Tickeron Review

Tickeron Review: Tickeron is a new way to gain from AI investment strategies. They’re leveraging computing power to improve your work trading results. They focus on retail investors who are self-directed or independent. You learn how to use their AI services and robots to look for patterns. Then you’re able to trade from the advice learned. We’ll go through the ins and outs of Tickeron and provide our unbiased Tickeron review. As a result, you decide if they appeal to you. 

Is Tickeron Reliable?

Tickeron plays two roles. For the investor, Tickeron provides several AI tools to help them get more from their trading strategies. It compiles a lot of data in real-time. Then delivers usable information via their different AI scanners, robots, and portfolios. This makes Tickeron much better than the typical stock screeners found on every other platform. 

Tickeron’s AI scanners provide a much deeper analysis of potential opportunities. Their trend prediction engine can be used to forecast likely rallies before they occur. They give a likeliness score to it. We found in our Tickeron review that they’re reliable. When it comes to trading, reliability is key. The worst thing you can do is follow unreliable sources. That’s the quickest way to lose money.

Tickeron Review

The scanner is only one element of this comprehensive trading platform. The supply of research and analysis tools provided can replace hours of time that’d otherwise be put into looking at data yourself. Tickeron uses live date. As a result, you can make more accurate trading decisions.

It’s also set up with plenty of preset screens. This makes the information accessible to traders of any experience level. Watch their videos teaching their methodology. They’re getting you up to speed quickly. In fact, you’re able to see what trades an AI is making as well as the results of previous trades.

Tickeron Review

Tickeron Review of the Marketplace

Our Tickeron review looks at the marketplace of additional information from service providers. They’re offering their skills and services to other Tickeron clients. This service offering is called their MALL or Marketplace. It’s mainly experts and advisors utilizing AI tools coupled with their human intelligence. The main selling points for each service are the length of time running, price, and gain/loss. 

The layout for Tickerton’s various services is a bit complex to master initially. But once you figure out the basics, it’s easy.  Start with the “about us” section. However, it isn’t easy to find. It’s at the bottom left of the front/home page. Or click here.

Tickeron Review

How Much Is Tickeron?

Pricing is divided into two general parts. There’s the membership subscription pricing that’s offered at four levels. And there’s the MALL/Marketplace paid services that you purchase at a monthly subscription price. A basic Tickeron account is free. But to access the sophisticated tools you need a premium account.

The Intermediate membership costs $15-per month and includes Active Portfolios/Autopilot, AI Trading Ideas, Backtesting Trade Rules, and Duplicate Portfolios. 

If you think you can sell your ideas, there’s an option to do so. However, it’s $250/month to be an expert. Certified Financial Advisors have a $50/month subscription option.

On top of this, you can purchase the ala carte services from the MALL/marketplace. Price is very important to everyone. Hence our Tickeron review. We want you to be informed. As a result, you can make the best decision for yourself as a trader. You don’t need every tool in the box. In fact, using too many tools can and will muddy the water.

Too many cooks in the kitchen. Therefore, know your trading style. Then choose the tools that help you achieve that style with success. You won’t need to spend an arm and a leg on all the tools out there. We don’t want you spending what you make in trading to buy more subscriptions if it’s not helpful.

There’s no magic eightball showing you the future of trades. Even with AI trading. Wouldn’t that be nice, however? If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. So keep that in mind when purchasing anything.


Tickeron Review Service Breakdown

These are a Tickeron review of the free services you can use on this platform.

  • AI-powered stock screener- AI-powered scans and pattern recognition which can be customized to find the perfect trade ideas for a preferred trading strategy.
  • Portfolio Wizzard Organizer with AI Investment Ideas-Asks a series of questions to formulate the best portfolio for your needs.  You can also use the organizer to save individual stocks into a custom portfolio, making it easy to monitor trends within your existing investments.
  • Trade Alerts- set up trade alerts to inform you when to buy and sell on your specified criteria
  • Trader Educational Academy- education for traders at all levels to build their knowledge.
  • Community- Access to a network of other users and experts for advice and discussion straightforwardly.
  • Interactive MALL (Marketplace)- access to the information provided by the experts and advisors for which can then be purchased for a fee.

Premium Services

  • Trend Prediction & Pattern Search Engine- These tools utilize sophisticated algorithms, coming through market data/price patterns to find high-potential trades opportunities. Beginners can analyze trading ideas quickly with Tickeron. This automatically highlights trends using relevant data and indicators. You can customize the screener to fit your investment style, setting the time frames in increments from 5 minutes to whole days and specify which properties to target.
  • Backtest trade rules– called the Time machine
  • Stock Scorecard- To look at each stocks position
  • Real-Time Patterns
  • Active Portfolio Autopilot trading
Tickeron Review

AI portfolios

This Tickeron review look at the subscriptions for AI portfolios. These are subscriptions to portfolios that you can follow for limited fees ($1-$2/month). They’re updated on a regular basis, usually daily. This is a very cost-effective way to see a portfolio that’ll provide you with high-value trades on a regular basis. And you won’t have to monitor the service constantly. 


AI Robots

The no-brainer approach is to buy access to one of the AI Robots.  For $90, you’ll have access to a Robot Service. You can signup to three robots. If you do so, you’ll have access to all the robots and be provided $120 in credit to use elsewhere on the site. Robots are intended to reduce your number of trades to a reasonable amount. The AI scans stocks in the user-adjustable customized field. This can be further narrowed by clicking to remove.

The stocks are filtered by additional means beyond AI indicators; which are noted in the Robot’s description. The robots operate automated trading rooms making trades based on neural networks.  The selection and criteria for these trades can be seen in real-time. 

Robots track stocks, currencies (Forex), and cryptos. The summary performance is based on $10,000 per transaction, long or short positions. An important ratio to look for is the average profit to loss. 

If you want to see the Robot’s historical trades, you can do this without subscribing. However, you can’t see their current open trades without buying in.  If you subscribe, you’ll get push notifications of any moves, so you can immediately copy these with your trades. 

No matter which route you choose never put at risk into a single position more than you are willing to lose, and good luck with all your trades. To use the Robot, click on a position that looks favorable. Once you click to open the position, it will go to your “paper trades” under pending orders.

It’ll be bought at the opening bell and transferred from pending orders to open trades.  Once added to “open trades,” transactions you wish to close must be completed during open trading hours. 

Tickeron Review

Tickeron Review Summary

We hope you enjoyed this Tickeron review. The services offered on Tickeron are pretty impressive. They’re making accessible AI trading to retail investors that were once only available to “smart money” in big banks.  The various AI options can help any trader improve their trading; by either holding your hand or saving time. 

The Robots are a bit pricy. But if you’re diligent and follow them, you may be pretty successful with your day trading. We must consider the fact that these are $10,000 trades. And thus can gain from small price changes that wouldn’t be available for smaller transaction sizes. 

The info from the screeners can undoubtedly save lots of time and at a reasonable price, however. For the non-daytrader, it may be wise to look at the AI portfolios.  These are a cheap way to take advantage of the technology for buying decisions and at a meager price. 

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