

Do you know how to short a stock? Not everyone is a floor trader and understands how. The process is actually very simple. You borrow shares from your broker and sell at resistance levels, creating a negative position. As price falls, you look to buy at support levels and cover your position and then your…

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shorting the market

A skill every trader should know is shorting the market. Markets don’t always go up. Sometimes they move down or trade sideways. Knowing the different ways to capitalize on market moves allows traders to profit no matter which side has control. Watch our video on how to short stocks. The market is a tug of…

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