Thinkorswim Option Fees

Thinkorswim Option Fees Explained

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Thinkorswim option fees aren’t the cheapest, but they aren’t the most expensive out there, either. If you don’t already know, Thinkorswim is a trading platform that allows you to trade in several financial securities, including options. It’s one of the best trading platforms in the world (in our opinion) that gives you access to various trading tools and allows you to trade in different securities and test different trading strategies. But what are the fees? We’ll dive into that below.

ThinkorSwim Options Fees

ThinkorSwim Website

What are ThinkorSwim option fees? It depends on the options contract you’re looking at. One of the most popular investment choices these days is or are options. Thinkorswim is a platform you must believe in when discussing trading options.

Thinkorswim has no annual, maintenance, account closing, or perhaps inactivity fees for trading in options. It charges $0 on its stock and its ETF trades as well.

Furthermore, it costs nothing, $0, to set up or use the Thinkorswim platform, plus its TD Ameritrade brokerage account.

Thinkorswim charges a standard commission of $0 per trade plus an additional $0.65 per contract for options commissions or option trades.

Furthermore, for multi-legged options trades, you’ll be charged a standard commission of $0, and the $0.65 per contract fee applies to every contract of every leg. However, it doesn’t charge any option exercise and assignment fees.

ThinkorSwim Options Highlights

The highlight, if you ask us, about Thinkorswim is that it is a very versatile platform that charges a very minimum fee if we emphasize its bond and CD fees.

Then, it charges $1 per bond markup/down for every buy/sell, which will be embedded in the price they quote you.

Furthermore, if you have treasuries traded at an auction, they are traded free of commission, which is another advantage of using Thinkorswim.

Perhaps the unique aspect of this market is that there’s no single central marketplace for foreign exchange. Currency trading is often conducted electronically over the counter.

This means all transactions occur over the counter with computer networks and robots. But before you start your forex trade, there are a few things you need to know.

ThinkorSwim Options Chain

ThinkorSwim Options Chain

Thinkorswim ETF Fees

You can also trade in ETFs using Thinkorswim. ETFs are indeed referred to as the backbone of a well-rounded portfolio.

They’re cost-effective and allow exposure to commodities, sectors, markets, and countries. Thinkorswim only charges a standard of $0 per commission for every ETF trade.


For future trades, Thinkorswim charges a given price/flat price of $2.25 per contract in addition to regulatory fees. It isn’t very important ($0.01 per contract), making it a reasonable use.

Did you know you can open a paper trading account with TD Ameritrade? There, you can practice with futures and ThinkorSwim option fees.

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Thinkorswim platform trades in 70 unique currency pairs. Some of these come free of commission (those that come without #). These results have a wider spread.

FX trades that do not incur a commission are traded in increments of 1000 units. The commission for these trades is mostly $0.10 per 1000 units (and a $1 minimum).

Mutual Funds

You can also trade with mutual funds on TD Ameritrade if you don’t want to trade ThinkorSwim option fees. These are commission-free and have a short-term redemption fee of $49.99 if they are not held for 180 days. On the other hand, those that are commission-free come with a flat price of $49.99 fee.

Thinkorswim, then, is software that has a lot to offer. You need to download and start using it for a test drive to test it.

Those registered at TD Ameritrade can start trading for free and get charged for the software completely. The software will appear in paper trading mode for such traders.

Moreover, you can log in with normal credits to access the download link if you are a TD Ameritrade customer. Once acquired through a proper process, the software will be available in regular and paper trading versions.

Final Thoughts: ThinkorSwim Option Fees

What are ThinkorSwim option fees? Thinkorswim requires no account minimums or trading requirements. Their policy is very generous.

Similar trading platforms such as Fidelity and Merrill Edge require particular activity to use these platforms. Thinkorswim is essentially free.

Using the platform/software is also very easy. Once you download the software, it starts with download updates. It is slow to begin. It has a small font size.

Once you open it, you will see the setup link to the gear icon in the top right corner. After that, you will have a pop-up window to make many customizations.

After customizing, you will have an article and video news feed with the software. Trading is easy once you get used to it.

In Thinkorswim, there are 400 technical studies and 20 drawing tools. Other platforms offer fewer technical tools. Generally, Thinkorswim is a complete software that makes trading easy and simple.

Thinkorswim is a simple yet advanced software that lets you trade several securities at a very low charge, especially options. If you want to try it, you can visit the company’s website and try the software for free today.

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