Tradervue Review

Tradervue Trading Journal Review 2024

TraderVue Review: The value of journaling your trades cannot be overstated. And if you’re considering Tradervue today, you already understand the importance of tracking your trades to learn what works for you and what doesn’t. If you’re new to trading, you should analyze your trades regularly. As a result, you’ll learn what works for you and what doesn’t.

TraderVue combines a trading journal with a social media platform for the trading community. Their service allows you to share your trade history with other traders worldwide.

As someone who struggled to consistently keep a trade journal at the beginning of my trading career, I looked forward to writing my TraderVue review. Part of the challenge was not just having the discipline to do it, but also having the discipline to do it.

It was to overcome the tedious task of data entry. Yuck! But then I discovered Tradervue, where I could import my trades from my broker.

I tried many other journals after my initiation to online journalling with Tradervue. It turns out they’re not the only ones allowing the import of the transactions from the broker, but Tradervue is among the better ones.

Tradervue Website Review

Tradervue began in 2011 after Greg Reinacker, NewsGator’s former founder and CTO, wanted a tool to review his trading history. He created it for his personal use. But after showing it to others, he decided it would benefit the trading community, and Tradervue was born.

So, Tradervue became a combination of a journal and a social media platform. Tradervue can be helpful to traders who wish to up their game by analyzing their trading history or even sharing it with a community of fellow traders.

Hindsight is truly 20/20, and having your entire trading history at your fingertips in an easily searchable and well-organized manner can be informative.

Check out our stock market tools for more information and our Tradervue review.

Analyzing & Reporting

Traders can import files into the Tradervue journal and then add notes and their choice of tags for later filtering and analysis. The more data entered, the more eye-opening the results will be.

When the trader is ready to analyze, you can filter the trades by symbol, tag, side, duration, or date range. Charts are automatically created with the trade entries and exits marked on them.

Tradervue produces an array of types and combinations of reports, intraday or multiday:

  • Overviews of Profit & Loss, Volume and Win %
  • Comparison reports
  • Tag reports based on the tags the trader entered
  • Tick-based reports, which can also be based on returns in US dollars
  • Risk Analysis reports
  • Liquidity reports
  • Advanced reports based on the trader’s choice of data
  • Detailed reports and statistics based on price, symbol, volume, day/time, etc.

For traders who use multiple currencies, Profits & Loss data is available in both the native and base currency. Hence, this Tradervue review.

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Using TraderVue

TraderVue has great tutorials on how to use it and its trading journal. As of this TraderVue review, TraderVue enables users to import their trading data from over 70 brokers and platforms. Trades from a text or Excel file are “uploadable” to the journal.

Tradervue’s social media component enables traders to brainstorm together and learn from each other. You can share trades with the entire community in the manner you prefer. Indeed, users can control the amount of information they elect to share about their trades.

Private information such as profits, losses, and volume is not made public unless the trader opts to do so. I was impressed by Tradervue’s Help section.

A list of the brokers and platforms that Tradervue supports is available here.

I found a wealth of information and instructions, explaining in detail how to use every platform feature.

Even those not technically inclined would find what they need to get up to speed quickly on using Tradervue just by following the instructions. Check out a list of the top trading companies

Let’s look at their pricing in this Tradervue review. Currently, Tradervue offers three account options.

Tradervue Pricing Review

  • Free – The free account includes 100 stock trade entries per month in a basic journal, reports, and sharing.
  • Silver—For $29 a month, traders can enter an unlimited number of stocks, futures, forex, and options trades in an enhanced journal with reports and sharing.
  • Gold – For $49 a month, traders get everything in the Silver plan plus risk and exit analyses and the ability to log the amounts paid for commission and fees.
  • A free 7-day trial is available for Silver and Gold plans. You can’t go wrong if you’re a part-time trader, given the free tier allows 100 monthly stock transactions.

Final Thoughts: Tradervue Review

Naturally, there are alternatives to Tradervue. Some are just as expensive, like this Edgewonk tracking software (although it is a one-time cost), and some are free, like Trade Insights.

I did use both of those, but I mostly use an Excel Spreadsheet now to plan my trades and track the results. One of the reasons I stopped using Tradervue has nothing to do with Tradervue!

Most brokers compile the statement nightly, and you can only import the transactions the next day. Frankly, this is impractical if you have a short memory like me.

Over the years, I found that planning the trades is as important as tracking and journaling. I met some experienced traders who’ve developed a consistent winning strategy that did stop journaling.

But they do continue planning ahead of each trading day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investors cannot purchase shares of Tradervue because the company is privately held.

TraderVue offers a free membership which includes up to 30 traders per month, basic reporting, basic journaling, sharing, for stocks, options, futures, and forex.

TraderVue is the most popular trading journal tool that offers detailed recording, analytics, and sharing features. This tool is important for traders that want to track their trades.

Yes. Users can delete trades on TraderVue. Go to "Trade Detail", click "Advanced", and then click "Delete Trade". 

Yes. TraderVue tracks options trades.

Users can start using TraderVue for free. Their Basic Plan includes the Core features and you can track up to 30 trades per month. They offer a 7 day free trial for traders that want to try their Silver and Gold plans. 

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