TradeStation Broker Review

TradeStation Broker Review

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All aboard for a TradeStation Broker Review. This award-winning company has been chugging along since it was founded in 1982; originally under the brand name of Omega Research. The TradeStation Brokerage service offers analysis and research tools to accommodate traders of all levels. Experienced technical traders won’t need much of an introduction to this well-established service. They’re known for their proprietary coding language called EasyLanguage.

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TradeStation Broker Review Introduction

Our TradeStation review looks at the bells and whistles of this broker. You’ll find a vast library of educational materials at TradeStation University.

Knowledgeable articles, eBooks, and video tutorials are available on a variety of trading topics. All designed to educate traders on the use of trading technology and trading itself.

Radarscreen is customizable and enables traders to monitor in real time up to 1,000 symbols.

OptionStation Pro platform is a comprehensive options analysis system with easy drag-and-drop position management and a slew of advanced features; including integrated probability cones and interactive 3-D position graphs.

Portfolio Maestro is a state-of-the-art backtesting tool that runs on decades of historical data; both daily and intraday. It’s able to handle even the most complex strategies.

For example, it produces Performance, Optimization, Optimization Performance, Order, and Trade Log reports. While enabling traders to do Monte Carlo, Walk Forward, and/or Correlation analysis.

Is Tradestation a Good Trading Platform? 

Yes they are a good platform and are a U.S. broker. They have evolved to become an online broker using its own clearing firm. This alone made them popular among hardcore active traders to investors.

  • The TradeStation platform is available for browser and desktop trading. It also has a mobile app for trading on the go.
  • The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and allows for some customization. Traders can monitor their trades in real time, place orders with one click, analyze their charts, and set up alerts.
  • Access to a browser is all that’s needed to access TradeStation Web Trading. Even if traders aren’t at home at their desktop computer, they can still securely login to check on and manage their accounts.
  • The desktop version is among the best available. Traders can enter and exit trades rapidly. Tools are available to customize charts, and test and automate trading strategies.
  • The interface is very straightforward and user-friendly for beginners. They also offer a wide range of complex features for seasoned traders who may wish to create their own indicators using EasyLanguage.
TradeStation Website

Should You?

As a broker, TradeStation stands out because of its trading platform. And even if their rates aren’t the lowest, you’ll find them as good, if not better, than most popular brokers.

Customer Support, on the other hand, has received excellent reviews. It’s a common complaint among traders to not receive timely responses from their brokers.

Traders can contact their TradeStation broker by phone Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Eastern time. Customer Support is available via live chat and email 24 hours a day between Sunday 3:30 p.m. to Friday 8 p.m. Eastern time.

Active Traders

The only warning I would give regarding opening an account with TradeStation broker is that it’s geared toward active traders. A part-time trader may find the fees a little too high.

Plus, they may consider the numerous features, functions, and tools to be a bit overwhelming. This broker is ideal for active and experienced traders. As a go-to brokerage for the pros for a long time, with the new reduced account minimum, it became attractive to newbies as well.

Naturally, you all know that the best trading and stock training comes from your own experience and the know-how of others. I’m talking about both the wisdom of those who have been through the trenches and your own hands-on experience. The Bullish Bears community offers both.

TradeStation Indicators

TradeStation Indicators

Here’s a list of Tradestation indicators:

  • HeatMap Indicator allows you to find what’s relevant
  • Moving Average Indicator adds EMAs and SMAs to your chart
  • Linear Regression Channel Indicator outlines high, middle and low prices
  • Squeeze Indicator measures volatility using Bollinger and Keltner bands
  • Trend Indicator measure, you guessed it, trends moving up and down
  • Wave Indicator measures price swing on a stock
  • Trailing Stop Indicator so you know when to sell a stock
  • Value Chart Indicator finds overbought and oversold territory
  • MACD Indicator follows trends using moving averages

TradeStation indicators can do a lot to help you as you begin stock trading. After all, who doesn’t like to have a little direction when direction is so important? There are different schools of thought on indicators, however. Some traders are all for it. And others are against it. It all comes down to your trading style.

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What TradeStation Indicators to I Get With a Subscription?

TradeStation contains over 120 technical indicators that include technical data (price data, volume, momentum, and so on) in their analysis. It’s up to you how you apply these indicators to your charts, or you can modify them to suit your trading preferences. A favorite approach of mine is to include an indicator within another analysis technique like a strategy. You can even set audible and/or visual alerts for indicators to notify you when the market meets the conditions you specified in your indicator. How great is that?

How to Create Your Own TradeStation Indicators

Do you have ideas for strategies? Do you have a knack for logic? EasyLanguage may be the way to go! Not unlike other trading platforms, TradeStation offers offer tools to accommodate traders of all skill levels. But what sets Tradestation apart is its proprietary coding language called EasyLanguage.

Despite the 120 indicators available, some traders want to steer their ship. And for traders who wish to create their own TradeStation indicators, EasyLanguage® is where they turn.

EasyLanguage® Is TradeStation's Shining Star

TradeStation’s EasyLanguage® programming’s designed for traders captaining their own ship. We use it to create powerful trading indicators, strategies and custom trading applications.

What’s more, EasyLanguage® harnesses the power of the TradeStation platform. With extending the ways you can view the extensive real-time and historical market data, as well as account, position, and trade manager information, the power is truly in your hands.

With thousands of built-in keywords, functions, and properties, developers can design and create virtually any market analysis, scanning, or order management tool. I’d be remiss not to mention the fact that with EasyLanguage®, you can write your very own program to back-test and automate your boldest trading ideas. 

TradeStation Review Final Thoughts

TradeStation has fast order execution, great customer service, high end technology, and so much more to offer. While other brokers are slipping on technology, and speed, TradeStation is at the forefront. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • $99.95 per month but it's waived if you trade 50 contract, have a $10,000 balance or trade 5,000 shares
  • TS Select requires a $2,000 minimum deposit and includes $0 commission fees on stocks, etf's, options, and futures
  • Select also has free web trading, mobile apps trading, and desktop trading
  • TS GO includes free web trading, mobile apps trading but trading surcharges apply to desktop trading. $0 minimum deposit required.
  • Both the TS Select and TS Go plans include free real-time data

Fees are important to traders so our TradeStation review has got you covered. Currently, TradeStation offers individual, joint, IRA, entity, and custodial accounts. Also included are funding options of a check, wire transfer, Smart transfer, or ACAT electronic transfer.

Full info on pricing, including unbundled pricing, tiered plans, and per contract rates can be found at TradeStation. Their rates are comparable to other brokerage firms, and prices are stated outright with no hidden fees.

Investors cannot purchase shares of TradeStation because the company is privately held.

TradeStation offers real-time level 2 quotes for stocks, futures, and options on their free trading platform.

Around since 1982, the award-winning TradeStation is both a brokerage and trading software platform rolled into one. In fact, TradeStation topped all other brokers in winning the award for the "Best for Active Trading" platform. Also, for the eighth year in a row, they won in the category for "#1 Platform Technology" in the 2020 Online Broker Review conducted by

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