Looking for a tech stocks list of the best penny and large companies? Tech is one of the strongest sectors of the market and news can impact it greatly. Be it earnings, political news, or just a hit piece article, all stocks are all at the mercy of the media. We provide you a technology stocks list with various large cap and penny technology company stocks as well as free courses on how to trade the tech stocks sector below.

These are the typical hot stocks with lots of volume (usually). Pricing will vary depending on how the sector is moving, who tweeted what, and what news is in the air. Make sure to register for our free trading courses below if you want to need more help trading.

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List of Tech (Technology) Penny & Company Stocks

Tech Penny Stocks

AKAM: Akamai
AMAT: Applied Materials
AMD: Advanced Micro Devices
AMRH: Ameri holdings
ANY: Sphere 3D
ARTX: Arotech
ATVI: Activision
CDNS: Cadence
CSCO: Cisco
CTSH: Cognizant
DXC: DXC Technology
EA: Electronic Arts
FLIR: Flir Systems
FTNT: Fortinet
GLUU: Plug Power
GLW: Corning
HPE: Hewlett Packard Enter
HPQ: Hewlett Packard Co
INPX: Inpixon
INTC: Intel Corp
IQ: iQiyi
JNPR: Juniper
MU: Micron Tech
MXIM: Maxim Integrated
NTAP: Netapp Inc
OIIM: O2 Micro
ORCL: Oracle
PAYX: Paychex
PLUG: Zix Corp
QCOM: Qualcomm
QRVO: Qorvo
SCON: Superconductor tech
STNE: StoneCo
STX: Seagate
SWKS: Skyworks Solutions
SYMC: Symantec
TRIP: TripAdvisor
TRVG: Trivago
TWTR: Twitter
WDC: Western Digital
WU: Western Union
XRX: Xerox
ZIXI: Zix Corp

Large Cap Tech Stocks

AAPL: Apple
ACN: Accenture
ADI: Analog Devices
ADP: ADP Payroll
ADS: Alliance Data
ADSK: Autodesk
ANET: Arista
ANSS: Ansys
APH: Amphenol
BABA: Alibaba
BIDU: Baidu
BR: Broadridge
CRM: SalesForce
CTXS: Citrix
FB: Facebook
FFIV: F5 Networks
FIS: Fidelity National Information Services
FISV: Fiserv
GPN: Global Payments
IBM: Intl Business Machines
INTU: Intuit
IPGP: IPG Photonics
IT: Gartner
JKHY: Jack Henry
KEYS: Keysight Tech
KLAC: KLA Tencor
LRCX: Lam Research
MA: Mastercard
MCHP: Microchip Tech
MSFT: Microsoft
MSI: Motorola
NVDA: Nvidia
NXPI: NXP Semiconductors
PYPL: PayPal
SIXT: Tech Sector Index Tracking
SNPS: Synopsys
TEL: TE Connectivity
TSS: Total System Services
TTWO: Take Two Interactive Software
TXN: Texas Instruments
V: Visa
VRSN: Verisign
XLNX: Xilinx Inc

Tech Stocks ETF’s

IGV: iShares ETF
PSJ: Invesco Dynamic Software ETF
SKYY: First Trust Cloud Computing ETF
XITK: SPDR Innovative Tech ETF
XSW: SPDR Software & Services ETF

Do Your Research

The Bullish Bears provide you with an in depth tech stocks list below. Also included is our free courses which teach you how to trade technology stocks, as well as the most popular stock sectors. Our team loves to trade stocks like $ROKU $AAPL $AMD and others like this. We will teach you the areas on where to potentially buy and sell any stock sector.

Make sure to do your proper fundamental and technical research before purchasing any stock in this sector. We recommend StockRover because of its powerful research and accuracy. 

We include a mix of etf’s and large caps. Make sure to check each company symbol in your account to see recent pricing. * We are not affiliated with nor endorse any of the companies on the lists below nor do we recommend you buy or sell them. Check out our stocks lists page as well for additional lists with specific criteria.

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List of Tech Stocks

How to Trade Tech Stocks

Trading Tech

Technology Stocks List

Buy the rumor sell the news is a popular sentiment in the stock market. That includes a tech stocks list. Technology is ever changing. As a result, there’s always new and cutting edge news that comes out in the tech sector. Watch us trade live each day in our trading room.

However, that doesn’t mean stocks on a tech penny stocks list run because news came out. Have you ever bought a stock on good news and then it tanks? That can be confusing. It’s the buy the rumor sell the news rule in action. Traders take their profits.

If you want to know how to buy the rumor and sell the news of our tech stocks list, then check out our stock market courses. Stock market trading can’t be done right if you haven’t taken the time to study and practice. We look carefully at the charts and plan out our trades before entering.

We teach the importance of learning the charts so that you know how to trade any sector, not just technology stocks.

Earnings are a funny business. Even with our technology stocks list earnings can be tricky. Again, buy the rumor sell the news. Earnings burn traders a lot. In fact, we’ve seen traders come in and blow up their brokerage accounts trading earnings. Technology stocks are no different than other sectors out there.  Most traders will sell option spreads over earnings rather than buy long calls or puts because of IV Crush. 

The bottom line is, earnings are tricky to trade. No one knows what they will actually report when that fateful earnings day arrives. But you’ll probably see articles about buying from a technology stocks list before earnings so you get a good entry. Then you buy off that tech stocks list and the earnings might hit. But the stock still falls. As a result, we never recommend trading a stock at earnings unless you’re, perhaps, day trading it.  Buy support and resistance, tune out the noise.

