Trade Ideas Review

Trade Ideas Scanner Review 2024

Trade Ideas Review: The Trade Ideas Scanner is hands down our favorite one to use, and it’s one of the most popular trading scanners in the industry. It’s highly customizable and easy to use, and the data is spot on!

This review examines using the Trade Ideas scanner to be a better trader. We think it’s one of the best scanners for traders available, and you will see why it’s as popular as it is below. Our main goal is to give you an understanding of its features and discover how to unlock its true potential. 

  1. Breakdown on how to use the Trade Ideas scanner:
  2. Great scanner for day trading, swing trading, and options
  3. Customize by symbol, price, gap%, float, short float, and volume
  4. Get set up for scanning low float gapping stocks in the premarket
  5. We show you how to scan for momentum high-of-day stocks live
  6. Learn how to set all of the different options for scan
  7. Scan for stocks that have surging volume
  8. Hunt for parabolic movers
  9. The channel bar is easy to navigate
  10. Trade Ideas discount code included
Trade Ideas Gappers

Favorite Scanner

Trade Ideas, aka trading ideas, are ideas of when to enter a stock trade. They are typically found using a stock scanner or screener. Scanners search for momentum and gapper plays, which traders look for when entering a trade. Day traders are hunters of volume and moving stocks.

Trade Ideas is my favorite scanner. It has saved me TIME, which is arguably the most important commodity that we as people have. While it’s true that I’ve had decent success using other stock screeners from other websites and brokers, one thing is true…Almost all the other stock scanners I have tested are slower, more cumbersome, and don’t have many features that Trade Ideas has assembled in one package. And the user interface of trade ideas is among the most unique.

I’ve had much time to learn how to use Trade Ideas since I became an active day trader. However, I’m also a busy professional, a father, and a soccer coach, and I need good time management skills to keep my life from chaos. That being said, Trade Ideas serve a great purpose in my daily trading routine.

Day trading can be very chaotic and frustrating when trying to find the stocks as they break out and with the best setups (that YOU like to trade). As a result, Trade Ideas brings them right to your screen, accompanied by all the information you could want. This is what gives you confidence to hit the buy or sell keys.

Enter “bullishbears” at checkout to receive your one-time 15% discount. Also, if you want a free trade ideas trial, get on their mailing list here and watch for their test drives. 

Trade Ideas Scanner Review


Instant charts, stock float information, volume percentage, average volume, etc. You can fully customize the screener to your needs with whatever columns of information you desire.

It doesn’t matter what kind of trader or investor you are; Trade Ideas keeps an eye on every facet of market movement. Furthermore, TI delivers it to your computer in a stunningly simple format: numbers and color codes.

It depends on your interest, whether you’re into day trading or swing trading strategies. However, the software has something for everyone.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, it does! Why, you ask? Well, the developers keep investing in the software. As a result, they are one of the top trading companies in the industry. So, if you want a free trade ideas trial, you should consider becoming a member to watch our screen share, which gives you a powerful glimpse into how we use this software to trade.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Once you have purchased Trade-Ideas and are ready to rock, you’ll quickly notice that Trade-Ideas offers a default “channel bar.” This gives the user an easy-to-access, quick-click bar with multiple windows within the bar. It’s a dinner menu with an instant visual feast of market data.

Clicking on a window will take you to a default layout for that window. Your windows will load in your default monitor in a default manner.

A quick tip for those with multiple monitors – you can save your Trade-Ideas layout on a specific monitor of your choosing. Then, arrange your windows where you’d like and click Save the Layout.

If you want to access our custom layouts, join our community as an annual member, and we’ll share them with you! Save either to the cloud or locally on your hard drive. Make sure to watch our Trade Ideas review video on their scanning software.

Trade Ideas Scanner Pricing Review

How much do Trade ideas cost? Standard monthly pricing is $118. Premium is $228 per month. Standard yearly pricing is $999. The yearly premium cost is $1999. Trade Ideas promo code is BULLISHBEARS15 (all caps) to save 15% off.

Screener Benefits

  • Ease of use for a new or experienced trader
  • With the sheer amount of data it provides, you will never run out of trading ideas.
  • The user interface is unique in the industry
  • Paper Simulator for paper trading included
  • Constantly being updated by the developers.
  • Customization to have the scanner ONLY show YOUR Setups (PS we share our scans with you!)
  • High Of Day Momo Scanner is….epic!

Options Channel

One of our favorite channels is the options channel. With the options window, we can know, in real time, where the options volume is exploding. Whether it’s call and put options, we can quickly click on the symbol, and the charts (5-minute and daily charts shown) will populate and give the user real-time data. Options traders look for volatility and open interest in trading opportunities.

With this window, you’ll have opportunities to trade basic and advanced options strategies day after day. One of my favorites is to sell a bull or bear call spread and collect the premium. I’ve added a few columns to the “Somebody knows something” window. I like having the 8/20/50/200 SMA percentage columns to show me where the stock is currently with those technical indicators.

