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TC2000 Review

TC2000 Charting Software Review 2024

9 min read

In this TC2000 review, we will go over this platform’s features. Charts, scans, alerts, simulators, and indicators… if I speak your language, you’ll love what we tell you. One of the odd things about trading stocks is that when one person buys, another sells, and both think they are smarter than the other. But one of them comes to a better conclusion and is a winner.

Often, the one with the better resources and tools at their disposal has the edge. TC2000 may be the tool that gives you that edge. We’ll review, and you will be the judge.

TC2000 is technical analysis computer software for traders and investors. Their 2-second stock scanner finds stocks to trade, charting software that separates you from the herd, and great organization for your trading needs.

What would make the difference as to who wins and who loses? Who is more right than wrong? Let’s assume they are both equally smart and knowledgeable chartists.

Unless you are already a user of TC2000, you may not have heard of Worden Brothers, Inc., a software company founded in 1988.

On the other hand, if you’ve been trading for as long as they’ve been around, you may have come across one of their creations, the TeleChart. And if you connect the dots… well, the TC in TC2000 stands for TeleChart.

Worden Brothers’ TeleChart evolved into the TC2000 platform, known today as one of the best stock analysis programs. Worden Brothers, Inc. also offers brokerage services via TC2000 Brokerage, Inc.

However, the TC2000 software company is separate from the securities broker entity. In other words, one could use the TC2000 software without having an account with TC2000 Brokerage, Inc. Make sure you learn stock trading before using TC2000.

TC2000 Website

Rated Best Stock Software

According to Worden, TC2000 was voted by the readers of Stocks and Commodities Magazine as the best stock software…for 26 years in a row so far!

Fundamentally, TC2000 is a technical analysis computer software for traders/investors. Note that the software is designed for Windows.

Of course, Mac users could operate it by using Parallels Desktop, an application for running Windows on Mac. Alternatively, Worden also provides a free web-based technical analysis platform at FreeStockCharts.com.

Of course, a browser-based application will work on any operating system if you have an internet connection and the right browser. It only works with Internet Explorer.

Worden is migrating their web-based free charting into the TC2000 software. Our service is big into technical analysis, hence this TC2000 review.

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Award Winning Features

As you would expect from software evolving for over 30 years, TC2000 has all the necessary bells and whistles for you to be pleased as a pig in mud.

Note: this is mainly if you are (or intend to be) the chartist kind of trader. There is a huge emphasis on charting with TC2000. That’s a good thing because technical analysis involves many charts. Regarding quality graphics, it rivals the ThinkorSwim software from TD Ameritrade, a well-liked program for its indicators and drawings.

TC2000 is visually superior to most other software because of its smart scaling feature. But what you may appreciate the most are Don Worden’s proprietary indicators.

Specifically, the MoneyStream®, Time Segmented Volume®, and Balance of Power®. Successful traders using TC2000 would likely cite those indicators as the primary reason they wouldn’t give up the software.

Let’s look at the features promoted by Worden in this TC2000 review. Remember that those vary based on the plan you subscribed to. 

TC2000 Charting Review

Determine trends in prices and make trading decisions based on statistics using:

  • Multiple plot styles
  • Hundreds of technical and fundamental indicators
  • Your indicators using personal formulas (PCFs – Personal Criteria Formulas)
  • Crisp and fast high-definition charts
  • Tab, float, or dock multiple charts
  • Your own user-defined chart templates
  • Arithmetic, logarithmic, percent, and fixed % scaling
  • Drawing tool library

Watch Lists

Have a roaster of securities under your watchful eye using:

  • Over 1100 pre-configured lists and indexes
  • Multiple data columns for technicals and fundamentals
  • Scan and Sort in real-time
  • Flag stocks to allow quick organizing
  • Multiple watch lists within your layout, tab, float, or dock


Worden’s own proprietary servers’ scans offer great speeds and possibilities. Narrow your selection of preferred stocks until you have the few stocks that are the best for you.

  • 3000 symbol scan complete in seconds and gets updated in real time
  • Use pre-defined scan conditions or create your own with EasyScans®
  • Choose from 100s of available conditions or produce your own scans
  • View your scan conditions right on a chart
  • Instantly sort and re-sort your watch list

Alerts and Notes

TC2000 provides the standard features to get your attention when your criteria are met.