I’ll give you the secret to making money in the stock market. It’s buy low and sell high. As a result, you don’t want to be buying on what ends up being resistance on earnings.

The stocks on a technology stocks list should only be traded based on the charts and what they show. Don’t trade what you think will happen, trade what is actually happening.

The market is a battle between buyers and sellers. It’s tracked through the formation of candlesticks. Candlesticks not only tell as story themselves, they form patterns also.

It takes time to learn chart patterns. It requires study along with practice. Many times new traders don’t want to put in the effort to takes to be successful. Or they don’t know what it takes and that causes them to give up when they don’t feel they’ve learned in a certain amount of time.

You want to be profitable when stock market trading right? Then you need to know how to find support and resistance on a tech stocks list. Our next level stock training video library have advance video tutorials once you’ve mastered the simpler tools.Take our free courses first and learn along with our live trade rooms to get the education you need to help you trade tech penny stocks.

The watch list videos our YouTube channel also teach you how to support and resistance levels along with our courses. A tech stocks list can be a lucrative when traded correctly. It’s all about being able to find support and resistance. If you can’t do that, you won’t know where to buy and sell. That means money lost. Don’t let that be you!

You need momentum with tech penny stocks just like you would any other stock market sector. It’s like watching paint dry when you’re in a trade with no momentum. Price doesn’t move. Volume is extremely important when trading a tech stocks list. I monitor volume all day when trading. No volume no trade – because it’s too sideways without volume. 

You might get into a trade based off someone’s recommendation. It’s the tech sector after all. How can it be manipulated? If it’s penny stocks within this sector, it’s probably manipulated, or extra risky. As a result, you can be left holding the bag. The bid/ask spread is extremely important to pay attention to. If it’s too far apart, then it’s hard to close out trades without losing some profits.  


The fact is you need to spend a few months practice trading. Place a few hundred trades before going live. That way you can work out the problems in a sandbox like environment. You’ll learn how to spot patterns and put together the best trading plan for you to follow.

Trading is emotional. Trading while emotional is never good and we’ve all been there. If you practice, you can learn how to control your emotions better. Trading a technology stocks list will be emotional because of the ups and downs those stocks make. If you can spot the reversal candles and patterns, then you know hen to get out. Hence why practice is necessary. Check out our stock sectors list page and study the heck out of why sectors run and what “rotation” is within the sectors.

Tech penny stocks have a lot of hype because of the type of sector they belong to. Technology is always changing. There are new and exciting innovations coming out all the time. Again that’s why you buy the rumor sell the news with a tech stocks list. Hype will always be a factor in technology. Which means sharp moves up and down.

That means FOMO is real. What’s FOMO? It’s fear of missing out. Don’t go chasing a stock that’s running. You’ll always find runners in a tech stocks list. Only trade stocks with good setups. Wait for a pull back or dip buy.

Speaking of hype, watch the videos we made on how to make money with a penny pot stocks list and bitcoin stocks. These sectors pump and dump. As a result, you need to know to safely trade them. We always do our best to give back to the community members in our trading service.


Apple designs a wide variety of consumer electronic devices, including smartphones (iPhone), tablets (iPad), PCs (Mac), smartwatches (Apple Watch), and TV boxes (Apple TV), among others. The iPhone makes up the majority of Apple’s total revenue these days. In addition, Apple offers a variety of services such as Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Care, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple Card, and Apple Pay, and many other services.

Apple’s products run internally developed software and semiconductors, and the firm is well known for its integration of hardware, software and services. Apple’s products are distributed online as well as through company-owned stores and third-party retailers. The company generates about 40% of its revenue from the Americas, with the remainder earned internationally.

AAPL as of May 21st has outperformed the S&P 500 by 69.5% in the past year. AAPL also has outperformed its sector by 46.0% in the past year. The Technology sector has outperformed the market by 23.5% in the past year, by far one of the strongest sectors!

Watch Lists

We provide stock watch lists to trade along with our tech stocks list. As a result, you have options to trade when the market is doing something crazy, trading sideways or tanking.  Our day trade watch list focuses on stocks from $0.30 up to $20. Our swing trade watch list looks at potentially good longer term holds.Our team is comprised of different style traders, so you’re going to get someone who trades your style.

There’s no price limit on our swing trade watch list as long as the stock has options to trade. We’re big fans of options trading. Indeed, you’ll find that our tech stocks list has potential options trades as well.

Another thing we offer are trade alert “setups” as well as real-time stock alerts. These alerts are for our community members. Our trade alerts set ups are based off support and resistance. Support and resistance is king in the trading world.

Our real-time trade alerts are for those traders who like to trade safer stocks. Safer stocks are considered to be large cap stocks. These are the stocks with options trades as well. Read our pages to learn more about trading with our alerts and setups. 

We also post morning gappers to our Trade Ideas Review page. These are posted by 9:15am each morning. The morning gappers are potential trades to day trade. As a result, they make a great complement on not only our tech stocks list but our other lists as well. Bookmark our swing trade stock watchlists page to find higher priced stocks to trade.

List of Technology Stocks

What Are Some Good Tech Stocks? List to Watch

  1. $AAPL (Apple)
  2. $AMZN (Amazon)
  3. $AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)
  5. $MSFT (Microsoft)

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