A popular strategy is to wait for the morning dip and buy the stock after a pullback to support. Also, for gapping down stocks, it is popular to short a stock when it breaks support.


Another favorite feature is the Premarket channel. With this channel, you get Up and Down Gappers broken into separate windows. Day and momentum traders look at the morning gap scan to find opportunities to “trade the gap.”

Whether you are a short trader, long trader, or a bit of both, learning to trade gap-up stocks is a highly desirable skill. There are a couple of ways to trade gap-up stocks.

If you need help with technical analysis of stock indicators, look here. We have RSI, and volatility percentage columns are shown in the scanner picture above. We find reading this data on the scanner very helpful at a glance. I like finding options plays at extremely oversold or overbought levels and looking for a reversal options play. Waiting for reversals is just a simple options trading strategy that I enjoy.

Once you’ve traded your morning gappers, you may move on to a channel such as Active Trading.

Active trading is a favorite of day traders and swing traders alike. With these windows, you’ll find unusual daily movers, a high stock volume radar, the biggest bounce on losers, and more.

These windows will help a trader find active, volatile, and liquid stocks to trade in and out of.

Trade Ideas Scanner After Hours Review

  • Channel 4 – This channel is LOADED with Windows! They launch small, but you can expand them. These are all windows the “Pros” who use trade ideas have created and shared.
  • ETF Focused – This is great for those looking at rebalancing their portfolios occasionally with the trending ETFs. However, if you want to learn about the major movements of ETFs, this is where it’s at.
  • After Hours – Here, we will see what happens after the bell. Earnings reports, news after hours, whatever is causing stocks to move after 4 p.m., this is where you want to monitor it. Some traders will trade stocks after the bell to jump on the next day’s morning rush.
  • Metals – all focused on commodity-driven stocks – Silver, Platinum, copper, gold! Please get it here!
  • Energy – If energy stocks are moving, check this scanner to find which ones are breaking out or setting up for a day trade or swing trade.
  • Infrastructure – This channel deals with stocks that support the construction industry—basic Materials, machines, and tools.
  • Options – If you are an options trader, you will look at this channel to find unusual volume with calls and puts.
  • Volume – Here, you will find the highest volume stocks of the day, up and down. Windows here are named “volume thrust,” “insane volume,” and “moving up on volume.”


  • Surge – Surge looks at volume. Check this channel out to focus on stocks to swing and day trade with high relative volume—great data on this channel. As we know, the volume moves stocks!
  • Swing Ideas – This Trade Ideas scanner is for swing traders ONLY! Day traders might like this, too, because you can take advantage of the setup and sell before the end of the day. But these are stocks where “Dip Buys” or major resistance crosses happen in real-time.
  • Sector ETF – This channel looks specifically at the sectors and the popular stocks within those sectors. Experienced investors and traders know about sector rotation and pay attention to what sectors are hot.
  • Low Float – These are the market’s most volatile and lowest-float stocks. Trade these cautiously and know when to take your profit/stop out because these will likely have a wide daily range if they are on this scanner! Windows here are called “Low float stocks pulling back” and “Low float stocks making moves.”
  • The Gap – This basic scanner looks at the gap up and down patterns.
  • Regional Banks – This Trade Ideas scanner looks at the banking sector. With rising interest rates and pundits calling for rates to be raised further, we should see the banking sector stocks continue to rise. $XLF is the ETF associated with this sector (learn how to open an investment account).
  • Alpha Predator – This channel looks for stocks with volatility and opportunity.

More Channels...

  • Blockchain & Crypto – As the name suggests, this channel focuses on stocks associated with these technologies. It is a growing sector as stocks such as $SQ and $NVDA have gotten into this world, and the popularity of this channel should grow. Tip: Watch the price of Bitcoin to see if this sector moves along with it!
  • Short Squeeze – This is full of stocks with high short interest that also get a pop in price because shorts are covering.
  • Social Media – This channel looks at the social sentiments of stocks. The categories are broken down into bearish and bullish sentiments by analyzing message volume and price action. Cool channel!
  • Price Movement Down – Is it too short? Good! This is your home now. In short, these stocks are making moves to the downside. Like to trade reversals? GREAT! This is a great place to wait for a falling wedge breakout or a double bottom. Get it!
  • Earnings – Like trading earnings reports? This is the scanner for you. Find all the movers from ERs in the last few days, today, or coming up.
  • Trending Now – Ever hear the trend is your friend? It’s true! Find trending stocks, look for a dip buy, and ride the trend (always have a plan!)
    China – Chinese and US Markets are very intertwined. Here are the companies with a strong relationship with the nation of CHINA!

Even More Channels...