  • Alerts on multiple conditions
  • Running even if your computer isn’t on
  • Notification via email/mobile is available.

Great for planning and even journaling your trades.

  • Keep and review personal notes.
  • Attach charts, watch lists, scans, or workspaces to any note.
  • Find symbols with notes with “Charts with Notes.

TC2000 Pricing Review

  1. TC2000 is available by monthly subscriptions in 3 different flavors. Pricing is reduced when acquiring a yearly plan.
  2. The Silver package at $9.99/month is the entry-level subscription. Frankly, if you are a beginner in the industry, you may not need more than this plan.
  3. The Gold package at $29.99/month is a better option for those who are into drawing trend lines. Although you could argue this: why pay to draw trendlines if you can use thinkers to do the same for free (and I tend to agree with you)?
  4. However, if you have an account with TC2000 Brokerage, it would make more sense to use the TC2000 software.
  5. The Gold tier has added features like the EasyScan and the Personal Criteria Formulas tool, allowing you to design indicators, set up scanning conditions, and build/sort your watch lists.
  6. Then, there is the Platinum option at $89.98/month.

To give you an idea of the advanced features you get with this tier, I will list the added features of the Platinum package taken directly from the TC2000 brokerage website:

Platinum Option

  • Live EasyScan Dashboard
  • Set automatic re-sort intervals on your watch lists
  • Monitor real-time counts of stocks passing your scans
  • Instantly access watch lists of passing stocks
  • Track market sentiment by watching stocks flow
  • Organize your EasyScans into reports
  • Monitor up to 1000 alerts on price, indicators, and trend lines
  • Auto-Refresh Streaming Scan Results
  • Auto-Refresh Sorting
  • Unlimited Indicator and trend line Alerts
Monitor With TC2000 Charts

TC2000 Paper Account Review

You’ll need to start with minimal resources to make money in the markets. Money to invest, a brokerage account, a trading platform, and some know-how (we hope).

TC2000 paper accounts to practice trading are perfect for beginners who must still learn what works and what doesn’t.

Their trading platform is among the best in the industry. Since the sister company to TC2000 software is a broker, you’d have that covered when you are ready to trade with real money.

Regardless of the trading platform and broker you use, one thing you can’t neglect is acquiring the knowledge to navigate the markets.

What Stands Out

Some of the features that stand out are:

  • the customization of the charts
  • the ability to take notes as you research
  • the smoothness of zooming in/out with charts (great looking charts, really)
  • the user-friendliness and the responsiveness of the interface
  • you can place & modify orders by dragging directly on the chart
  • set automatically tracked limits based on trend lines, indicators, and channels
  • overlay option strategies on top of underlying stocks
  • place “step-limit” orders to get a better price
  • virtual (aka paper) account to practice simulated trading (Check out our swing trade room)

Ideal Users

TC2000 supports stocks/ETFs and options. This software is not for you if you are into Forex, futures, or crypto. TC2000 doesn’t have backtesting capabilities.

If you prefer a web-based trading platform, you’d probably go for TradingView instead because browser-based charting is their niche.

TC2000 has a lot of features geared toward day traders. Over the years, I’ve seen many trading chat room leaders and moderators operating from the TC2000 software.

Someone with multiple monitors would undoubtedly like the highly customizable layout with floating windows. If you’re a chartist and technical analysis is your focus, TC2000 is made for you.

Final Thoughts: TC2000 Review

Learning day trading is so relevant in volatility in the stock market because, as a day trader, you learn to go with the flow.

Up or down, you don’t care; you can make money both ways and be sitting on your cash at the end of the day.

When the bears come out of hibernation, some investors match their sleeping pattern…they go into sleepless night mode, worrying about their investments.

Like my investor friend told me lately, “The market may be bad, but I sleep like a baby.” And I said, “Really?” He said, “Yes, I wake up every hour crying.”

That’s the difference with day trading. You can sleep well knowing that you are not at the mercy of the market during a volatile time.

On the contrary, these are the perfect times for a dedicated and knowledgeable trader to make money. Lots of money for some. A lot more for those who are trained and prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of TC2000 because the company is privately held.

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