In this Trade Ideas review you're going to see why we think the Trade Ideas Scanner is the best stock screener software and real time stock scanner on the market.

The trade ideas scanner is probably one of the best scanners you could use if you're taking trading seriously. We use it everyday in our trade rooms and in our community and can't say enough good things about their scanner.

We also post their daily gappers below by 9 am est, so make sure to bookmark this page and check it daily.

Trade Ideas

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Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas Review

I’ve had a lot of time to use Trade Ideas since I became an active day trader. I'm also a busy professional, a family man, and I need to have good time management skills to keep my busy life from descending into chaos.

Trade Ideas has saved me TIME; which is arguably the most important commodity that we as people have. While its true that I’ve had decent success using other stock screeners from other websites and brokers, one thing is true.

Almost all screeners or stock scanning tools are slower, more cumbersome, and don’t have a lot of the features that Trade Ideas has assembled in one package.

They also don't update with new types of scans, I have to do it myself! Therefore I believe Trade Ideas is the best software hands down. This is because of the ease of use, the amount of data it provides, the user interface, and because its constantly being updated by the developers. We have some pretty awesome custom scans developed for trade ideas. Just peek into our trading community to see for yourself.

Just when you think it can't get any better, it does! Why you ask? Well, the developers keep investing in the software. They are one of the top trading companies in the industry.


If you want to see our trade ideas scanner live before you purchase it, join our stock market trading community! In fact, we use trade ideas daily for our trading activities. If you're looking for our handpicked day trade and swing trade watch list check out our official stock watch list pages.


The whole point of the Trade Ideas scanner, for me, was to work smarter, not harder. I want to save time, get actionable trade ideas and make money. 

I need a layout that is simple, and information that is easy to digest and has high contrast. Trade Ideas certainly fits the bill.

Lets look at their high of day scanner. This beast takes the guesswork out of finding trades. In fact, they're stocks with massive volume, daily breakouts and price action that day traders search for to long or short.

There is a certain strategy for using the various scanner windows. Therefore, you'll need to get a feel for the stock plays it finds daily. I took my time learning the tool, and you should too. Don't just blindly trade the windows. Get a feel for it.

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Day trading can be very chaotic and frustrating when trying to find the stocks as they break out, and with the best setups (that YOU like to trade). As a result, Trade Ideas brings them right to your screen, accompanied by all the information you could want. This is what gives your confidence to hit the buy or sell keys.

Instant charts, stock float information, volume percentage, average volume, and the list goes on. You can fully customize the screener to your needs with whatever columns of information you desire.

It doesn’t matter what kind of trader or investor you are, Trade Ideas keeps eyes on every facet of market movement. Furthermore, it delivers it to your computer in a stunningly simple format. Numbers and color codes. 

It all depends on where your interest lies, whether you're into day trading strategies or swing trading strategies. The software has something for everyone. 

Honest review. I usually don't review things but here's what I've learned in the months I've spent here. ... read more

Sagar P.

Great information, fantastic YouTube videos for anyone new to stock trading.

Theodore v.

This is the real deal; no hype, no get-rich-quick rich schemes, just solid advice and training from the pros.

John P.


Once you have purchased Trade-Ideas and are ready to rock, you’ll quickly notice that Trade-Ideas offers a default “channel bar.” This gives the user an easy to access, quick click bar, with multiple windows within the bar. It’s pretty much a dinner menu with an instant visual feast of market data.

Trade Ideas Review

Clicking on a window will take you to a default layout for that window. Your windows will load in your default monitor, in a default manner.

A quick tip for those with multiple monitors – you can save your Trade-Ideas layout on a specific monitor of your choosing. Just arrange your windows where you'd like and click save layout.

If you want to access our custom layouts, simply join our community as an annual member and we'll share them with you!

Save either to the cloud or locally on your hard drive. Make sure to watch our Trade Ideas review video on their scanning software.

I like to name the layout after the specific strategy and add to the name which monitor it is (ex. Momentum stock screener software – monitor 5). That way, when I boot up their stock screener software in the morning, it loads exactly where I want it in the custom arrangement that works perfectly for my monitor layout!

