This Free ThinkorSwim Tutorial Course goes step by step into how to setup your TOS Platform. ThinkorSwim is one of the most popular trading platforms on the planet. They have one of the best charting and paper trading platforms in the industry. There are a lot of customized features available with their platform as well. This Course will help you get their platform setup as quickly and simply as possible. You’ll also gain access to our other Trading Courses as well.

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ThinkorSwim Tutorial Course

Free ThinkorSwim tutorial course walks you through step by step on how to use ThinkorSwim and setup your TOS account, charts, and how to use the Thinkorswim platform for beginners. You need to open an account and download ThinkorSwim first! Thinkorswim paper money is also covered in detail.

We setup our Tutorial course with you in mind! Building it out with all the things we would of wanted to know when we first began trading! The ToS platform by TD Ameritrade could be incredibly challenging to learn at first but we do our best to simplify the setup process in this ThinkorSwim course.

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  • Download & Set Up Process
  • How to Set Up ThinkorSwim’s Charts
  • Learn How to Set Up TOS Scanners
  • Discover their Awesome Study Filters
  • See How to Use TOS When Trading

TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim Platform

ThinkorSwim Tutorial Course

Is ThinkorSwim Good for Beginners?

ThinkorSwim is a very good broker for beginners. TOS is overall one of our favorite and most recommended brokers because their platform offers advanced level charting, custom scanners, a wealth of indicators, a custom indicator system, streaming text news, audio news, CNBC built in, access to global markets, competitive commissions costs, educational content, webinars, chat rooms, fundamental analysis, advanced analysis of economic data, earnings data with advanced charting, an incredible simulated trading platform, and fantastic customer service on top of it all.

We use this platform every single day. Actually, every one of our team members uses it! That’s why we created this TOS ThinkorSwim tutorial course (because we love it!).

Is ThinkorSwim the Same as TD Ameritrade?

Charles Schwab

TD Ameritrade owns the ThinkorSwim platform, so yes they are the same. Charles Schwab now owns TD Ameritrade, so they essentially own ThinkorSwim. We will see what they do with their platform moving forward.

There are several other brokerage platforms that you could choose from but they don’t include the Thinkorswim paper money platform that TOS does. Their simulated platform is top notch and second to none! We recommend funding your account with what you can afford, and practice trading on the simulator right away. The TD Ameritrade paper money simulator is the best we’ve tried. 

ThinkorSwim is downloaded a lot by traders to learn on. Why? Because its among the best out there to learn on and its a great all around broker for investors and traders. Once you got your ThinkorSwim downloaded you can start setting it up and use our course to set you on the right path. PS, you wont pay anything for trading stocks on TD Ameritrade anymore! Yup! They followed Robinhoods lead and now offer free trading for stocks and etfs. Read our TOS Review

You’ll notice most of our videos are made with it as well, though we do like some other “tools”, Like TrendSpider for example. ThinkorSwim is still our go to Swiss-Army knife for getting the job done. 

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Trading Takes Discipline

The stock market is not a casino, though you might know someone who treats it as such. You must be disciplined and develop your skills so you can profit consistently. Luckily you’ve chosen one of the best trading platforms out there to trade on. ToS is a very stable, fast application backed by one of the best brokers in the industry. By the way, you might of heard Schwab is buying TD Ameritrade.

So you’re certainly giving yourself an edge when it comes to charting and trading. When you increase your trading knowledge, you increase your odds of being a successful trader. And safely practicing is key to your success, which is why we repeat it so often. This how you learn to use ThinkorSwim. By doing!

We want you to complete this ThinkorSwim tutorial course. Take the time and complete each of the course sections. Watch each video, twice if you have to. Pause the video and take notes, rewind parts and listen to them over if they are difficult to understand the first time. You’re learning a new language, the language of trading, so give yourself the time.

This TD Ameritrade paper money course is a great way to start out on the right foot and protect yourself from yourself. Our ThinkorSwim paper money course is going to save you a countless number of hours and massive headaches trying to learn how to set it up all on your own. Trading is challenging, but it makes it more challenging when you don’t know the mechanics of the program you are dealing with. 

That is why we always tell our members SLOW DOWN! You cannot rush this process, you just have to go through it.


Lastly, we think your education should not stop here. Be sure to use our courses throughout the site to further your trading education. Also be sure to utilize the “Education” tab in ThinkorSwim paper money platform for additional knowledge!

