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What are the Best Stock for Options Trading

Do you know what are the best stocks for options trading? Options are a great way to to grow your account. And knowing which ones are better, and why is extremely helpful. However, options have more moving parts than stocks. As a result, they’re trickier to learn. Moreover, if you’re willing to put in the…

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What is Swing Trading

What is swing trading? It involves holding stocks from a few days up to a few weeks of even months. The goal of swing trading is to get the bigger price move on a stock than is possible with day trading. When you’re day trading you’re getting in and out within seconds or hours. With…

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Swing Trading Options

Swing trading options is a great trading technique for beginners and advanced traders alike. Some of the most common ways to swing trade options are naked calls and puts, credit spreads, and debit spreads. Traders look to buy a weekly contract for shorter term swings and monthly expirations when trading a few weeks to a…

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