What Are the Top Investing Websites?

In this blog, we analyze the Top Investing Websites out there. With 43 million results from a google search, the opinions on the best are many. So the question is: Which one should you go with and shell out your hard-earned cash for their research?

Top Investing Websites: Market Watch

top investing websites

Without a doubt, the number one top investing websites that stock traders and investors should look to for financial news is Market Watch.

With over 16 million hits a month to their site, Market Watch provides users with the latest stock market news, quotes, vital in-depth market analysis, and investing advice.

In addition, Market Watch is a one-stop shop with one of the top stock blogs and bloggers out there. As far as news is concerned, they have instant access to breaking headlines because they’re a major news network!

And by instant, I mean instant. There’s a tab solely dedicated to instant news right on their website. 

For investors who need access to a company’s financials, Market Watch provides everything from the income statement and balance sheet to the cash flow statements.

On the personal finance side, you won’t be disappointed. At the top of their website, you’ll see a tab for personal finance with sections on Spending and Saving, Retirement, TaxWatch, Careers, Real Estate, and Credit Cards.

Overall, Marketplace is my number one pick if you’re looking for a top stock blog that covers all things money. And one that most certainly deserves a bookmark. 

Top Investing Websites: Seeking Alpha

top investing websites

Originally founded by David Jackson, Seeking Alpha is a platform for both research and news. Their blog serves as a platform for individuals to share their investing news, knowledge, opinions, experiences, and questions/answers.

Self-touted as the “world’s largest investing community,” they often publish articles from seasoned, experienced Wall Street investors and analysts.

Like Market Watch, Seeking Alpha has an extensive library of investment ideas, advice, topics, and stock analysis tools. 

What’s interesting about Seeking Alpha is that its content is crowd-sourced. Pretty much all of their content is created by independent contributors. Based on how many Premium and PRO subscribers decide to read their article, writers get paid.

To put it in perspective, they have about 550 exclusive writers for that they paid $1.2 in 2011. Now, this fact is a bit mind-blowing. Seeking Alpha has over 7,000 market experts contributing around 10,000 articles every month. Needless to say, if you’re looking for the top investing advice, chances are, you’ll find it on Seeking Alpha.

And it appears their approach is working. According to their website, as of January 2021, they had 10 million registered users and over 17 million unique viewers each month! 

Another interesting feature of Seeking Alpha is that you can customize new notifications based on the specific ticker you’re following. They should always be included in the top investing websites.


According to the top investing websites ranking company SimilarWeb, investing.com ranks among the top three financial sites globally, right behind Fidelity.com and Yahoo Finance.

In 2012, CEO and founder Dror Efrat paid $2.45 million for the domain name. Since then, Investing.com has become a place to go to for real-time stock, futures, forex, indices, crypto, and financial news.

Furthermore, they have great stock trading and investing resources and a paid option called Investing Insights. For $9.85 a month, you’ll get investing strategies touted to give you an edge. So don’t look past one of the top investing websites.

Top Investing Websites: Motley Fool

top investing websites

I’ve been a customer of the Motley Fool for the past three years, and I’m here to give you guys my honest opinion about my experience as a customer. And why I think they’re one of the top investing websites.

The Motley Fool is arguably one of the most well-known online stock advisor programs. Not to mention the fact that they’ve been around for over 25 years.

I think it’s one of the best places to go for investing advice. They employ some top financial analysts and stock bloggers who consistently have provided solid stock picks. 

Since its founding, the Motley Fool stock advisor subscription service has consistently and drastically beat the market. As you know, this is a massive mark of any successful investing service.

The company has a 17-year track record of picking stocks that outperform the market. To illustrate, the Stock Advisor stock picks quadrupled the returns of the S&P 500 since its inception!

As an example, 21 out of their 24 stock pics from 2020 pretty much doubled. Also, their 2019 picks up 132% on average compared to the S&P’s 37% gains. Not to mention the success of their pick of Tesla in January 2020. When everybody thought the stock was going to plummet, it went to the moon. 

 I could go on and on about stock pics from the Motley fool that up double-digit or even triple-digit returns but do the research yourself. Check out the performance on their website so that you can see what exactly I’m talking about.

Motley Fool Advisor Tools

 Now let’s talk about what you get as a paid subscriber to the Motley Fool Advisor. As a subscriber, you’ll know that Thursdays are the most important days of the week. Every Thursday, the Motley fool issues new recommendations. Additionally, two are newly updated for stocks to buy.

If you’re new to investing, they always have an updated list of the top five starter stocks for starting a new portfolio. All of this is huge if you’re new to investing. They empower you to do your own research, but they also give you much of what you need to know about the stock when they recommend it.

Not to mention 24/7 full access to the library reports and research so you can do as much digging as you want on your own.  Which is why I consider them one of the top investing websites.

What To Consider When Picking A Investing Service


One of the best ways to choose a credible investing service is to do your research. How long have they been around? Perhaps ask for recommendations from friends, family members, or coworkers to see what they use. If someone you know and trust has used a service for years, then there is a good chance that the investing website is trustworthy.

Track Record

A website’s track record tells you how well it has helped other investors make money. But unfortunately, all stock pickers make incorrect predictions from time to time. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind that no top investing website is perfect. 

Final Thoughts

When making investing decisions, you have an obligation to your future self to do the research. Put the time in to determine which investing website works best for you. If you take your time to do this, the dividends will pay off far into the future. Getting the proper guidance from the start can have huge returns. So don’t forget to check out the top investing websites mentioned above.

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