Are you ready to get started with setting up your ToS stock training platform? If so, register for our free ThinkorSwim tutorial course below.

Paper Trading Account

TD Ameritrade paper money system is very cool to start out learning on. If you don’t fund your TD account these days they will not turn on real time data for paper trading. That is why we are now recommending you fund your TD account to access the ThinkorSwim paper money trading platform. It’s worth its weight in gold and you’ll thank us later. If you want to watch us trade daily with the ThinkorSwim platform, you’ll get to watch us use it daily on our live streams when you become a member! 

On our live streams we show you support and resistance, buy and sell signals, patterns, and all the ways we use the ThinkorSwim papermoney software application. Traders in our stock market trading community who are using ThinkorSwim use it right along side us, so they can mimic what we are showing them on their own charts. Our ThinkorSwim tutorial teaches you how to set up your charts.

You will not be able to “trade” effectively without a good charting platform. Just using Robinhood, Stash, or something like that will not cut it! Besides, TD now offers free commission trading! You want fast executions, real time data, and need fast charting. You want POWER! The ThinkOrSwim platform has the tools you need to succeed.


If you desire to become successful at stock trading then it’s important to make at least 100-200 practice trades in a virtual account first to become comfortable with the flow of trading before investing real money. Trading isn’t easy. You have to practice, make mistakes, and learn from them. We don’t want you doing that with your hard earned money.

Use the simulator and get yourself acquainted with the platform. The ThinkorSwim paper money account becomes much easier to navigate the more that you practice. Read this TD Ameritrade Review for a more in depth look. 

Watch our ThinkorSwim tutorial video on how to use TOS.

Focus on making winning trades, rather than making big money. We would rather see you take small positions and work your way up (size up your share size slowly) to help train your nerves and emotions. Most importantly, make sure to never trade with money that you can’t afford to lose. We can’t stress that enough.

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We spent a lot of time, trial and error, and countless hours on the phone with TD Ameritrade so that you can enjoy the TOS videos in this course. Our team now has 1,000’s of hours using it and we have come to love it.

The great part about TD Ameritrade is they have the best service that we have ever experienced in the brokerage world. We have access to intelligent, skilled and friendly TD reps 24 hours a day. There is also secured messaging if you prefer to email TD.

We talk a lot about how great their customer service is in our ThinkorSwim tutorial course. Again, TD Ameritrade paper money is awesome for newbies and will teach you the ins and outs in a safe environment and TD Support will help you.

TD Ameritrade also has 24 hour trading now. The stocks that are available after 8pm (which is normally when extended hours trading ends) are limited. But you can trade stocks like $SPY, $QQQ, $GLD and $USO 24 hours a day. If you want to trade crypto 24 hours a day, open a Robinhood account

This is a big advantage over some platforms,  because news often will break at night (when you may feel like trading on your schedule) and you can trade the news! There is obviously less liquidity during overnight hours, but we think its awesome that you can trade stocks in your pajamas using the ToS platform.

TD Ameritrade

Can You Paper Trade on ThinkorSwim? (Tutorial How)

  1. Yes, you can paper trade on the ThinkorSwim platform 
  2. Login to the TOS platform
  3. Make sure to click “paper money” button
  4. You’ll get $300,000 stock buying power
  5. $200,000 option buying power
  6. We highly advise paper trading with the exact amount of shares that you’ll use in your real trading account and treated simulated trading exactly as you would trading with real money

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Can I Use ThinkorSwim Paper Money Platform for Free?

The ThinkorSwim paper money platform is free to use but by default it has simulated data setup. It’s best to have real-time data setup so you can paper trade live with the markets. TD Ameritrade will activate real time day on your TOS paper money platform if you call them but sometimes they ask you to make a small deposit into the account first.

Thinkorswim Platform Tutorial

ThinkorSwim Review

How Do I Use ThinkorSwim? Learn How in Our Tutorial Course

  1. How do you use ThinkorSwim TOS platform?
  2. Here’s what you’ll learn in our free TOS tutorial course:
  3. How to download and login to ThinkorSwim
  4. Learn how to setup your ThinkorSwim charts
  5. Find out how to customize TOS filter studies
  6. Input trade alerts into the platform
  7. How to setup and customize ThinkorSwim scanners
  8. Watch as we teach you how to place a trade in TOS
  9. Setup Active Trader and Big Buttons to trade
  10. How to scan for options trades and place a trade
  11. How to short stocks using their platform

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