  • Price Movement Up – Like too long stocks? These are stocks with bullish price action. Like shorting rising wedges when they break down? GREAT! Check the charts here and see if any are ready to break down, offering a good short or put potential.
  • Biotechs– Some people exclusively like trading biotechs – they are extremely volatile and speculative sometimes. But this offers a great opportunity for the trader. So check out this channel if this is you.
  • 420 In Play – These are often biotechs, but sometimes they are just pure cannabis companies specializing in the marijuana industry. These stocks are temperamental to Canadian and US legislation and are often pumped and dumped. But not always. Trade the charts, not emotions!
  • Fundamentals – Stocks with high EPS, the Highest Quarterly growth, and hidden high alpha gems can be found here. Good fundamentals often equal good charts, so use your charting skills paired with good fundamentals, and you will have a winning combination!
  • Penny Movers – These are stocks between .25 cents and five bucks. Again, you’ll find the stocks in this category with the highest momentum. Great for the beginner trader trying to build a small account or the experienced trader who likes the volatility of the smaller cap stocks.
  • Tech Titans – These are all the hottest and strongest stocks in tech. As you know, tech has moved the market in a major way in the last few years—companies like $AMZN $GOOGL $MSFT.

Trade Ideas Scanner Active Trading Review

Once you’ve traded your morning gappers, you may move on to a channel such as Active Trading.

AT is a favorite of day traders and swing traders alike. With these windows, you’ll find unusual daily movers, a high stock volume radar, the biggest bounce on losers, and more. In addition, these windows will help a trader find active, volatile, and liquid stocks to trade in and out of.

The channel bar has a lot of preset settings you can cycle through that have been tuned for very specific criteria. I like the volume, low float, and penny movers windows, but there are so many more that are constantly improving that you may fall in love with.

The Low Float channel bar is also a very popular feature for traders who day trade these types of stocks. The Low Float channel bar with the colorful Unicorn picture pulls up two windows. These two simple windows will show you Low Float Stocks Making Moves and Low Float Winners Pulling Back (for potential dip buys).

Windows and Columns

Both windows bring to your attention the fast-moving world of low-float stocks, with a brief description of each strategy within the columns. Check out the picture below.

Again, the columns show valuable information of critical importance. We want a decent change from the close and a high relative volume. With low floaters, gap and go, and stocks in general, we’ll look for a pullback or dip buy and ride the momentum up for as long as it lasts.

Then we sell. Low floaters are extremely volatile, and many traders do not like the risk they present. Only trade them if you are comfortable! Always use hotkeys.

Our advice is to take your time with it, study technical analysis and momentum trading, and give yourself time to adjust to the massive amount of information that their stock screener delivers to your mind. In the stock market world, it is easy to get overloaded with information, and our brains can only handle so much.

You owe it to yourself to give yourself time to adjust to the Trade Ideas, and you’ll make smart trading decisions quickly. If you need help or have any questions, please contact the team.

Competitors also don’t update with new types of scans; I have to do it myself! With Trade Ideas, they are building “out of the box” strategy scans that a trader can use and not have to tinker with.

Trade Ideas Experience

As a trader, I am already juggling different aspects of the profession. Watching my chat rooms, my charts, and listening to Benzinga’s live audio news, I need a scanner layout that is simple to navigate, easy to read, and has all the data I need in one place. I want to avoid googling or analyzing additional aspects of the stock if it hits the scanner.

My process is to glance, interpret, and trade. Trade Ideas certainly fits the bill. For example, their high-of-day momentum scanner takes the guesswork out of finding trades with massive relative volume, high social media sentiment, hitting new highs of the day (intraday), traders like to look for stocks hitting new highs intra-day for “dip buys” or daily breakouts, or continuation patterns.

Final Thoughts: Trade Ideas Review

They know which stocks are running hot and fast and when is key to being a successful day trader! We want good price action, volatility, and volume. Trade Ideas scanner finds them all. You’ll notice the column “prints” above, which is key to see how many trades are made daily on the stock.

Are there a lot of individual daily transactions on the stock? If so, it could be more attractive to traders because more overall transactions accompany all that daily volume. We can also see how far the current gap is above the daily trend (8 SMA and 20 SMA). It is important to see if it’s a bullish continuation or a reversal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trade Idea is a paid scanner. It is not free. They have a free live trading room for those with their paid screener. The pricing for monthly is $118. Premium monthly is $228. Yearly pricing for the standard is $999. The cost for a premium yearly is $1999.

Investors cannot purchase shares of Trade Ideas because the company is privately held.

Trade Ideas is worth it for someone that is a day trader and is looking for a momentum scanner. It's best for traders that have experience. They can be complicated for new traders that aren't comfortable with their trading style.

Futures are best for traders that have a small trading account, want the flexibility to trade any time of day, and need to avoid the PDT rule. Options are best for long-term traders that don't have the capital to purchase shares of a stock.

Swing trading is the best trading style for beginners. It allows traders the ability to purchase shares or options of large cap stocks. This style of trading is slower than day trading and allows traders the time to make proper trading decisions.

Trade Ideas Free Account Features:

  • Web Dashboards Only
  • Data: 15 Minute Delay
  • Customization: Pre-built Only
  • Flexible Chart Timeframes: Included
  • Use a good scanner to find stocks to trade
  • Build a watch list of 3-5 stocks
  • Map out support and resistance levels
  • Look for breakout or breakdown trade setups
  • Determine entry and exit targets before entering a trade

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