Best Stock Screener Software


One of our favorite channels is the options channel. With the options window we can know, in real time, where the options volume is exploding. Whether it's call and put options, we can quickly click on the symbol and the charts (5 minute and daily charts shown) will populate and give the user real time data. Options traders look for volatility and open interest for trading opportunities.

With this window, you’ll have opportunities to trade basic and advanced options strategies day after day. One of my favorites is to sell a bull or bear call spread, and collect the premium. I’ve added a few columns to the “Somebody knows something” window. I like having the 8/20/50/200 SMA percentage columns to show me where the stock is currently in relation to those technical indicators.

If you’re looking for help with technical analysis of stocks indicators, look here. We have RSI and volatility percentage columns showing on the scanner picture above. We find it very helpful to read this data on the scanner at a quick glance. I like finding options plays at extremely oversold or overbought levels, and look for a reversal options play. Waiting for reversals is just a simple options trading strategy that I enjoy.

We share our Trade Ideas stock scanners live each day in our trading service.


Another favorite feature is the Premarket channel. With this channel you get Up Gappers and Down Gappers broken into separate windows. Day traders and momentum traders look at the morning gap scan to find opportunities to “trade the gap”. Whether you are a short trader, or long trader, or a little bit of both, learning to trade gap up stocks is a highly desirable skill to master. There are a couple ways to trade gap up stocks.

A popular strategy is to wait for the morning dip and buy the stock after a pull back to support. Also, for gapping down stocks, it is popular to short a stock when it breaks support. Make sure to watch our Trade Ideas review video on their day trading scanner and see why they are the best stock screener software.
Trade Ideas Review

Take special note of the earnings date columns and the stocks Flt column (float). These let us know if an earnings date is the catalyst. Float lets us know if the stock is possibly going to be more volatile. Stocks with a lower float often move quicker because there are less shares to go around. When demand shoots up for shares, expect some serious volatility when a stock's float is low!


Once you’ve traded your morning gappers, you may move on to a channel such as Active Trading.

Active trading is a favorite of day traders and swing traders alike. With these windows, you’ll find unusual daily movers, a high stock volume radar, biggest bounce on losers and more.

These windows are going to help a trader find active, volatile and liquid stocks to trade in and out of.
Best Stock Screener Software


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The Low Float channel bar is also a very popular feature. The Low Float channel bar with the colorful Unicorn picture pulls up two channels. Two very simple windows will show you Low Float Stocks Making Moves and Low Float Winners Pulling Back.

Both windows bring to your attention the fast-moving world of low float stocks, with a quick description of each strategy within the columns. Check out the picture below.

Trade Ideas Review

Again, the columns show valuable information of critical importance. We like to see a decent change from the close, a high relative volume. With low floaters, gap and go and stocks in general, we'll look for a pull back or dip buy and ride the momentum up for as long as it lasts.

Then we sell. Low floaters are extremely volatile and many traders do not like the risk they present. Only trade them if you are comfortable! Always use hotkeys.

Trade-Ideas helps us find stocks that are moving in the market and quickly evaluate the information in an easy to read format which quickly leads to an executable trade. You'll save time, energy, and money with Trade-Ideas.

The subscription pays for itself if it only finds you ONE good trade. It'll find you many, many good trades though. The hardest part is knowing when to enter and exit a trade. That part's up to you.

If you need help with learning the ins and outs, you can check out our live streams and join us in our new and improved chat room. Make sure to watch our Trade Ideas review video on their stock scanner. You'll see more examples why they are the best stock screener software.


Our advice is to take your time with it, study technical analysis and momentum trading and give yourself time to adjust to the massive amount of information that their stock screener software delivers to your mind. In the stock market world, it is easy to get overloaded with information, and our brains can only handle so much.

You owe it to yourself to give yourself time to get adjusted to the Trade Ideas scanner and in a short time you’ll be making smart trading decisions. If you guys need any help, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team. Hopefully this Trade Ideas review helps you to realize they are the best stock screener software on the market today.

Trade Ideas

Enter BULLISHBEARS15 (all caps) at checkout to receive your one-time 15% discount. When you purchase the Trade Ideas scanner through our community, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a free 1 on 1 session from one of TI’s experts. Take it!

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